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Bath Kol
Bath Kol.jpg
Kana バスコル
Romaji Basukoru
Race Angel
Nicknames Daughter of the Voice
2nd Most Beautiful Woman in Heaven
Hair Color Blodne
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Holy Light
Personal Status
Relatives God of the Bible (father) †
Affiliations Heaven
Status Alive
Ranking Ultimate-Class Devil
I am Bath Kol, the Daughter of the Voice. I mostly work for Gabriel, but my actual job is to proclaim God’s will. But that was all in the past. Kind of hard to proclaim God’s will when there isn’t a God, and Michael rarely wants anything proclaimed.

–Bath Kol, talking about herself

Bath Kol is an Ultimate-Class angel from heaven. She’s the Daughter of the Voice who works directly under Gabriel in Heaven. Although not a Seraph, Bath Kol is still just as respected in Heaven as Seraphs such as Sandalphon.

Bath Kol is also very popular in the Underworld, with both devils and fallen angels. She’s known as the 2nd Most Beautiful Woman in Heaven.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bath Kol is a beautiful girl beyond imagination. She has long wavy hair and beautiful blue eyes. Bath Kol possesses a well-developed bosom and a light skin tone that would definitely captivate any man who looks at her.

For an outfit Bath Kol is usually dressed in a white sundress and a straw-hat. She also keeps a golden cross pendent around her neck, which has been stated to look really good on her.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She’s generally always seen with a smiled, but that doesn’t mean she’s always in a good mood. Although a gentle person by nature, Bath Kol has been known to blackmail people into getting what she wants (it’s for the good of Heaven, so she doesn’t fall). She shows concern about other people, even those she just meet that second.

She has a sharp tongue and will (unintentionally) say something rude about a person. She’s also very timid, easily getting scared when a delinquent glares at her.

History[edit | edit source]

Bath Kol had a unique birth, even for angels. Unlike most angels who were born through God’s will, Bath Kol was born from his very words as he spoke to Adam.

During her time in Heaven Bath Kol was given an opportunity to become a Seraph, but turned it down. Instead, she chose to work for Gabriel, the Messenger of God. She was then given the job to proclaimed God’s divine judgement.

She took part of and survived the Great War. At the end, Bath Kol was first to accept Michael as the new God, and proclaimed all of his judgments upon the Earth and Heaven (white is actually quite rate).

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Holy Light: Being an angel, Bath Kol is able to form weapons from light.

Flight: Being an angel, Bath Kol was able to fly using his wings.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bath Kol's appearance is based on Marc Bisfonde Toulschweine Soir Du Cultique Elise (TOO LONG!) from Koakuma Teeri to Kyuuseishu!?
  • Bath Kol is based on the Voice of God, and has been associated with the Holy Spirit and God
    • In the period of the Tannaim (circa 100 BCE-200 CE) the term bath ḳōl was in very frequent use and was understood to signify not the direct voice of God, which was held to be supersensible, but the echo of the voice... a “voice from heaven"
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