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Beelzebub's true form.jpg

Lord of the Flies
Kana ベルゼブブ (Katakana)
בעל זבוב (Hebrew)
Romaji Beruzebubu
Race Demon (Heretic Demon)
God (formerly)

Lecter Golding (Azazel Cup alias)
Baal muian
Ba'al Zəbûl
Baʿal Zəvûv
Lord of the Flies
Crowned Emperor of Gluttony
Devourer of the Abyss
Prince of False God
Fallen Nameless God of the Philistine
Heretic Lord of Ekron
Lord of the High Place
Lord of the Heavenly Dwellings
Former King of the Canaanite Gods
God of the Sky
God of Thunder and Lightning
God of the Weather and the Seasons
God of the Earth and Fertility
God of the Bountiful Harvest
God of Insects and Diseases
The God whose Name was Erased From the Canaanite Lores
Original Satan Beelzebub
Lord of the Dung (by Uriel)
Bell-kun (by Asmodeus)

Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Gold
Equipment King of Flies
Mask of the Hidden
Chalice of Beelzeboul
Cruentus Tessos
Cruentis Tessa
Hellsing ARMS Casull
Authority of Idolatry
Whispers of the Lucifer
Personal Status
Relatives Canaanite Pantheon (origins) †
Lucifer (sire)
Banica Beelzebub (creation/wife) †
Yophiel (consort) †
Bidleid Bashalun Beelzebub (son) †
Kaseirk Beelzebub (son) †
Demuth Varcan Beelzebub (son) †
Vairs Dearia Beelzebub (daughter) †
Lamyris Beelzebub (step-daughter) †
Ajuka Astaroth (descendant)
Affiliations Lucifer
Order of the Fly
Sitra Achra
Canaanite Pantheon (formerly)
Devils (formerly)
Seven Deadly Sins (formerly)
Four Great Satans (formerly)
Beelzebub Clan (formerly)
Underworld (formerly)
Ekron (formerly)
Status Alive (Resurrected)
Ranking Satan Beelzebub
Emperor of Hell
A-ranked Genesis-class Demon
Chieftain God (formerly)

Beelzebub, also known as Baʿal Zəvûv or Lord of the Flies, is the Progenitor of the Beelzebub Clan and one of the original Four Great Satans. He is one of the Thirteen Emperors of Hell and is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, representing the sin of Gluttony.

He was formerly the Chieftain God of the Canaanite Pantheon, but was overthrown and later on became a Demon who sworn eternal servitude to Lucifer. He was killed by the Seraph Tzaphkiel during the Great War, in the last Battle of Nazareth.

He first appeared in the Azazel Cup Arc under the alias Lecter Golding - a Human/Devil hybrid from a small Extra Devil Clan, only to reveal himself at the Azazel Cup Championship alongside his army of Demons.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Beelzebub first appeared as an androgynous young man in his early teens, with malicious golden eyes and long, beautiful blue hair.

When under the disguise as Lecter Golding, Beelzebub appeared as a tall man wearing a violet bird-like mask that covered the top half of his face. He had platinum-blond hair that spiked out in the back. He wore clothes similar to that of a biker, with a scaly tail made entirely of steel.

In his true form, Beelzebub is a colossal eldritch being that emits an unimaginable amount of raw and potent Demonic energy. He has numerous eyes that glow with cruelty and giant mouths covered his body, filled entirely with gigantic teeth dripping with poison.

Following his corruption, Beelzebub gained a total of twelve insect-like wings with skull-like symbols adorned on them.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Similar to most Demons, Beelzebub is an extremely prideful and arrogance figure, always placing him above many others, regardless of their status. He considered the Devils - the severely weakened children and descendants of the Demons - to be abominations that tarnished the Demons' "good-rep".

To Beelzebub, killing and torturing is an art that only the greatest and most worthy of artists are allows to perform. One of his favorite ways of torture is to slowly turn parts of the victims' organs into acidic poisons, causing them immense pain from the inside while healing them non-stop, forcing them to endure the excruciating pain while their love ones could do nothing but watch.

Beelzebub is extremely cruel, deceitful, and manipulative, with a twisted sense of humor, taking pleasure from the physical and mental pain of the innocents. He takes delight in the painful scream for the death of his victims, enjoying how they slowly fall to the deepest depths of despair.

