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The True Devil of Gluttony

The Lord of the Flies

Kana ベルゼブブ
Romaji Beruzebubu
Race Demon

Fallen Angel
Pure Angel (Formerly)

Nicknames God of Ekron

Yophiel (Angel Name)
Ba‘al Zebûb
Baal Zebul (God Alias)
Enlil (Secondary God Alias)
Fredrick Williams III (Human Alias)
Nico Takajo (Female Human Alias)
Aldous Beelzebub (Devil Alias)
Original Beelzebub

Hair Color Dark Purple
Eye Color Red
Equipment Twin Zebul Blades

Cruentis Tessa
Death Scepter

Personal Status
Relatives God (Creator)

Druj Nasu (Sister)
Ekra Beelzebub (Wife)
Eiseth Beelzebub (Daughter)
Bidleid Bashalum Beelzebub (Son)
Kaseirk Beelzebub (Son)
Demuth Varcan Beelzebub (Son)
Vairs Dearia Beelzebub (Daughter)
Lamyris 'Lamia' Beelzebub-Astaroth (Daughter)
Astaroth (Former Lover)
Shalba Beelzebub (Great-Grandson)

Affiliations Hell (Abrahamic Underworld)

Stygian Council (Great Satans)
Ekron (Patron 'God')
Order of the Fly (Founder)
Beelzebub Royal House
Beelzania and Guru (Territories)
Gabriel's Garrison (Formerly)

Status Alive (Formerly Dead)
You humans are the lowest forms of filth on this planet. No wonder the flies are attracted to you constantly. You reek of sin and malevolence. You are not even considered humans...but asses.

–Beelzebub to Supernatural Hunters.

Beelzebub is one of the fallen angels that had joined Lucifer's Rebellion and became a Demon when they were banished into Hell. He is one of the Demon Lord that ruled Hell and the progenitor of the Royal Beelzebub Family. He was one of the earliest demons to be revived and had manipulated the events behind Kokabiel's rebellion. He is also the main antagonist of the Beelzebub Arc in DxD: Mythos.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Beelzebub, also known with many other names, formerly known as Yophiel, is a former Seraph turned high-ranking demon and one of the Seven True Devils that ruled Hell and the Seven Princes of Hell. He originally was known as a Philistine deity named Baal Zebub.

He is famous for being the "Lord of the Flies" and is arguably one of the unseen antagonists in the book of the same name (however this is debatable as the book focuses more on human depravity than the supernatural).

Like a plague of locust or an army of ants, Beelzebub is always moving, always eating. He only exists to plunder and devour, gulping and guzzling anything the crosses his path of ravaging consumption, being crops, cattle, flesh, bone, blood or soul.

History[edit | edit source]

You fucking dare say that I am going too far, who was the one that mock by dream in front of everyone by saying it was impossible. This dream is dead because of you and you blame me for getting mad, no…. I FUCKING BLAME YOU FOR SHITTING ON MY DREAM!!!

–Yophiel to Gabriel within the War in Heaven Event.

Beelzebub (then Yophiel) was a Seraph and an Angel of Fertility who was apart of the Archangel Gabriel's Garrison. At that time, he pretty much had a hero worship with Gabriel. Once, he said to Gabriel in front of the entire garrison that he want to be her partner-in-arms. When this was said however, most of the garrison laugh at him for a stupid dream and Gabriel regretfully said that dream is impossible.

Yophiel, heartbroken and insulted, ran in tears back his chamber with his sister and two friends (who became Abezethibou and Eligos) chasing after him. Yophiel's sadness became anger and then hatred, Yophiel then decided to surpass Gabriel and with his distorted sin of Gluttony had joined Helel's Rebellion against God. They fought ruthless and brutally throughout the conflict though unfortunately (for them), they failed to beat God as Yophiel and the others fell from Grace into the realm of Hell.

Yophiel, now a Fallen Angel, decided to removed his angelic heritage and entered the Corrupted Inferno to fully demonized his soul and with this event became the Demon Lord Beelzebub. The now named Beelzebub (who still held loyalty to Helel now known as Lucifer) tried to conquer Hell himself but decided that they need to free Lucifer from his cage.

After freeing Lucifer and finally taking over Hell, Asmodeus gave the idea for a group of demons that will rule Hell together. This was first known as the Evil Trinity with him, Lucifer and either Astaroth, Leviathan or demon Azazel (no connection with the Fallen Angel), but later on became the Seven Princes of Hell. At this time, Beelzebub were in interested in the world around his so Beelzebub rarely interacted with his fellow princes.

However, he noticed them all when they began creating their clans with someone else. Jealous that he was alone, Beelzebub went to Lucifer and asked her to how to get a partner to spend his life with. Lucifer just said to find someone that he got along with and then get married. Beelzebub had found a demon in Hell known as Ekra who he fell in love with. Beelzebub made it his mission to show her the world he loved. He and his family had then started a royal house and clan along with the other princes.

After the Canaanite God Baal Zebul was killed through unknown means, Beelzebub has taken his remaining divinity and pretended to be the pagan god. After the other Canaanite gods found out who he was, a coup d'état broke out and he was overthrown, becoming nothing more than a lowly Minor God with barely existed control the harvest and the crop through forms of insects and diseases.

Baal Zebul's temples and shrines were all destroyed everywhere within the Canaanite territory, all except in his patron city of Ekron - one of the five cities of the famed Philistine pentapolis.

Beelzebub then started to experiment with anything he could gain. This scientist nature had became his main persona along with sin of Gluttony with him creating the KFRDD (Khaos Force Research and Development Division), the Order of the Fly (his personal order) and creating the plans for what would become the Evil Pieces. In the KFRDD, he was creating various forms of weaponry, armory, medicine, and other equipment for the armies and the general public

Years later, he retired from being the head of his household (but continued being a leader) and gain an apprentice named as Ajuka Astaroth who he had planned to take over the KFRDD after his retirement. Beelzebub had once insulted the Black Rider, Famine, which had him get cursed by her which made him terrified in ever getting hungry again and also making fear Famine, even above God.

