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The God of Creation
Kana バサラ
Romaji Basara
Race Deity (Elder God)
Nicknames Bathalang Maylicha

Bathalang Maycapal
The Actor of Power
Actor of Creation
Noble Lord
Kaptan (To the Ancient Visayan Peoples)
Batala (To the Ancient Bicol Peoples)
Malayari (To the Ancient Sambal Peoples)
Father (By his children)

Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Equipment Tigmamanukan
Personal Status
Relatives Ulilang Kaluluwa (Brother)†

Galang Kaluluwa (Sister)†
Amihan (Brother)
Aman Sinaya (Sister)
Asmodeus (Wife)
Tala (Eldest Daughter)
Apolaki/Adlaw (Son)
Mayari (Daughter)
Hanan (Daughter)

Affiliations Filipino Pantheon

Celestial Council

Status Active
Ranking Supreme Deity of the Filipino Pantheon

EX Rank Deity Class

Bathala (lit. meaning Actor of Creation or Noble Lord) is the progenitor and the Supreme Deity of the Filipino Pantheon and one of the three remaining Elder Deities in his pantheon. He is currently in a deep slumber within the Philippines where his sleeping form is guarded by his wife.

History[edit | edit source]

Bathala was born long ago before the formation of the Solar System. He helped create the Earth alongside the other Elder Gods and settled down. Shortly after the Flood, Bathala married Asmodeus in secret. From their marriage was born, Tala, Apolaki, Mayari, and Hanan. He remained neutral during the Great War, indirectly assisting the Devils to ensure Asmodeus's survival.

At some unknown point in time, Bathala entered a deep sleep for reasons unknown.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bathala is a tall, massive, and highly muscular man with tanned skin and thick brown hair that looks like long, dark, leathery strips jutting out in all directions. He has brown eyes and long sideburns, joining his hair to his prominent goatee, which takes the form of several triangles pointing downwards and extending upwards on his chin. He also has a straight dark streak running over his left eye, which extends up to the top of his forehead and down to his mid cheek. Each of his ears is adorned by a large earring shaped like a round crescent moon pointing down.

Bathala wears an outfit decorated by tribal-like motifs, complete with what looks like leather armor covering his upper body. The chest piece is simple, with the central section highlighting his prominent abdominals and pectorals underneath it being light green, separated by the dark green parts on his sides by a pair of thin white lines framing it on both edges. The V-shaped part around the neck is instead black. With the chest piece comes a pair of large, dark-colored shoulder pads, complete with lighter-colored edges and massive straps hanging from them, each decorated by similarly large hollow studs. His pants, while orange in color, retains the same structure of the sleeves, with the lower parts being slashed on the front, where they are framed by green stripes and overlooked by studded bands. The sides of such pants, in addition, are adorned by a series of dark motifs running down their entire length. Visible from the slashes in them are Bathala’s white boots.

Personality[edit | edit source]


Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bathala's appearance is based on Azuma from Fairy Tail.
  • In one of the Creation Myths, Bathala fought the Serpent, Ulilang Kaluluwa, for control over the Universe and slew him. He also befriended his fellow deity, Galang Kaluluwa, who eventually died of an illness.
  • Bathala is the Filipino Equivalent of El, Shiva, YHWH.
  • In other versions of the myth, Bathala unexpectedly passed away, prompting Mayari and Apolaki to fight over who gets dominion of Heaven
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