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Kana アザゼル
Romaji Azazeru
Race Fallen Angel (Archangel)
Nicknames Sensei (By Issei)

Idiot Twin (By Azrael)
FallenAngelMan435 (Gamer Tag)
NoobMaster69 (Gamer Tag)

Hair Color Black-Blonde
Eye Color Violet
Equipment Blazing Shining Aura Darkness Blade

Spear of Azazel

Personal Status
Relatives Penemue (Wife)

Ambriel (Daughter)
God (Father/Creator)
Asherah (Adoptive Mother)
Tathamet (Aunt)
Life (Aunt)
Death (Uncle)
Lucifer (Older Sister)
Michael (Older Brother)
Raphael (Older Brother)
Gabriel (Older Sister)
Uriel (Older Brother)
Azrael (Twin Sister)
Vali Lucifer (Adoptive Son)

Affiliations Grigori

Occult Research Club
Celestial Council
Eden Squad (Ally)
Primordial Deities

Status Active
Ranking Former Governor-General of the Grigori

BBB-Rank Deity Class (At the moment)

Oh, my foolish student. It's for science!

–Azazel to Issei

Azazel is a character in the Light Novel/Anime, Highschool DxD, as well as a major supporting character in the story, Highschool DxD: Til Midnight. Azazel is the former leader of the Fallen Angels after he passed the position onto Shemhazai until Ambriel is ready to take up the position. Azazel is the youngest of the Seven Archangels alongside Azrael.

History[edit | edit source]


Appearance[edit | edit source]

Azazel is a tall man appearing to be in his twenties with an average build, black hair, golden bangs, and black goatee. He wears a maroon V neck long coat that opens up at the hem exposing some of his chest.

In his true form, Azazel emits a massive amount of light from his body making him appear as an avatar of pure light. As of the moment, Azazel possesses 14 jet black wings.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Nobody recognizes true genius anymore


Hell to the fuck yeah. Azazel Cup for the win bitches! Thank all-mighty rock! No wonder Dad used you to make the Earth!

–Azazel cheering after winning the rock-paper-scissors match

Azazel is described by his siblings and fellow fallen angels to be charismatic. He is wise yet insane, laid-back yet serious. Azazel is extremely perverted yet much of that perversion is directed at his wife, Penemue. However, the reason he fell goes beyond lust and wished to have a child of his own much like his older sister, Lucifer. Azazel can also be very immature. During the meeting of the deities to discuss the world-class rating games, he decided to call it the Azazel Cup. Many of the leaders called it "shameless" and "narcissistic."

As a leader, Azazel is shown to be compassionate and fair. He is able to endear his fellow fallen angels into following him. He is also strict and harsh to those who betray the Grigori, or now the Celestial Council.

Azazel cares a great deal about those he considers his friends and family. He is very protective of Mitsuki and Ambriel seeing them as the former as his daughter. When Issei was deemed missing, Azazel went into a rage and mobilized most of his resources to have an off the books search for Issei. He was very glad when he came back. Azazel cares for his siblings very much. He is often seen joking and butting heads with his twin sister, Azrael.

Of all the Archangels, Azazel is said to be the laziest yet he spends a lot of his time studying Sacred Gears and their resemblance to Enochian Weapons. 

Powers/Abilities[edit | edit source]

Azazel is an extremely powerful angel being an Archangel of the Lord. He is ranked as a BBB Rank Deity Class due to his loss of power. At his full strength, Azazel is said to be more powerful than Super Devils, embodying the concept of Gevurah, or Power, and is capable of rivaling the Chief Gods in strength and power.

Main Article: Azazel

Immense Strength: Azazel is said to wield an immense level of strength on par with his fellow Archangels. He wields enough physical strength to effortlessly overwhelm Katerea Leviathan, the descendant of one of the Seven Prime Demons and Original Maou, Leviathan. In the events of canon before the events of Til Midnight, Azazel was capable of taking on several high class devils from the Old Maou Faction.

Immense Speed: Azazel is able to move at immense speeds and is able to move without his opponent noticing.

Immense Durability: Azazel possesses an immense level of durability.

Fallen Transcendent Angel Physiology: As a Fallen Archangel, Azazel possesses power far above that of the other Falen Angels, being far stronger than Shemhazai and Baraqiel. However, folllowing the Great War, Azazel was weakened in an attempt to save his faction after a battle against his older brother, Raphael, who defeated him after a long battle that darkened the skies. Azazel, even in his weakened, state is still strong enough to fight against Cao Cao, the wielder of True Longinus.

  • Highly Advanced Telekinesis: Azazel possesses telekinetic abilities on par with his sister.
  • Nigh-Absolute Photokinesis: As an Archangel and the son of God, Azazel possesses nearly infinite power over light itself. He has demonstrated before the events of the story the ability to create countless light spears to rain down on his opponents.
    • Highly Advanced Smiting: As an Archangel, it is implied that Azazel possesses the same powers as his siblings.
  • Highly Advanced Tempestakinesis: Upon hearing that Issei's messages, Azazel created a massive storm out of his grief that engulfed the entire territory of the Grigori which is said to encompass an area the size of Russia.
  • Chaotic Form: Azazel's true form is extremely harmful and possibly fatal to those around him. When he assumed his true form after hearing what happened to Issei, the mere energy flowing off of his form was enough to harm Vali in his Balance Breaker despite him being behind a barrier erected by Baraqiel, Shemhazai, and Penemue, the three being Seraphs that are not at full power.
    • Destructive Countenance: Azazel's true form began to destroy the very foundations of the Grigori.
  • Flight: Azazel is capable of flying using his fourteen wings.
  • Teleportation: Azazel can teleport without the use of magic circles.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Azazel possesses immense combat skills being able to easily fight on the level of Gods. Possessing thousands of years of experience and participating in the War in Heaven against his older sister, Azazel possesses more combat skill than the current Maou and is capable of fighting extremely powerful beings such as Pluto.

Master Spearman: Azazel has shown great expertise in the use of spears of light. He usually wields spears, rather than swords or bows. With the artificial Sacred Gear Downfall Dragon Spear, Azazel could fight on an equal level with Cao Cao, a master warrior wielding the True Longinus which is the most powerful of Longinus Class Sacred Gears.

Master Magician: Azazel is well versed in many forms of magic. He can even cast Enochian Magic which is said to be lost to time.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Azazel is much more powerful than his canon counterpart.
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