In the time of Jesus Christ, Beelzebub made a deal with him so he would take any rouge demons that were possessing people and many times tried to trick Jesus in arrested by failed every time. Beelzebub, who still was pretending to be a god that was worshipped by the people of Ekron though he dealt with by Gabriel at the commands of God which made him more angry with her. When the Canaanite Gods found out, they were furious and punished the city and its people with severe and unimaginably horrifying ways for six days and six nights. On the seventh day, the once prosperous Ekron was nothing more than a remnant of its former glory, completely rooted up like what the prophet Elijah had prophesied.

Centuries later, Beelzebub decided to co-operate with the Angels to seal away The Darkness again using the Seal of She-en lo Tiklah. When faced with the other Archdemons' protests, in order not to sadden or worry Lucifer, he and the five other Archdemons of Hell (Asmodeus, Lilith, Mammon, Belphegor and Leviathan) decided to annihilate them and their Clan from Hell, making sure never letting Lucifer now about their crimes.

When summoned by King Solomon and was commanded assisted in the creation of Solomon's temple through sawing up Theban’s Marbles and like most demons, he respected and even likes Solomon even if he was a Man of God. Beelzebub had claimed to cause destruction through tyrants, to cause demons to be worshipped among men, to excite priests to lust, to cause jealousies in cities and murders, and to bring on war.

When the Four Horsemen entered Hell, Beelzebub had constantly called Famine (who was female) Femamine. When she became so annoyed with the demon after he keep calling her that, Famine had cursed Beelzebub with eternal hunger to the highest degree.

He had to continue eating as his unnatural hunger was making him feel unbearable pain, his wife was also helping him deal with it and was able to convinced Famine to remove the curse. After the event, Beelzebub is absolutely terrified in being hungry and especially Famine, even hiding before Gabriel, his archenemy, if Famine is near.


–Beelzebub to Gabriel in the Great War.

Years later, The Great War had broken out and was able to break the divine defenses of Heaven allowing Demon and Devilkind to invade Heaven and even after his death, the defenses took centuries to be rebuilt. Beelzebub surged to the front lines alongside Lucifer, decimating legions of Angels in his sight. He encountered the Cadre Asbeel and engaged her in combat above the fields of France.

Utterly defeating Asbeel, Beelzebub's killing blow was interrupted by the his arch-enemy Gabriel, who easily defeated him while weaken without using her full power. Forced to retreat, Beelzebub turned one last time as the Archangel entered her true form and reduced an army of Demons and Fallen Angels to nothingness.

Over time, Beelzebub grew angry and hateful at the world. It all started with the death of his servant and friend, Eligos at the hands of Seraphiel. The deaths of countless soldiers began to weigh down on Beelzebub.

As a Prince of Hell, he felt responsible and that responsibility began to chip away at his sanity. During the battle of the Mediterranean, his wife Ekra was slaughtered in front of Beelzebub, impaled by a number of light spears before her head was ripped off her body and mounted on a pike. Beelzebub snapped. His mind broke and he went on a killing spree. It was said that even the Greco-Roman Gods did not interfere for fear of them being added to the body count. Death even recalled all reapers in fear of them being destroyed. The Mediterranean bled red that day.

During the Battle of the Veil, with the deaths of the Archdemons Belphegor, Asmodeus, and Apollyon, and the Four Cardinal Kings, Beelzebub was forced to take more control over the military as one of the Four Great Satans.

In Beelzebub's final battle, he once again fought the Archangel Gabriel only to be crushed once more. Before being killed by Gabriel, he had self-destructed on the Earth allowing his locusts to ravage the world till there was nothing left of green with him having the last laugh.

Beelzebub was one of the earliest demons to revived even before everyone else with all his power regained even including his angel form. Without anyone knowing he was alive, he manipulated the events of Earth, starting with WW1 and ending with the Cold War. Beelzebub also tempt the Cadre Kokabiel to start a new Great War. With a with a broken heart and mind, he wandered the Earth trying to find a way to revive Lucifer. He is joined with a group of Middle-Eastern demons, forgotten pagan gods and millions of different monsters ready to serve his every need.

In 1995, Beelzebub had started a dark cult for the sake of reviving the Archdemon Tiamat who was used as a mass demon reproduction mother in the Great War before being killed by the Governor-Lord Satanael when the demon started to use human souls to power up her 'children'.

Beelzebub and Lucien.

While being invisible to many supernatural beings, he still was immune to the demon summoning system which was shown when he was summoned by a young human boy with demonic blood, named Lucien, in his veins that had only summoned to wish for a friend. Beelzebub, holding a strange feeling with the boy, had decided instead to become his first and likely only friend. When he was not busy with his plans, he would come back to Lucien and take care of him, mainly with music.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Beelzebub appears as a pale young adult, looking 19 in age. He has short dark purple hair that covers his entire back of his head. Beelzebub possesses blood red eyes much like most of his fellow Demons along with red striped markings all around his body. He has pale white skin and a twisted mouth which transform into a bug-like mouth.

He wears dark blue-purple clothes with tall purple pants and brown gloves with lines and if taken a gray cloak to cover his body. Sometimes, he wears a silver bug mask with red patterns on it.

Beelzebub's female form is young teenage girl with long blonde hair and possess dark blue eyes. She looks like a Japanese high school student, including her clothing.

As Belzebuth, he appears as a man in his early to mid-twenties. He has long white hair that reaches down to his back Beelzebub possesses sulfuric yellow eyes. He wears dark clothes with tall purple boots reaching his knees and purple gloves with white outlines and a long black cape. Sometimes, he wears a black bull mask with red patterns on it.

