Devouring Black Dragon

The Great Devourer

Kana バクナワ
Romaji Bakunawa
Race Dragon
Nicknames Nono

The Moon Eater
The Great Devourer
The Netherworld Light Dragon

Personal Status
Relatives Mayari (Mortal Enemy)

Apolaki (Mortal Enemy)

Affiliations Himself


Status Active
Ranking SSS-Rank Deity Class Dragon
Black Dragon

Bakunawa is an Evil Dragon originating from the pre-colonial Phillipine Myth. He is most famous for attempting to swallow seven moons created by Bathala when in reality, he had challenged the God's daughter, Mayari to a fight alongside her brother Apolaki. He is one of the three Black Dragons alongside Lotan and Satan.

History[edit | edit source]

Bakunawa was one of the many dragons that contended for the title of Dragon King during the Festival of Kings. He lost to Tiamat who went on to fight Palladia Mors and defeat her, earning the title Dragon King. Not at all bitter about his loss, Bakunawa returned to the Philippines where he spent time training. At some point, Bakunawa attempted to seize control of the pantheon by challenging the current heir to Bathala's throne, Mayari. The Goddess fought him but was defeated by the dragon, forcing Bathala to step in. Bathala effortlessly defeated Bakunawa and sealed him away within a set of caves which would later be known as Sohoton Caves and National Bridge Park.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bakunawa is the largest evil dragon and dragon in existence, surpassing Midgardsormr and Great Red in size. He has a small head with a fairly decent sized snout. On his head are a pair of large golden horns that extend back and fleshy tendrils that adorn the sides of his face. His body is a dull dark grey, almost black. His eyes are blood red and is stated to constantly glow ominously. A sign of his vast power leaking out. He possesses large lofty fins all over his body, lining his arms and legs. On his back, more pointed fins rise into the air and are said to constantly conduct electricity and ionize the air around him. Inside his mouth are several rows of razor-sharp teeth, similar to that of a constrictor which are curved and hook into the flesh of the victim.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Bakunawa is prideful much like the other dragons in DxD. He is confident about his own strength as he challenged Mayari and won and later even fought Bathala. After he was sealed, Bakunawa developed a festering hatred for the Elder God and the other Philippine Gods which drove him to accept Lilith's offer.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

As an Evil Dragon who surpasses other Evil Dragons, Bakunawa is one of the three strongest evil dragons to ever exist prior to the ascension of Crom Cruach. He is regarded as a terrifying being by other members of the Philippine Pantheon and other Dragons, being one of the contenders for the position of Dragon King. He is powerful enough to overpower Mayari.

Immense Strength: As an Evil Dragon that surpasses the Dragon Kings, Bakunawa was known as one of the strongest Evil Dragons to ever exist, surpassing Apophis and Azi Dahaka in their current state of power and on par with the Heavenly Dragons in their primes. He was so powerful that he nearly destroyed Kaluwalhatian in his invasion and attempt to wrest power from Bakunawa, defeating Mayari and the armies of Gods sent to stop him. This display of vast and insurmountable power has had Bakunawa being referred to as a Black Dragon, an Evil Dragon so vile and powerful that they are regarded as walking cataclysms.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bakunawa's appearance is based on Amatsu from Monster Hunter and Kokusho from Magic the Gathering.
  • In Philippine Myth, Bakunawa consumed six of the seven moons that Bathala put up into the sky. As he consumed the last one, Bathala told the people to play music to scare Bakunawa away. It worked and the serpent dragon retreated into the ocean. This is the explanation as to how eclipses happen.
    • In other variations, Bakunawa is the God of the Abyss and the Underworld.
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