Despite these traits, Beelzebub also possesses more honorable sides to him.

Beelzebub is one of the more trust-worthy of the Demons, according to Nestarina, who won't go against his contracts, oaths, and promises. He is also one of the few Demons to see the good in humanity, having begrudging respect toward mankind for their development.

Beelzebub cares a lot about his family, especially his two lovers - Banica and Yophiel. Upon his resurrection, he was filled with immense guilt for not appreciating the love Yophiel had toward him, as he didn't even care about him any more than a mere servant/walking sex toy when they were alive.

As Lecter Golding, Beelzebub acted like arrogant and wild, yet can still act firm and righteous on several occasions. He portrayed himself to the entire supernatural community as someone who is while brash, can still be genuine and care for others, especially children as he stated wanting to be a hero for all children in one of his interviews.

History[edit | edit source]

Beelzebub was originally called Ba'al Zəbûl - the former Chieftain Deity of the Canaanite Pantheon. Sometimes during the Biblical times, a coup d'état broke out and he was overthrown, becoming nothing more than a lowly Minor God with barely existed control the harvest and the crop through forms of insects and diseases - something usually associated with Evil Gods and Demons.

All temples and shrines dedicated to Ba'al Zəbûl were destroyed everywhere within the Canaanite territory, all except in his patron city of Ekron - one of the five cities of the famed Philistine pentapolis. When the Canaanite gods found out, they were furious and punished the city and its people with severe and unimaginably horrifying ways for six days and six nights. On the seventh day, the once prosperous Ekron was nothing more than a remnant of its former glory, completely rooted up like what the prophet Elijah had prophecized.

When the Canaanite Pantheon was destroyed by Angels as a means of punishment for their cruelty and tyranny toward mankind, Ba'al Zəbûl managed to escape and began wandering across the world, creating a name for himself as Baʿal Zəvûv, or the Lord of the Flies, due to his powers over diseases and insects. One day, he came across Lucifer who then brought him back to the Underworld to make him his consort. There, Ayin discovered his potential and decided to turn him into a Demon.

Centuries later, Baʿal Zəvûv, now goes under the name of Beelzebub - a name given to him by Lucifer following his rebirth as one of the Emperors of Hell, decided to side along with the Morningstar to co-operate with the Angels to seal Ayin using the Seal of She-en lo Tiklah. When faced with the other Emperors' protests, in order not to sadden or worry Lucifer, he and the five other Emperors of Hell decided to annihilate them and their Clan from the Underworld, making sure never letting Lucifer know about their crimes. With six Emperors of Hell dead and their Clans slaughtered entirely within a single night, the remaining Emperors formed the Seven Great Demon Lords, also known as the Seven Deadly Sins.

When the Great War began, Beelzebub became the Head of the Devils' Technology Department, creating various forms of weaponry, armory, medicine, and other equipment for the armies. During the Battle of the Veil, with the deaths of the Deadly Sins Belphegor, Mammon, and Apollyon, and of the Four Cardinal Demon Kings, Beelzebub was forced to take more control over the military as one of the Four Great Satans, albeit mostly due to his love/obsession toward Lucifer. During this time, as a means to defend against the Systems created by the God of the Bible, he created the Malebranche - living weapons with powers beyond that of ordinary Devils, almost reaching that of the Demons.

During the final Battle of Nazareth, when Lucifer's corporeal form was destroyed by Michael, Beelzebub flew into a berserk rage, destroyed anything within his path to attack the Archangel and revenge his love, only to be put down by the Seraph Tzaphkiel. With his death, numerous insects, curses, diseases, and terrors came into the world, greatly damaging the entire Earth and slowly drained its and all beings of all their life-force.

During the Cold War, as a means to gain advantages over the Soviet, the Archmage Association of the United States decided to perform a ritual that managed to chip down enough of Ayin's Cage in order for the Primordial Entity of Nonexistence to sneak out her essences into the world, slowly reviving her former "children".

In 20XX, Beelzebub was fully revived back to life due to the manipulations of Ayin.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Why, Zekram, I'm truly disappointed in you. Telling these children they are even more powerful than us, even in our lowest moment, is nothing but utter bullshit.