In his true form, he is a colossal insectoid eldritch being that emits an unimaginable amount of raw and potent Demonic energy. He has numerous eyes that glow with cruelty and giant mouths covered his body, filled entirely with gigantic teeth dripping with poison. He is a blue and purple mix-mash of millions of different bugs with red eyes and mouths all around his exoskeleton body. Following his corruption, Beelzebub gained a total of twelve insect-like wings with skull-like symbols adorned on them.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Demons never break their promises. It's how we get deals after all


Beelzebub is extremely cruel, deceitful, and selfish. Beelzebub has a sadistic sense of humor and took extreme pleasure in inflicting pain on others (psychologically or physically), even better if he doesn't do anything to them personally and still causing them pain & despair. An example being when he had in-directly started a conflict between two countries, causing World War 1 or when he had pitted the Special Children in a death game partly for his own amusement as watching them kill each other brought him immense joy.

He takes particular relish in killing his victims. The method of execution being pinning them to a wall and disemboweling them then setting them aflame from the inside out while their loved ones watch. Beelzebub is also a man of his word stating that he always keeps his promises.

Beelzebub is master manipulator and cunning tactician, able to start both many wars and conflicts without a single entity including Gods knowing it was him. Beelzebub has a fanatical devotion to his master, Lucifer only beaten by Lucifuge in devotion. Asbeel describes Beelzebub as one of those psychotic religious members. Beelzebub would kill anyone and do anything to prove his loyalty and devotion to Lucifer seeing all who oppose his supposed will as traitors who do not deserve to live.

Beelzebub also has pride within himself and his kingdom but mostly himself. Beelzebub however does care about his servants, especially the ones who are completely loyal to him. He even acts like a father to every bug in Earth, calling them his children. This is the remains of Beelzebub's original personality before the Great War where he was a simply curious scientist a loving husband. However, when the Great War broke out, Beelzebub's mind deteriorated with the death of young devils and demons and the deaths of his friends. Eventually, his wife's death pushed him over the edge and transformed Beelzebub into the Beelzebub of today.

Beelzebub's patron sin is Gluttony which is shown in his over-indulgence and over-consumption of any food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste. As a demon, if made a deal or promise, he will never go back on his word. Beelzebub was also arrogant and stubborn, being a huge supporter of the Great War especially after the death of his wife.

Even after his death, his ideology continued to cause a tremendous negative impact in the Old Satan Faction, an organization of fanatic Devils who absolutely support his world domination ambitions, and who continued to cause danger and chaos to all worlds.

Beelzebub is one of the only demons to see no good within Humanity, believing them as beneath the dirt they stand on though he does show respect to them if they are able to defeat him. The is the opposite for Gabriel as he still has bitter feelings with her even to this day.

Splendid, Excellent… Absolutely Ironic, Isn’t it… I, who was born in humanity’s filth from the rotten garden they call society was defeated by humanity themselves… HahahaHAHAHAHA…. Well Done…

–after being defeated by Humans

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

I came all this way for you. If you disappoint me, I will never forgive you.


As one of the seven True Devils that rule Hell and a former Seraph, Beelzebub is powerful archdemon able to content with and even surpass the Titan King Cronus and the God Osiris, both who are able to wipe out the universe without issue. He is also one of the Original Four Great Satans thus he stands above all demons. His very presence strikes fear into the souls of other demons and gods, causing them to go into a state of panic begin to fortify their individual's pantheons. The Archangel Raphael refers to Beelzebub as a dangerous existence.

Transcendent Demon Physiology: Far above most others, Beelzebub is a demon whose power far outstrips that of even Super Devils. Zekram Bael has stated that when he appear before Beelzebub, he saw immediately the vast difference in their power. He stated that Beelzebub had the power to wipe out most of Hell if he wanted gone. He has all the powers of a normal devil taken to absurdly higher levels and wields power far surpassing even Super Devils.

Immense Demonic Power: As a True Prince of Hell, Beelzebub possesses immense demonic power, far surpassing that of ancient gods and other Satan Class entities. His power has a unique nature that is extremely foul and oppressive, capable of sending weaker entities flying back at the mere release of it. Possessing power far superior to his descendants and the other progenitor demons such as Bael, Beelzebub is highly feared by Heaven and the Grigori. His power is also comparable to that of chief deities. It is stated that Beelzebub can destroy the entirety of Gehenna in a single afternoon as well as wipe out armies of Cherub-Class Angels and Ultimate Class Fallen Angels.

  • Ahra: Beelzebub could generate and control Ahra, also known as Essence of Darkness, is a special type of ancient, primordial demonic energy far greater than regular demonic power that only the most powerful Demons could possibly wield. It allows him to control and manipulate the minds and actions of Devils and demonic beings such as Hellhounds, Incubi, Succubi, etc. By just releasing a small portion of his Ahra, he was able to take control of Rias and her Peerage.
  • Inferna-Ergokinesis: Beelzebub could manipulate the demonic energy from himself and others with simple ease.
    • Demonic Constructs: He could create various forms of weaponry and semi-living beasts from his demonic energy. He once created a giant flock of flesh-eating demonic birds with feathers made out of demonic metals.

Immense Strength: Beelzebub possesses an immense amount of strength. Even as a Archdemon, Beelzebub is still one of the most powerful beings in existence completely outclassing the even the Kings of the Gods. Other demons feared his very presence and seem to follow all of his orders without question. He was stated to be able to split an entire mountain in half with one finger. During his invasion on Lilith, Beelzebub was easily able to defeat the current Four Satans. It was once said that to compare him to a Clan Progenitor, like Zekram, would be like comparing an ant to a dinosaur, showing the vast difference in strength between them. Showing power equal to that of the Seraphim and some Gods, Beelzebub is capable of holding his own against very powerful foes, being able to easily defeat Baraqiel in combat. When he had invaded the supernatural New York City, he was able to single-handedly defeat entire armies of the Greek Pantheon and the Hindu Pantheon, as well as kill several powerful and important gods of these Mythologies. Zekram Bael admitted to the Devils that he had greatly exaggerated Sirzechs and Ajuka's powers being greater than the original Satans, as comparing the differences in strength between the new and the original could be akin to comparing a drop of water to the combined water of every single ocean combined.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Beelzebub is a master at combat, being able to easily fight beings the likes of Thor and Ares at the same time. His punches are said to shake a massive area with the same intensity as a 5.0 on the Richter Scale. In addition, Beelzebub is also able to evade and dodge Indra's attacks barely before the God ultimately made Beelzebub resort to escaping to survive another day.

