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Kana アイン (Katakana)
אַיִן (Hebrew)
Romaji Ain
Race Primordial Entity
Nonexistence Personification
Nicknames Nonexistence
The Darkness
Primordial Void
Primordial Oblivion
Great Mother of All Existence
The First Mother
The Ancient Void
The Great Corruptor
She Who Opposed God
The Decreator
Destroyer of Worlds
Bringer of the Final End
The Anti-God
Creator of the Realm of All Evils
The First Evil
Primordial Evil
Mistress of Darkness and Destruction
The Great Destroyer
The Devil
Supreme Adversary of God
Great Omnipotent Adversary
Unholy Supreme Goddess of the Demon-kind
Mother (by the Archangels)
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Gold
Personal Status
Relatives Abrahamic God ("brother"/former "consort")
Ein-Sof ("child")
Archangels ("children")
  • Lucifer ("son")
  • Michael ("son")
  • Raphael ("son")
  • Gabriel ("daughter")
  • Uriel ("son")
  • Azrael ("daughter")
  • Samael ("son")
Pure Angels ("children)
  • Pure Fallens ("children")
  • Nephalems ("children")

Demons ("children")
Nephilims ("grandchildren")
Cambions ("grandchildren")
Therion (Shard)
Babalon (Shard)

Affiliations Herself
Sitra Achra
The Universe (formerly)
The Natural Order (formerly)
Primordial Entities (formerly)
Status Unknown
Ranking Nigh-Omnipotence
AYIN means No-Thing. AYIN is beyond Existence, separate from any-thing. AYIN is Absolute Nothing. AYIN is not above or below. Neither is AYIN still or in motion. There is nowhere where AYIN is, for AYIN is not. AYIN is soundless, but neither is it silence. Nor is AYIN a void – and yet out of the zero of AYIN'S no-thingness comes the one of EIN SOF

–Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi

Ayin, also known as Nonexistence, is one of the Primordial Entities, representing all aspects, concepts, elements, and ideas under the category of Nonexistence.

She is the supreme creator of the Sitra Achra, also known as the Primordial Hell or the Realm of All Evils, and the mother/creator of the Demons. She is the "mother" of the Pure Angels, including the Pure Fallen Angels and the Nephalems.

She is the counterpart/twin-sister of Yesh, who represents Existence, and is the mother(?) of Ein-Sof who represents the "In-Between". She is also the "mother" of the Archangels, who were born from the combined essence of her and Yesh.

Due to her overall destructiveness and instability, which could lead to the absolute destruction of the universe and the natural order, Yesh and the Archangels had sealed her away within the Seal of She-en lo Tiklah.

However, due to the destruction of Yesh's, Azrael, and Lucifer's corporeal forms, as well as the remaining Archangels becoming severely weakened to the point of absurdity, Ayin was able to partially break herself and leaked her power into the universe, building up an army to free her from her prison and bring forth the final end to the universe.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ayin's corporeal form is that of a beautiful teenage girl with auburn hair tied into a short side ponytail, and golden eyes gleaming with raw power. Three crimson marks embedded into the skin of her right arm, the crystallized gate that connected her to her prison - the Seal of She-en lo Tiklah

Ayin's true form could not be comprehended by any being but the Primordial Entities themselves, being completely transcendent from mere mortal concepts. According to Samael's notes, she is the primordial void from which all existence came and to which all existence shall descend. She is nothingness itself, the manifestation of every single aspect and concept of Nothingness and Nonexistence.

Personality[edit | edit source]


History[edit | edit source]


Relationships[edit | edit source]


Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

It took the combined strength of all of us Archangels to weaken her before Father sealed her away. Even then, it was hard, but in this state, doing it again is the definition of impossible.

–Michael explaining Ayin's power

Immense Strength: Ayin is the most powerful entity in existence, with Ein-Sof perhaps being the sole exception. In several instances, Michael stated that even with Yesh and the Seven Archangels fighting against her the first time, victory was barely achieved. According to Michael, her full power could only be described as "omnipotence minus one".

Divine Powers[edit | edit source]

Primordial Entity Physiology: As the original Primordial Entity, Ayin possesses all the traits and abilities of a Primordial Entity, albeit at much higher levels. She is immune to any/all kinds of damage, be it physical (internal and external), mental, spiritual, metaphysical/pataphysical/supernatural, and even conceptual.

  • Nigh-Omnipotence: Ayin is the most powerful Primordial Entity excluding Ein-Sof, representing the boundless and transcendent void that transcends dimensionless voids. She has raw and infinite power, being described as being one of the few entities that could claim omnipotence without anyone objecting. She is capable of returning everything to a state of oblivion, predating all concepts, ideas, and possibilities.
  • Absolute Invulnerability: Ayin is invulnerable and couldn't be harmed, defeated, or killed by any means. She is entirely immune to any and all kinds of damage, be they be physical (internal and external), mental, spiritual, metaphysical, supernatural, and even conceptual.
    • Absolute Amortality: She exists beyond life and death, having existed for millennia before these concepts even came into existence. She represents the original void that both originated all of existence, as well as the void all of existence shall descend to after their destruction. Because of this, she is the only Primordial who couldn't be truly killed.

Omnilock: Ayin exists in a formless state in a place outside of everything: space, time, non-space, non-time, duality, probability, improbability, possibility, impossibility, nonexistence, (absolute) nothingness, existence, etc.

Equipment[edit | edit source]


Weaknesses[edit | edit source]


Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Nothingness (ayin) is more existent than all the being of the world. But since it is simple, and all simple things are complex compared with its simplicity, it is called ayin." - David ben Abraham ha-Laban.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ayin's appearance is based on the female version of Ritsuka Fujimaru from Fate/Grand Order, much like how her counterpart's based on the male version.
  • According to Azazel, every time a Pure Angel died, regardless if they are Fallen or Nephalem, their essence will split into two equal parts, one being absorbed by Yesh while the other absorbed by Ayin.
    • This is because both of their essences were involved in the creation of the Pure Angels.
  • It is unknown how the Kabbalah knows about the concept of Yesh and Ayin, as her existence is a forbidden topic to all those of angelic or primordial origins.
  • Ayin's relationship to Yesh is similar to the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, or the belief of contradictory forces being complementary and interdependent, balancing each other out (such as light and dark, life and death, good and evil, etc.).
    • This is supported by the fact Yin is often represented as female or feminine and Yang being male or masculine.
    • Her often antagonistic relationship with her brother can also be likened to the Zoroastrian deities, Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu, the Gods of Light and Darkness.
  • The entire concept of her being the absolute force of Nothingness is based on the Kabbalistic concept of AYIN. AYIN is the absolute nothing and is beyond all existence. AYIN cannot be described by any word and thus, one must remain silent on the concept. A reference to her name being whispered in fear. Her sealing and the beginning of Creation is a reference to the term Yesh-me-Ayin or Something from Nothing.
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