–Beelzebub to Zekram Bael about the new Four Great Satans

Adey vocar avage Beelzebuth
Beelzebub's Enn

Immense Demonic Power: As an Emperor of Hell and one of the original Four Great Satans, Beelzebub possesses an immense amount of pure demonic power, far surpassing that of other Demons and greater than even the combined demonic power of every single Devil existed. His demonic power had a unique nature that is extremely foul and oppressive, capable of severely damaging weaker beings at the mere release of it. 

  • Ahra (闇の本質アラー, Essence of Darkness): Beelzebub could generate and control Ahra - a special type of ancient, primordial demonic energy far greater than regular demonic power that only Ayin and the Demons converted by her could possibly wield. It allows him to control and manipulate the minds and actions of Devils and demonic beings such as Hellhounds, Incubi, Succubi, etc. In Chapter XXX, just by releasing a small portion of his Ahra, he was able to take control of Rias and her Peerage.
    • Corruption (汚職, Oshoku): He is able to use his Ahra to pollute and corrupt human souls, twisted them to create new Demons and Devils. As the process of being corrupted is extremely painful, far beyond what most beings could endure and completely destroy one's sanity, making most Demons and Devils created via corruption extremely hostile and twisted.
  • Inferna-Ergokinesis: Beelzebub could manipulate the demonic energy of himself and others with simple ease. In Chapter XXX, he overwrote Ajuka's Kankara Formula and used it to attack the new Satan.
    • Possession (所持, Shoji): He could take over the control of one's body and mind. Unlike other Demons whose effectiveness of their possession depends on whether the victim's mental fortitude is strong and stable enough or not, he is able to easily take control over them forcefully, albeit a little more difficult than the weak-willed or mentally unstable ones.
    • Demonic Constructs: He could create various forms of weaponry and semi-living beasts from his demonic energy. In Chapter XXX, he created a giant flock of flesh-eating demonic birds with feathers made out of demonic metals.
  • Inferna-Elementumkinesis: Beelzebub could infuse his demonic energy into the elements, creating various kinds of demonic elements. 
    • Inferna-Pyrokinesis: By infusing his demonic power with fire, he could generate black-colored flames that are hotter than the sun itself. In Chapter XXX, he created a giant vortex of black flames that destroyed the city of Lucifaad to ashes in mere seconds.
    • Inferna-Electrokinesis: He could create thunderstorms and bolts of lightning from his demonic energy that is extremely powerful and can destroy an area the same size as Honshu with just a single strike. He could also create various beasts from the demonic electricity that possess powers on par with Ultimate-class Devils.
    • Inferna-Chlorokinesis: In Chapter XXX, when traveling across the Beelzebub Clan's territory, Sirzechs mentioned that the area is filled with vile and demonic plants that crave the flesh of both monsters, Devils, and Humans alike. Since these plants were rumored to be personally created by Beelzebub, it could be assumed he could infuse his demonic energy with plants to create demonic plants.
  • Telekinesis: Beelzebub possesses powerful telekinesis ability, which allows him to control objects with just the power of his mind. In Chapter XXX, he telekinetically melted the brains of every single living beings within a 100-meter radius near him just to show his powers.
  • Shapeshifting (変更シェイプシフト, Alteration): Beelzebub could use his demonic energy to shapeshift himself into various forms, from a fly one could barely see with their eyes to a titan that towers over entire cities.
  • King of Flies (ハエの王, Hae no Ō): Beelzebub's main ability created for him by Lucifer. It allows him to summon and create all kinds of insects that had and currently exist in the world. This power was later inherited by his son Bidleid and became the main bloodline ability of the Beelzebub Clan, although it did become weakened after his first death, only capable of summoning flies.
    • Fly Chimera

