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The Nothing
Kana アイン


Romaji Ain


Race Primordial Deity
Nicknames Sige
Absolute Nothingness
The Great Evil Beast
The Darkness
The Anti-God
The Empty
She of the Beginning
Original Void
Primordial Void
The Ultimate Void
The Shadow
The Supreme Decreator
True Oblivion
Primal Nonexistence
The Absolute Zero
Elder Sister (By Yesh)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Varies
Personal Status
Relatives Yesh (Counterpart)
Affiliations Herself

Primordial Deities

Status Unknown
Ranking True Anti God
AYIN means No-Thing. AYIN is beyond Existence, separate from any-thing. AYIN is Absolute Nothing. AYIN is not above or below. Neither is AYIN still or in motion. There is nowhere where AYIN is, for AYIN is not. AYIN is soundless, but neither is it silence. Nor is AYIN a void – and yet out of the zero of AYIN'S no-thingness comes the one of EIN SOF.

–Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi

Ayin, also known as Ain, is a boundless entity that has always existed since before the beginning of time Ayin is one of the two supremely powerful primordials alongside her brother, Yesh. She is the complete antithesis of her counterpart, Yesh, who embodies Existence and Totality. Her current whereabouts are unknown as is the whereabouts of Yesh. The only being who is aware of her existence is Nihil and the now-deceased Yahweh.  

History[edit | edit source]

I don't know anything about her. There's very few pieces of evidence that points to her even existing. But it's strange. After an investigation and knowledge gathered from my older sister, I have come to the conclusion that we were meant to forget. We were never meant to know. It's as if someone tried their hardest to make sure that we never knew that she was... and we'll never know.

–God's notes

Ayin, alongside Yesh, was one of the two concepts that were and were not. She and her brother was everything that was and everything that wasn't. She was the Nothing and her brother was the Everything. The Light and the Dark. Existence and Nonexistence. Two sides of the same coin both embodying the Origin of all things that exists, will exist, will not exist, and does not exist. From Yesh were birthed an endless amount of worlds in which Ayin would destroy them instantly upon their creation. They instated the Cycle of IS and IS-NOT. The approval of existence and its denial. Eventually, at some point in a time before time, Ayin vanished alongside Yesh. The remnants of her power pooled together and birthed the Ein Sof. At least, that's what Yahweh's speculation was. In truth, neither he nor Nihil, the First Being, know where Ayin went or if she even existed at all.

However, Yahweh believes that she exists somewhat as he has stated in his final notes before his death that "The Great Evil Beast appeared to him within a dream".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ayin has no physical form. She is a boundless and eternal being that is completely transcendent of Time and Space, Life and Death, Finite and Infinite, Order and Chaos, Dualism and Non-Dualism, Existence and Nothingness, etc. Her form cannot be comprehended. She appears as a form of absolute blackness. A yawning void that swallows everything including concepts, space, time, and totality itself. In short, she is the very concept of Nonexistence.

Ayin's appearance is stated to be largely unknown but her human appearance is said to be that of a girl with black hair and red eyes, wearing a dark school uniform. Despite her beautiful visage, her mere presence inspires unparalleled terror akin to standing beyond a yawning void that wants nothing more than to swallow you. A stark contrast to Yesh who manifests as male.

Personality[edit | edit source]


Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ayin is the most powerful entity that has existed ab aeterno. She was born before Time began, before Existence itself. She is the Ultimate Void that has existed. Her power is beyond that of even Nihil, Eternity, and Infinity, the embodiment of the Abyss, Time, and Space. Nihil has speculated that she is capable of destroying all of Creation, reducing the Totality to the state of what she is. The Absolute Zero from which all of Creation sprung from and will return to.

Omnipotence: Ayin is the most powerful entity, equal to her brother, or even greater in power. She has raw, infinite, endless power, being described as both omnipotent and unbeatable by those aware of her existence. God and Nihil have both parlayed at the possibility of her even existing as an entity of that level of power could not possibly exist. In Yahweh's notes, he speculates that Ayin is more powerful than the combined might of every being in Creation, being able to easily able to overwhelm the Primordial Entities. She is the unbound transcendent void that transcends dimensionless voids as well as the Ein Sof which exists merely as a side effect of the remainders of her power and Yesh's clashing since the timeless beginning. She is capable of returning everything to a state of 「 」which predated all concepts, ideas, and possibilities.

  • Origin Embodiment: Alongside Yesh, Ayin embodies Primal Nonexistence as her brother embodies Primal Existence. As such, she is the Root of Roots, the Absolute Zero from which everything, even nothingness springs from. Her very existence is illogical in the sense that she precedes the concept of Nothing itself. Ayin herself transcends the very title of God, being superior to such a concept and overcoming it, becoming the very essence of Omnipotence itself.
    • Nonexistent Physiology: As the Aspect of Origin that embodies the Nothing that exists alongside Everything, Ayin is neither existent or nonexistent. She lacks any state of existent at a metaphysical, conceptual and absolute level. In terms of binary, she is neither 1 or 0 but instead, she is not.
    • Primordial Nothingness Manipulation: As the Void that preceded the Void of the Ein Sof, Ayin is capable of controlling and manipulating the featureless nothing that existed prior to the existence of anything.
      • Nonexistence: Ayin can erase anything she wants from existence, erasing it at a conceptual level effectively wiping its existential basis and reverting it to Absolute Zero. Anything erased by her becomes her. This can only be reversed by Yesh himself.
  • Omnificence: Ayin, as the Nothing, has the power to control her nothing and give it definition. When she does, that Nothing becomes Something, allowing her to craft entire realities in which she dictates its laws, the flow of time, and the very foundation of life within the universe.
    • Eternal Oblivion Realm Creation: It is speculated that Ayin's power is what formed the Ein Sof, the Ultimate Realm of Everything, and Nothing that exists outside all Creation.

Omnilock: Ayin existed in a place where time and space had no form. Where Creation wasn't even a concept. All she was and her brother was were mere featureless concepts that pervaded the entirety of everything since Timeless Beginning, existing outside of everything.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ayin is based on Supernatural's The Darkness, Padomay from Elder Scrolls, Chaos King and Oblivion from Marvel, and Tathamet from Diablo.
  • Her appearance is based on Ayano Tateyama and Azami from Kagerou Project and Tathamet from Diablo.
  • Ayin's relationship with Yesh is similar to the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang. They are similar to two concepts that are contradictory and opposite but are interdependent (life and death, light and dark, creation and destruction, order and chaos, etc.). This is further supported by the fact that Ayin is referred to as female while Yesh is referred to as male, matching the fact that Yin represents the Feminine and Yang represents the Masculine.
  • Her often antagonistic relationship with her brother can also be likened to the Zoroastrian deities, Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu, the Gods of Light and Darkness.
  • The entire concept of her being the absolute force of Nothingness is based on the Kabbalistic concept of AYIN. AYIN is the absolute nothing and is beyond all existence. AYIN cannot be described by any word and thus, one must remain silent on the concept. A reference to her name being whispered in fear. Her sealing and the beginning of Creation is a reference to the term Yesh-me-Ayin or Something from Nothing.
    • Ayin is also similar to the Gnostic Concept of Sige, who existed alongside the Monad/Bythos before Creation and was one of the two beings who created the rest of the Aeons. Sige is said to be the partner of Bythos/Monad.
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