Immense Regeneration: Beelzebub has immense regenerative capabilities than any ordinary demon, capable of regrowing any limb and important organ in mere seconds. He is also able to fully regenerated his entire body after being discorporate from his entire body thanks to its being destroyed.

Immense Speed: Beelzebub is extremely fast, he could move at a speed faster than even the greatest of human eyes could possibly see, and is capable of moving faster than the speed of light and sound. He is also faster than the mortal constricts of time itself.

Immense Durability: Beelzebub has immense levels of durability, capable of enduring injuries that could kill regular demons while still fighting on the battlefield. He was able to withstand a hit from the God Indra, albeit it discorporated him due to Beelzebub underestimating him. He was also able to endure the Archangels Uriel's Holy Flames, which is still considered one of the strongest supernatural flames despite being extremely weakened, and only received several burn scars after worth. He is also capable of withstanding several attacks from many different gods and demons as well as being able to survive within Rias' Pseudo Singularity which produces black hole like effects within it.

Immense Stamina: Due to having been trained since his conception and fighting off many dangerous foes, Beelzebub possesses a immense amount of stamina, capable of fighting for long periods of time, and is capable of using stronger abilities and skills for extended periods without issue.

Genius Intelligence: Being of the 7 leaders of Hell, Beelzebub is highly intelligent, having manipulated all of the events behind the scenes. Events in history since the end of the Great War have all had Beelzebub's hand or influence on them. Beelzebub is also highly knowledgeable of other myths and the ambitions of other Evil Gods, using their failures as lessons to improve.

  • Master Tactician: A master manipulator with a silver tongue. Beelzebub manipulated several events on Earth to further his goals in his favor. His goals are largely unknown but according to Raziel, Beelzebub was responsible for World War II as well as whispering into Truman's ears, causing him to drop two nuclear weapons on Japan. The entire reason for this is unknown.

Master Marksman: Beelzebub seems to be also great with projectiles and have almost perfect aim, as he can hit veins with extremely precision against foes with just syringes. He can also take hundreds of opponents with only using an ornate pistol.

Master Inventor: Beelzebub is a Master Inventor, possibly only being surpass by Belphegor in terms of skills. He is the Head of the Technology Departments of Hell, responsible for creating various forms of weaponry, armoury, medicine, and other equipment for the armies. He is also the creator of the Malebranche (demonic artifacts named after the twelve torturers of Malebolge) - living weapons of immense powers that rivals the combined power of the current Four Great Satans at their greatest limits.

Beelzebub using telekinesis.

Immense Telekinesis: Beelzebub has immense telekinetic powers. He was able to rip multiple buildings out of the ground and throw them with a mere hand gesture. Beelzebub can also lift others with just a mere glance. He had once telekinetically melted the brains of every single living beings within a 100-meter radius near him just to show his powers.

Shapeshifting: Beelzebub, like most demons, has the ability to shapeshift. Beelzebub shapeshifts into many different forms from a single fly one could barely see with their eyes to a massive titan or behemoth of power and terror.

Lord of the Flies: Beelzebub's main ability, Lord of the Flies, also known as King of Flies or Power over Insects, is the ability to control and create any bug and creatures similar to them from absolutely nothing within the entire universe and use them as he wishes. He mainly uses flies, bees, wasps and creatures similar to them and uses as weapons, spies and others which includes creating many circles that shoot out enormous masses of demonic power. These flies also have the ability to eat through anything, Beelzebub can also stick maggot eggs onto any surface or object and when they hatch they will destroy whatever they are stuck to by eating it away. This power was later inherited by his descendants and became the main bloodline ability of the Beelzebub Clan, although it did become weakened after his first death, only capable of summoning flies.

  • Volukinesis: He could summon, create, and manipulate all kinds of demonic bugs. He could also control beings and items associated with bugs, as shown when he controlled the Bee-like Nymphs in Olympus to spy on them and secretly poison the drinks and foods of the gods.
  • Insect Creation: He could create new types of demonic insects, as shown when he created a swarm of flesh-eating tsetse flies to attack the people within the Astaroth territory. He also created giant demonic bees, hornets, and wasps to attack the people of New York City. In the past, he often created plagues of locusts to devastated the lands he went through.
    • Fly Chimera: : A sub-variation of Insect Creation, he could create giant Fly Chimeras with powers rivalling that of a Satan-Class Devil. It could breathe out a deadly poisonous fog that could destroy anything it touches. From its body, countless small fly-like monsters would emerge, each being at least High-Class in terms of power. It also possesses a foul smell, described as being a combination of decomposing corpses, rotten foods, and faeces under the hot sun, that make the most resilient of Devils couldn't help themselves but vomit instantly. This chimera looks similar to his true form.

Toxikinesis: He could create, summon, and control any kind of poisonous and venomous creature. He could also control the properties of poison. He is able to create a purplish poisonous fog that kills any living being it came into contact with.

  • Poisonous Blood: Due to his toxikenetic ability, his blood became extremely poisonous, capable of poison and kill monsters, gods, Devils, and Angels alike. He is even able to kill a god by solidified their blood into an arrow and shooting it at them.
  • Poison Emission: He could emit poison across any surface he is making physical contact with. Any being that comes into contact with the poisoned surface would have their health slowly deteriorated.
  • Poison Constructs: He could create weapons and semi-living beasts from solidified poison. His most common poisonous constructs are dragons, mostly Hydras.
  • Nosokinesis: He could create and manipulate all kinds of diseases, including their severity, contagiousness, methods of spreading and others. He could create arrows of solidified diseases that could bring forth plagues and pandemics.