      Volukinesis: He could summon, create, and manipulate all kinds of demonic insects. He could also control beings and items associated with insects, as shown in Chapter XXX when he controlled the Bee-like Nymphs in Olympus to secretly poison the drinks and foods of the gods.
      • Insect Creation: He could create new types of demonic insects, as shown in Chapter XXX when he created a swarm of flesh-eating tsetse flies to attack the people within the Astaroth territory. In Chapter XXX, he created giant demonic bees, hornets, and wasps to attack the people of New York City. In the past, he often created plagues of locusts to devasted the lands he went through.
        • Fly Chimera (怪物蝿, Kaibutsu Hae): He could create giant Fly Chimeras with powers rivaling that of a Satan-Class Devil. It could breathe out a deadly poisonous fog that could destroy anything it touches. From its body, countless small fly-like monsters would emerge, each being at least High-Class in terms of power. It also possesses a foul smell, described as being a combination of decomposing corpses, rotten foods, and feces under the hot sun, that make the most resilient of Devils couldn't help themselves but vomit instantly.
    • Toxikinesis: He could create, summon, and control any kind of poison and venomous creature. He could also control the properties of poison. In Chapter XXX, he created a purplish poisonous fog that killed any living being it came into contact with.
      • Poisonous Blood: Due to his toxikenetic ability, his blood became extremely poisonous, capable of poison and kill monsters, gods, Devils, and Angels alike. In Chapter XXX, he was able to kill Indra by solidified his blood into an arrow and shot it at him.
      • Poison Emission: He could emit poison across any surface he is making physical contact with. Any being that comes into contact with the poisoned surface would have their health slowly deteriorated.
      • Poison Constructs: He could create weapons and semi-living beasts from solidified poison. In Chapter XXX, he created a giant Hydra-like dragon made out of poison.
    • Nosokinesis: He could create and manipulate all kinds of diseases, including their severity, contagiousness, methods of spreading, etc. He could create arrows of solidified diseases that could bring forth plagues and pandemics.

Immense Strength: Beelzebub is an immensely powerful figure, being one of the most powerful Demons to ever be corrupted. As shown in his invasion of New York City, he was able to single-handedly defeat entire combined celestial armies of the Greco-Roman Pantheon and the Hindu Pantheon, as well as permanently killed several powerful and important gods of these Mythologies, such as Agni, Enyo, Phobos and Deimos, Mangala, etc. which greatly devastated both the Greek cosmology and the Hindu Cosmology. In Chapter XXX, Zekram Bael admitted to the Devils that he had greatly exaggerated Sirzechs and Ajuka's powers being greater than the original Satans, as comparing the differences in strength between the new and the original could be akin to comparing a drop of water to the combined water of every single ocean combined. When Ophis - the Ouroboros Dragon heard of his return, she didn't show any hesitation before killing her clone Lilith, who had become someone she deemed her little sister, to regain her former strength before escaping back to the Dimensional Gap, as she knew a fight between them would only result in her ultimate end.

Immense Durability: Beelzebub possesses an immense amount of durability, capable of enduring injuries that could kill regular gods while still fighting on the battlefield. In Chapter XXX, he was able to endure Uriel's Holy Flames, which is still considered one of the strongest supernatural flames despite being extremely weakened, and only received several burn scars after worth.

Immense Speed: Beelzebub could move at a speed faster than the human eyes could possibly see, and is theorized to be capable of moving faster than the speed of light and sound. In Chapter XXX, he outran Hermes - the faster Greek God - and cut off his legs, winged shoes attached, to use them as a trophy.

Master Warlock: Beelzebub is a Master Warlock who is extremely skilled and in-depth in all types of Witchcraft, being the only male personal apprentice of Lilith. He knows countless spells, rites, and rituals that could bring nations down to their knees, darken the sky with endless curses, and perform phenomena that the gods could only dream of. Lilith stated that he is one of the Demons whose skills in Witchcraft could rival her.

Beelzebub's Magic Circle

Master Magician: Beelzebub is a Master Magician, with millennia of skills and experience. He is in-depth in various forms of mortal magic and is knowledgeable of a thousand different types of Magic Systems, most of which are ancient and lost Magic Systems of the faded Mythologies. 

  • Canaanite Magic: As the former Chieftain Deity of the Canaanite Pantheon, Beelzebub is extremely proficient in one of the most archaic Magic Systems. As he is the last surviving being from said Pantheon, he became the last person capable of wielding its intricate Magic System.
  • Dark Arts: Beelzebub is extremely skilled in wielding the Dark Arts - a type of Magic System created by Lilith with the pure intention to hurt and kill others. In Chapter XXX, he fired countless Dark Magic spells that caused great destruction onto the floating city of Agreas.
    • Praesidium Diabolica (Demonic Protection): In Chapter XXX, he created rings of blue-colored flames around him that incinerated all enemies that came into contact with it while leaving his allies unharmed. The rings of flames could devour any long-ranged attack coming toward him, no matter if they were magical or weapon-based. The spell was powerful enough to burn Agni - the Hindu God of Fire and one of the strongest Gods of the Hindu Pantheon - to nothing more than ashes in mere seconds.
    • Infernalis Ignea Creatae Adlucinatio (Hellish Fiery Illusion): In Chapter XXX, he created illusions of hellish flames burning them alive, capable of tricking his opponents' minds into thinking they were real and caused phantom pain onto themselves. Some weak-minded celestial warriors even drop-deaded, as their mind couldn't handle the illusions and perceive them as truth, deactivate the heart instantly.

