A being who lives for destruction, a creature that exists for the purpose of leveling this world, a dragon who stands above even the Dream and the Infinite... it is Destruction itself.

–Ophis, the Ouroboros Dragon

The One True Dragon God-King
Kana バハムート
Romaji Bahamūto
Race Dragon
Nicknames The Leveler of the High Plains
The One True Dragon God-King
The True Dragon of Dragons
The Black Emperor of Destruction
Dragon of Annihilation
Eye Color Red
Personal Status
Affiliations Seichi Kohryu (Sealed Inside Of)
Status Alive
Ranking Dragon God-King

Bahamut, also known as the Dragon of Annihilation, and The One True Dragon God-King, is a key figure and character in the story, Fate/e-TURN-ity.

A dragon born from the concepts of "destruction," Bahamut is considered to be a dragon that stands above all others, even Great Red and Ophis, the two strongest of their kind. The latter even describes Bahamut as a dragon who "stands above even the Dream and the Infinite," and refers to it as destruction incarnate. For that reason, it is known by many monikers, such as The Leveler of the High Plains, The One True Dragon God-King, The True Dragon of Dragons, The Black Emperor of Destructiuon, and the Dragon of Annihilation.

For reasons unspecified, Bahamut was sealed inside of Seichi Kohryu, the only known wielder of the Third Magic, Heaven's Feel.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bahamut is a gigantic Dragon of incredible size, bigger and longer than even 666 (Trihexa). Strangely, it's scales are akin to metal, being dark gray and red in color, and bearing a large protruding horn from it's forehead, as well as a large lashing tail.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Quite the contrary.

–Gilgamesh describing Bahamut's peculiar personality

Bahamut is considered to be something of a major contradiction in terms of personality. In spite of all of his monikers and titles, Bahamut is a very reclusive, anti-social, if not borderline hermit who refuses any sort of interaction with any living creature. What makes him a contradiction is his flamboyant disposition; peppering his speech with unusual phrases and overall excitable charm, and addresses everyone with various suffixes. He almost always refers to Seichi as "Sei-tan," Gilgamesh as "Gilgacchi (much to his dismay), and Artoria as "Arty-chan." He enjoys throwing parties for even the simplest of things, even for mundane things such as Seichi acing a mock exam or successfully achieving a mundane task. He is also surprisingly cheery. The reason behind is reclusive nature apparently stems from a comment made by Ophis about him not taking his role seriously, and that no one would ever seriously respect him, a sentiment shared by Great Red.

The result was Bahamut feeling very depressed, and with Ophis' words ringing in his mind, Bahamut tried to distance himself from everyone until he talked with Seichi, in which he began to socialize with everybody else.

According to Great Red, however, Bahamut, when he was much younger, was rather chaotic and maddening, destroying everything in sight for the smallest of reasons, being because they annoyed him or because he was bored. In present time, Bahamut feels very ashamed of his past, and doesn't like to talk about it.

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