Highly Advanced Umbrakinesis: As a archdemon, Beelzebub has immense power over darkness. During the Great War, he was stated to be able to darken entire galaxies. He can shape the darkness into weapons as well as cover himself in a dark aura. Beelzebub can also fire blasts of Dark Energy at his opponents capable of atomic destruction. Beelzebub can also convert himself into shadows to hide within his environment.

  • Umbrakinetic Portal Creation: Beelzebub can create portals by tearing holes in space-time with his darkness.
  • Umbra-Electrokinesis: Beelzebub can fire bolts of lightning infused with darkness.
  • Umbra-Pyrokinesis: Beelzebub can create dark flames that can burn all things.

Highly Advanced Electrokinesis: Beelzebub possesses power over electricity, Beelzebub was able to fire lightning more intense than anything even Thor is capable of. His mere presence affects all manner of electronic devices as his body emits a natural electromagnetic field.

Pyrokinesis: Beelzebub can control and generate fire.

Inferna-Elementumkinesis: Beelzebub could infuse his demonic energy into the elements, creating various kinds of demonic elements.

  • Inferna-Pyrokinesis: By infusing his demonic power with fire, he could generate black-coloured flames that are hotter than the sun itself. He can create a giant vortex of black flames that can destroy entire cities to ashes in mere seconds.
  • Inferna-Electrokinesis: He could create thunderstorms and bolts of lightning from his demonic energy that is extremely powerful and can destroy an area the same size as Honshu with just a single strike. He could also create various beasts from the demonic electricity that possess powers on par with Ultimate-class Devils.
  • Inferna-Chlorokinesis: Beelzebub is able to create plants which he can infuse with his demonic energy making an area is filled with vile and demonic plants that crave the flesh of both monsters, Devils, and Humans alike.

Teleportation: Beelzebub can instantaneously appear and disappear at will, he is able to teleport to anywhere and anything that is not protected by Primordial entities' power.

  • Apporting: Beelzebub was able to forcefully apport people into other places and dimensions even if he didn't create the dimension. He can do this as long as they aren't already blessed by an angelic being.

Crown of Gluttony: Due to symbolizing the deadly sin of Gluttony, Beelzebub can absorb energy type attacks and add them to his own power. Known as the Crown of Gluttony, Keter Shel Achlanut, or simply Absorption, the current limit of this power is unknown but it is assumed to be extremely high as he was able to effortlessly absorb a full power lightning bolt from the Cadre-class Fallen Angel Baraqiel and even the chief god Zeus. Beelzebub can only absorb attacks if he has a free hand or if he can see the attacks. Beelzebub can also utilize the attacks he absorbed. This ability forced his opponents to fight him using only hand-to-hand combat.

Gluttony Embodiment: Beelzebub is one of the Seven Princes of the Deadly Sins, representing the sin of Gluttony which is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, wealth items, or status symbols. He is the embodiment and personification of the sin of Gluttony, and thus, possesses all the powers associated with the sin.

  • Gulakinesis: Beelzebub can sense and manipulate the appetite, gluttony, and hunger other others. He could increase their hunger to the point of either starvation or self-cannibalization.
  • Hunger Inducement: He could induce extreme hunger and gluttony in others, as seen when he created a fog of dark-green smoke that made any living being touched it to feel immense hunger, to the point where 1/3 of the heavenly army had to attack and cannibalize each other, bathing the streets of New York with the blood of their comrades.
  • Devour: Beelzebub's signature and second heredity ability is Devour, also known as Soul Consumption. Beelzebub is able to devour the body and soul of someone to gain their memory, powers, skills, and abilities. In the past, he devoured the soul of Hazael - Baraqiel's first and only son not only to increase his Electrokinesis ability, but to also gain information about the Fallen Angel and more resistance against the light element.

Flames of Gehenna: A spell which creates an illusion, spitting tongues of crimson flame towards the sky. It has effects that allows demons standing inside the fire benefit from improved attributes.

Obliteration Cannon: A powerful pulse, made of pure energy, which is created by adsorbing all the energy around the him and combining it with his internal energy source to create a gigantic blast strong enough to wipe out entire galaxies.

Disease Manipulation: Beelzebub is able to manipulate pathogens, illnesses, and viral infections of any kind. He is often able to infect his foes with any sort of illness imaginable, attacking his foes' bodily functions with diseases of all kinds

Possession: While it is not necessary, Beelzebub can possess others and take control of their bodies, using them as vessel while on Earth for more covert operations or because he is bored. Unlike other demons whose effectiveness of their possession depends on their victim's mental fortitude. Beelzebub is easily able to forcefully possesses beings that are strong-willed or are mentally stable, albeit a little more difficult than the weak-willed or mentally unstable ones. While inside the body, it is virtually immortal and cannot be killed by conventional means. In addition, Beelzebub also invades the host's cells, muscles, and nervous systems. He has access to all their memories, allowing him to mimic their personalities down. While it is favourable to find a host that is undergoing emotional distress, he would just forcefully enter a being and break down their will if needed. Unlike his counterpart Gabriel, Beelzebub will not heal his hosts and once the host has received enough damage, He vacate the body, leaving the host to die.

Pathokinesis: Beelzebub could manipulate the emotions and feelings of others around him.

War Inducement: Beelzebub was able to induce leaders with emotions of anger, violence, and hatred, Beelzebub could bring forth war upon the human world. Beelzebub using these powers indirectly assisted in the beginning of the Great War.

Magic User: Beelzebub is an expert at Magic with millennia of skills and experience, he is able to store spells inside Sigils. He can cast complex, multi-layered barriers with several enchantments designed to do separate things such as lock an area within space-time to prevent any teleportation in and out of the area with the sole exception of himself or anyone keyed into the barrier. Beelzebub also knows a spell that can banish a god from an area. He also possesses a good amount of arcane knowledge as seen when he cast a spell that allowed for communication via blood.