Master Marksman: Beelzebub had shown to be a Master Marksman, as he managed to win every single Azazel Cup matches only using an ornate pistol. In Chapter XXX, he was able to keep a track on Kiba, who is the fastest Knight of his generation, and shot him repeatedly, eliminating him from the first few minutes of the game.

Master Inventor: Beelzebub is a Master Inventor, possibly rivaling Belphegor in terms of skills. After said Deadly Sin's death, he became the new Head of the Technology Departments, responsible for creating various forms of weaponry, armory, medicine, and other equipment for the armies. He is also the creator of the Malebranche - living weapons of immense powers that rivals the combined power of the current Four Great Satans at their greatest limits.

Gluttony Embodiment: Beelzebub is one of the Deadly Sins, representing the sin of Gluttony - the over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, wealth items, or status symbols. He is the embodiment and personification of the sin of Gluttony, and thus, possesses all the powers associated with the sin.

  • Gulakinesis: Beelzebub can sense and manipulate the appetite, gluttony, and hunger other others. He could increase their hunger to the point of either starvation or self-cannibalization.
    • Hunger Inducement: He could induce extreme hunger and gluttony in others, as seen in Chapter XXX when he created a fog of dark-green smoke that made any living being touched it to feel immense hunger, to the point where 1/3 of the heavenly army had to attack and cannibalize each other, bathing the streets of New York with the blood of their comrades.
  • Devour (魂の消費デバワー, Soul Consumption): Beelzebub could devour the body and soul of someone to gain their memories, powers, skills, and abilities. In the past, he devoured the soul of Hazael - Baraqiel's first and only son not only to increase his electrokinesis ability, but to also gain information about the Fallen Angel and resistance against the light element.

Teleportation: Beelzebub could instantaneously appear and disappear at will.

  • Apportation: Beelzebub could forcefully teleport anyone or anything away from him, as long as they aren't already blessed by an angelic being.

Invulnerability: Beelzebub could not be harmed or killed by unconventional means, as only Enochian or Faustian weapons could be able to harm or kill him.

  • Immortality: As a Demon, Beelzebub could live indefinitely unless he is killed.
  • Immunity: Beelzebub possesses extremely high levels of immunity, as only rare and extremely powerful Angelic poisons could possibly bypass his nearly-absolute poison immunity.
  • Regeneration: Beelzebub possesses regeneration ability far greater than ordinary Demons, capable of regrowing any limb and important organ in mere seconds.

Flight: As a Demon, Beelzebub possesses the ability to fly both with and without the need for wings.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Anti-Demon Mask Manga.jpg

Mask of the Hidden (悪魔的存在の隠蔽変装マースク・オブ・ザ・ヒデン, Cover-up Disguise of a Satanic Entity): A special mask created by Beelzebub from before the Great War. It hid away his demonic energy from all, masking it entirely to the point where neither Angels nor gods can discover him. It could also erase his presence from the world, hiding it in a way that made it nearly impossible to discover him by any means, both supernatural and mundane. It was later destroyed by Uriel during his invasion of New York City.

Chalice of Beelzeboul (深紅の大食いの壊れた悪魔の杯チャリス・オブ・ビールゼバウル, Broken Devil's Goblet of Scarlet Gluttony): A Malebranche created by Beelzebub before the Great War. It could generate pathogens of demonic diseases, with the most infamous being the Gula Disease which forced its victim to ate non-edible substances for survival, as well as conjure up any kind of liquid from within, from the finest of wine to the greatest of elixir, as long as they aren't either Angelic or Divine in origins. It could also reanimate the dead to become Beelzebub's obedient warriors, increasing their original powers and abilities by several times, and restore and upgrade their bodies to surpass their former maximum physical limits. By using the chalice as a medium, he could create a liquified version of his Ahra, allowing it to be drunk by others to turn them into new Demons and Devils. Similar to other Malebranche, it possesses the power to kill/destroy other Malebranche and their contractors. Its human form is that of Beelzebub's consort - Banica.

Casull Profile.jpg

Hellsing ARMS Casull (ヘルシング・ARMS・キャサル, Herusingu ARMS Kyasaru): An ornate semi-automatic magnum pistol created by the Hellsing Clan, charmed with various spells and rituals making it a High-class supernatural weapon. It shoots out silver bullets which are extremely harmful toward Beastmen and dark, demonic beings such as Vampires or Undeaths. By channeling his demonic energy using the pistol as a medium, he could shoot out bullets of demonic energy that he could telekinetically control and could bypass all magical barriers.

Demon crown for ulisses spiele jaecks by michaeljaecks d8t7w7u-fullview.jpg

Authority of Idolatry (偽りの神々の悪魔の王子の不浄な王冠オーソリティー・オブ・アイドラトリー, The Unholy Crown of the Devil Prince of the False Gods): A crown created using the combination of Lucifer's Ohr and Ahra as a gift for Beelzebub's conversion in an Emperor of Hell. It returns Beelzebub's former divinity and authority as a Chieftain Deity, and increases them by hundreds of time, granting him dominance over all the non-Chieftain Gods and Divine Spirits. As it is one of the few gifts of Lucifer that survived the Great War, Beelzebub refuses to use it in any way, as he scares something wrong might happen to it, breaking Lucifer's trust in him.

Whispers of the Lucifer (神の朝の星の魅力的な誘惑ウィスパーズ・オブ・ザー・ルーシファー, The Irresistible Temptation of the Star of the Morning of the Divine): בעל זבוב אוהב את לוציפר בכל שכלו וליבו, סוגד לכל תנועה ומעשה של המלאך הנופל, ומעריץ אותו כאלוהים האמיתי האחד. עם מותו, לבו של בלזבוב התקשח ומוחו התעוור בקטל ובשפיכות דמים, כאשר הצעקות הדורשות ממנו לנקום את ארכנגלף אהובתו ממשיכות להופיע ללא הפסקה. עבור לוציפר, שר הזבובים יעשה הכל, אפילו יפקיר את כוחותיו, את סמכותו, את חייו, את רצונו החופשי ... רק כדי לרצות את כוכב הבוקר. גם כשאהבתו נותרה חד צדדית.
Its true powers remain unknown. As it is one of the few gifts of Lucifer that survived the Great War, Beelzebub refuses to use it in any way, as he scares it will break Lucifer's trust in him.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Let me introduce myself. My name is Ba'al Zəbûl - the former Canaanite God-King of the Sky, Lightning, the Weather and the Seasons, of the Earth, Fertility, the Harvest, and many more... though I suppose you Devils could call me by a name far more familiar to you - Beelzebub, Emperor of the Deadly Sin of Gluttony and one of the original Four Great Satans." - Devils, Azazel Cup Championship.
  • "Ufufufu, could you blame me, M'Lord? How could I possibly resist someone as unbelievably irresistible as you?" - Lucifer.
  • "Dear Lucifer, grant me the strength to deal with these morons" - Praying, every council meeting with the other Demons.
  • "He was my love, my light, my everything... and you, YOU TOOK HIM FROM ME!" - Michael
  • "Please, Elohim. If you truly are the benevolent and forgiving God of Gods people said you are, please let me see Luc-no, let me see your son Helel once more. I'm begging you" - Abrahamic God, dying moment.
  • "Amazing little devices aren't they? Such a pity that the Angels discovered the little traits that Bel and I put in there and eliminated all of them, but don't worry, there are already enough for me to play with." - Ajuka.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Beelzebub's human form is based on Rimuru Tempest from Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken.
    • His Lecter Golding's appearance is based on Beelzemon from Digimon.
      • His Azazel Cup alias is derived from the last names of Hannibal Lecter - famous fictional villain and William Golding - author of the book Lord of the Flies.
    • His Mask's appearance is based on the Anti-Demon Mask from Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken.
    • His chalice's appearance is based on the Glass of Conchita from the Evillious Chronicles.
    • His pistol is based on the weapon of the same name from Hellsing.
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