  • Master Warlock: Beelzebub is a Master Warlock who is extremely skilled and in-depth in all types of Witchcraft. He knows countless spells, rites, and rituals that could bring nations down to their knees, darken the sky with endless curses, and perform phenomena that the gods could only dream of. Lilith stated that he is one of the Demons whose skills in Witchcraft could rival her.
  • Canaanite Magic: Thanks to him absorbing the remaining divinity of Baal Zebul, Beelzebub is extremely proficient in the archaic Magic System used by the faded pantheon.
  • Dark Arts: Beelzebub is extremely skilled in wielding the Dark Arts with the pure intention to hurt and kill others. He had fired countless Dark Magic spells that caused great destruction onto the floating infernal city of Agreas.
  • Praesidium Diabolica: Beelzebub is able to use Praesidium Diabolica, an spell which is made when he creates rings of blue-coloured flames around him that incinerated all enemies that came into contact with it while leaving his allies unharmed. The rings of flames could devour any long-ranged attack coming toward him, no matter if they were magical or weapon-based. The spell was powerful enough to burn Agni to nothing more than ashes in mere seconds along with burning his divine soul, needing a primordial deity to even keep him alive.
  • Infernalis Ignea Creatae Adlucinatio: Beelzebub is able to use Infernalis Ignea Creatae Adlucinatio, which means Hellish Fiery Illusion, which is when he creates illusions of hellish flames burning them alive, capable of tricking his opponents' minds into thinking they were real and caused phantom pain onto themselves. Some weak-minded celestial warriors even drop-dead, as their mind couldn't handle the illusions and perceive them as truth, deactivate the heart instantly.
  • Divine Abolishment Sigil: A specialized form of Sigils designed to target Gods and Angels. While lower-class Angels and gods can be banished by the standard Divine Abolishment Sigil but stronger beings require high-grade Sigils to banish.
  • Spatio-Temporal Barrier: Beelzebub can cast a barrier spell that prevents beings from teleporting in or out of the area with the sole exception of himself and people of his choosing.
  • Cloaking Spells: Beelzebub can cast spells to cloak massive areas of land from the senses of most supernatural beings and modern technology.

Corruption: Beelzebub is capable of using his demonic power to pollute and corrupt souls, twisted them to create new Demons. As the process of being corrupted is extremely painful, far beyond what most beings could endure and completely destroy one's sanity, making most Demons and Devils created via corruption extremely hostile and twisted.

Absolute Order: Beelzebub is able to give any order to anyone who looks right to his eyes. The effects will disappear if the targeted person gets far away from Beelzebub's sight, but his flies can continue the order in his place.

Molecular Combustion: Beelzebub was able to kill others by ripping them apart at an atomic level.

Astral Projection: Beelzebub had projected an image of himself to announce the rules of his own Hunger Games.

Reality Warping: Beelzebub was able to erase the blood from his clothes with a wave of his hand.

Dream Walking: Beelzebub is easily able to enter others' dreams.

Flight: Beelzebub is able to fly, even without any wings. He can also transform into millions of flies to fly.

Invulnerability: Like most demons, Beelzebub cannot be harmed or killed by conventional forms of harm and weaponry. Only Enochian or High-Ranking Divine Weapons or beings of similar or greater power can kill him.

Immortality: As a Fallen Angel-turned-Demon, Beelzebub is beyond the mortal concepts of life and death, and so he could live indefinitely unless he is killed but even then, he could revived himself using the energy of Hell.

Immunity: Beelzebub possesses extremely high levels of immunity, as only rare and extremely powerful angelic and divine poisons could possibly bypass his nearly-absolute immunity.

Qliphoth Form[edit | edit source]

The Qliphoth Mode is a form available to the most powerful of demons. It unleashes and breaks the limits of Beelzebub, granting him a massive exponential increase in power. In this form, he is stated to be more powerful than even some Second General Primordial Deities, being able to fend off a weaken Ophis with relative ease as well as with all four current Great Satans. It is stated that in this form, he can possibly fight Primordial Class opponents though that will never be proven.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Harming, Misleading, and Trapping[edit | edit source]

  • Exorcism: Like most demons, Beelzebub is vulnerable to an exorcism.
  • Devil's Trap: Like all demons, Beelzebub is vulnerable to a devil's trap, though he can escape one.
  • Demonic Weaknesses: Beelzebub is weak to Enochian Demon Wards and Banishing Sigils though he is far more resilient than other demons.
  • Weak Vessels: While in a vessel that is not strong enough, Beelzebub could not use all his power as it would cause deterioration in the body.
  • Enochian Warding: Beelzebub was unable to get past places with Enochian Warding without using more power.

Banishing or Destroying [edit | edit source]

  • Enochian Weapons: Beelzebub can be killed by Enochian Weapons
  • Beings of a similar or higher power: Beings as strong as or stronger than Beelzebub can harm and kill him.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Twin Zebul Blades[edit | edit source]

The Twin Zebul Blades, also known as the Blades of a False God, is an ancient and powerful twin demonic short swords capable of destroying the souls of anything it hurts, able to hit entities far beyond the current plane of existence.

Cruentis Tessa[edit | edit source]

The Cruentis Tessa, which literally translate into Bloody Iron Chain, also known as Pain and Cruelty - Thus the true essence of Love or Eternal Rose Chains of the Archprince of Beauty, is a seemingly endless set of giant ornate one-handed Iron Chains that was created by Beelzebub as he imbedded his demonic power into Faustian Steel for thousands of centuries, giving it immense destructive capabilities, capable of morphing itself into various shapes and forms. It can cut through any defense and obstacle, as well as 'drain' the minds of the wielder’s opponents, turning them into the mindless corpses for eternity without them noticing it. It can also just mind-control other Demons and Devils, while also draining their life-force, without them ever noticing. It is also the counter-part/other half of his sister Druj Nasu's Cruentus Tessos.

Death Scepter[edit | edit source]

The Death Scepter is a demonic scepter that is capable of destroying the entire worlds with magic. It boosts the wielder's magic by 5000% though it can overcharge and cause an explosion which can wipe out planets.

Anti-Demon Mask Manga.jpg

Mask of the Hidden[edit | edit source]

The Mask of the Hidden, also known as Cover-up Disguise of a Satanic Entity, is a special mask created by Beelzebub from way before the Great War. It hid away his demonic energy from all, masking it entirely to the point where neither Angels nor gods can discover him. It could also erase his presence from the world, hiding it in a way that made it nearly impossible to discover him by any means, both supernatural and mundane.

Baal Zebul Armour[edit | edit source]

The Baal Zebul Armour, also known as the Armour of the Lost God, is an ancient armour wore by Beelzebub long ago. It is a mystery even to his most loyal allies and servants about the armour's actual abilities though it seems to drain the divinity around it to power the armour up. The armour's gloves allow the him to lift objects they normally couldn't. They are rather simple and unimpressive compared to the rest of his arsenal.

Chalice of Beelzeboul[edit | edit source]

The Chalice of Beelzeboul, also known as Broken Devil's Goblet of Scarlet Gluttony, is a Malebranche artifact that generates pathogens of demonic diseases, with the most infamous being the Gula Disease which forced its victim to ate non-edible substances for survival, as well as conjure up any kind of liquid from within, from the finest of wine to the greatest of elixir, as long as they aren't either Angelic or Divine in origins. It could also reanimate the dead to become Beelzebub's obedient warriors, increasing their original powers and abilities by several times, and restore and upgrade their bodies to surpass their former maximum physical limits. By using the chalice as a medium, he could create a liquefied version of his demonic aura, allowing it to be drunk by others to turn them into new Demons and Devils. It also holds the artificial soul of Banica Christensen.

Demon crown for ulisses spiele jaecks by michaeljaecks d8t7w7u-fullview.jpg

Authority of Idolatry[edit | edit source]

The Authority of Idolatry, also known as The Unholy Crown of the Devil Prince of the False Gods, is a crown created using the combination of Lucifer's taint as a gift for Beelzebub's loyalty to him. It creates false divinity and authority as a Chieftain Deity for Beelzebub, and increases them by hundreds of time, granting him dominance over all the non-Chieftain Gods and Divine Spirits.

Hellsing ARMS Casull[edit | edit source]

Casull Profile.jpg

The Hellsing ARMS Casull is an ornate semi-automatic magnum pistol created by the Hellsing Clan, charmed with various spells and rituals making it a High-class supernatural weapon. It shoots out silver bullets which are extremely harmful toward any dark, demonic beings such as Vampires or Undead. This specific gun was upgrade by Beelzebub which allows him to channel his demonic energy using the pistol as a medium, he could shoot out bullets of demonic energy that he could telekinetically control and could bypass all magical barriers.

Whispers of the Lucifer[edit | edit source]

The Whispers of the Lucifer, also known as The Irresistible Temptation of the Star of the Morning of the Divine, is a gift created by Lucifer for Beelzebub's loyalty to him. Its true powers remain unknown. Beelzebub refuses to use it in any way, as he fears it will break.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Druj Nasu[edit | edit source]

Druj Nasu is Beelzebub's older sister and completely devoted to him which many had compare to either a obsession or a huge brother-complex, neither she denies. Even though Beelzebub is the older one, Druj Nasu is the one who acts like the older sister.

Eligos[edit | edit source]

Eligos is Beelzebub's main and most loyal operative, being one of the angels that fell with Beelzebub. Eligos holds absolute love and devotion to Beelzebub and gets jealous when someone flirts with Beelzebub, even his own sister.

This love increase when Beelzebub gave Eligos a demonic horse made from the remains from one of the horses of the Garden of Eden.

Abezethibou[edit | edit source]

A Fallen Throne that joined his legion after he fell. Even before Abezethibou, he held absolute loyalty to Beelzebub even more than God and with that loyalty, he and Beelzebub held a close bond with each other. With this loyalty, he along with Druj Nasu and Eligos joined Beelzebub in rebelling against God.

When he fell, all but 1 wing were destroyed and he was imprison in the Red Sea with Beelzebub trying constantly to free him which showed their closeness with each other.

Mordred[edit | edit source]

Mordred treats Beelzebub as his king and serves under him as his knight. Mordred was found and saved by Beelzebub in the battle of Camlann and made a deal with him to live on for 20 years in the mortal realm until he entered Hell to serve under Beelzebub.

Emiko Kawate[edit | edit source]

Emiko Kawate, known as the Bloody General, was a World War 2 Japanese General that was known for her brutally and cruelty to her enemies. When she died from a bomb blast, Beelzebub came to her to give her a request, Abandon any loyalty to humanity and serve him instead with complete loyalty and he will give her anything she asks for. She took this request with stride and became a demon that leads the 16th legion of Beelzebub's infernal armada.

Even though she usually serves under Druj Nasu, Emiko is still much more loyal to Beelzebub, especially above Japan.

Lucifer[edit | edit source]

As the Emperor of Hell and lord of all Demons, Beelzebub serves him with all his might as his left hand. Beelzebub is extremely loyal and devoted to him and his cause. This shows when the Demon Lord Apollyon tried to forceful let Lucifer stay in his cage and take over, Beelzebub and Lucifuge defeated him easily and let Lucifer free anyway. He was Lucifer's Chief-Lieutenant.

The only demon more loyal to Lucifer than Beelzebub is Lucifuge Rofocale.

Andras[edit | edit source]

Andras is one of Beelzebub's operatives, they share a loyal servant to master relationship. He is one of the small amount of operatives that Beelzebub cares about.

Sonneillon[edit | edit source]

Sonneillon is one of Beelzebub's stronger operatives, they share a loyal servant to master relationship. He is one of the small amount of operatives that Beelzebub cares about. He can be a little annoyed when Sonneillon starts causing problems for the sake of hatred.

Flauros[edit | edit source]

Flauros is one of Beelzebub's operatives, they share a loyal servant to master relationship. He is one of the small amount of operatives that Beelzebub cares about. Flauros also serves Andras even though they are in the same rank which confuses Beelzebub.

Decarabia[edit | edit source]

Decarabia is one of Beelzebub's operatives, they share a loyal servant to master relationship. He is one of the small amount of operatives that Beelzebub cares about.

Naberius[edit | edit source]

Naberius is one of Beelzebub's operatives, they share a loyal servant to master relationship. He is one of the small amount of operatives that Beelzebub cares about. Beelzebub mainly uses him for his complete control of the Cerberuses.

Nisroch[edit | edit source]

Nisroch is Beelzebub's personal chef, they share a loyal servant to master relationship. She is the only chef that Beelzebub cares about.

Jezebeth[edit | edit source]

Jezebeth is Beelzebub's mother figure, being the one to take care of him when he was younger along with his sister. She, like the others, holds absolute loyalty to him though she will punish Beelzebub if he does someone reckless and hazardous to his life.

Fleurety[edit | edit source]

Fleurety is the royal scientist of Hell, which gives more loyalty to Lucifer then Beelzebub though he stills hold complete loyalty to Beelzebub with many of his projects were funded by Beelzebub. This also hold a friendly rivalry of sorts with both of them being scientists.

Adramelech[edit | edit source]

Adramelech is a member of the Order of the Fly which makes him servitude to Beelzebub, they hold a friendly relationship with each other.

Lucien[edit | edit source]

Lucien was a 'demon' child that was constantly dealt with abusive parents until meeting Beelzebub. He accidentally found his deceased grandfather's book of demonology along with the necessary equipment and materials to summon them, He summoned Beelzebub and made a deal with his soul to be his only friend.

Beelzebub felt bad for the kid so after mind controlling his parents to commit suicide, he then took great care of Lucien as his only friend. When Lucien died by age, Beelzebub brought to Hell and gave him one of Beelzebub's houses and continued to be friends with him.

Gabriel[edit | edit source]

Gabriel is Beelzebub's Arch-enemy and had been his constant counter in anything he did. He was once a loyal member of her Garrison, serving her with all his might with adoration of his 'heroine' wishing to be her partner in the future.

With the dream shattered by Gabriel, his adoration became hatred and now he desire to make her life an absolute hell. In time, Beelzebub became strong enough to fight her and under Lucifer started the War in Heaven. After falling and removing his angelic heritage, he had completely loath Gabriel in every way, liking when she felt anguish and despair from his actions.

After coming back from dead, Beelzebub, while still her Arch-enemy, had no longer loath her existence and he knew that his ideals were foolish then. With that Beelzebub's relationship with Gabriel has been a back and forth between hate and confusion.

Famine[edit | edit source]

Famine, The Black Rider, is the entity that Beelzebub fears the most. This happen when Beelzebub called her Femamine, from her taking a female form, and getting cursed with endless hunger for 10 years. This curse had made him terrified with every getting hungry and also extremely scared of her with even making hide before either his sister, his close servants, Lucifer or even Gabriel, his Arch-Enemy.

Banica Christensen[edit | edit source]

Banica Christensen was a human accidentally created by Beelzebub when he was working on human DNA. Originally uncaring of the human, using her as weapon and spy, she started to remind him of his deceased wife, Ekra Beelzebub. Beelzebub gain an attraction with her, treating her like a minor consort, until she died after fighting one of Yaldabaoth's angels.

Beelzebub, to save her from disappearing (as she had a artificial soul), had placed her essence into the Chalice of Beelzeboul.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "So, your ignorant shadows have arrived at last. Behold, I am Beelzebub! Now is the time to rise out of purgatory and cover the present world with terror and corruption. Kneel before the Wicked King. Offer yourselves to me!”'
  • “What Terrifying Hunger...”
  • “You shall become my vessel.”
  • “You never walk alone. Even the Devil is the Lord of Flies.”
  • “Show the power you have use this far.” - Beelzebub when he first fought Issei.
  • "She was my love, my light, my everything... and you, YOU TOOK HER FROM ME!" – Beelzebub to the Angels after his wife's death.
  • "Why, Zekram, I'm truly disappointed in you. Telling these children they are even more powerful than us, even in our lowest moment, is nothing but utter bullshit." - Beelzebub to Zekram Bael about the new Four Great Satans.
  • '"Come on now Ajuka, you're a devil now, not a little boy who couldn't even do basic maths anymore. Devil-up!" - Beelzebub to Ajuka Astaroth.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Beelzebub's humanoid form design belongs to an artist known as Akumakina.
    • Beelzebub's true form design belongs to an artist known as Darksilvania.
    • The Beelzebub and Lucien artwork was created by Darkavey through a commission by Akumakina.
  • Beelzebub created the idea to have humans gain magic by Demons deals.
    • This type of magic is called Demon Deal Magic for that reason.
    • This idea had years later became the reason for the Salem Witch Trials to happen.
  • Vampires has a strange attraction to him (which confuses and annoys him to no end).
  • The demons Chuchi are classified as kin to Beelzebub.
  • Beelzebub is one of the Demons that will not use Insect, Fly or Bug as an Insult along with words similar to them (This is very obvious why he wouldn't).
  • Beelzebub would sometimes use the speech pattern "Zzzzzzzz" when speaking.
    • It replaces S with Zzzzzzzz. E.g. "Zzzzzzir“.
  • Beelzebub will strangely use his own flies to bring him food from anywhere.
  • Once in the human world, he had once made a small drug store for 2 weeks.
    • It is still unknown why he did it.
  • The reason for Beelzebub using the name of Enlil as his second Divine Alias was because more and more people connecting Baal Zebul to Beelzebub.
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