"The Shining Rainbow Dragon"
Kana アイドーウェイド
Romaji Aidōu~eido
Race Dragon
Nicknames The Sapphire Star

The Rainbow Serpent

She Who Shines The Way

Eye Color Yellow/Orange
Personal Status
Relatives Damballa (Husband)
Affiliations Unconfirmed
Status Unknown
Ranking Dragon God
Although I am gentle, I can still bite the hands that feed me.

Ayido-Weddo, Goddess of the Rainbow, is the loa of fertility, water, fire, rainbows, wind, and snakes hailing from Afro-American Mythology. She, her husband Damballa, and their concubine Erzulie, were the three strongest of the Loas, Spirits of Haiti Vodou and Louisiana Voodoo. Those who worship her will feel her presence in the form of symbols, most commonly the rainbow, and white paquet congo. Despite being born from Hathi myth and being peaceful with those around her, those who are foolish enough to challenge her are met with a swift end.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Of all the dragons within The Underworld, Ayido easily possesses the most bizarre physiology of any dragon. Two horns which are lined with bizarre amber like patches which may be in the shape of paquet congos, elogated human like fingers with long, sharp nails, cat eyes, velvet like skin hanging from her head, wings, tail, arms, and even her tongue, and exposed ribs, with all bones being as light blue as her very hide. Her scales are also a mystery. To the locals, her scales cast good luck, but to foreigners, anyone who sees her scales would often whisk them away from their found spots, only for the owner to receive a lot of bad luck, each gradually growing more severe and punishing than the last.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As the locals already know by now, She is respected, worshipped, and was even considered to be the source of everyone's solutions. A warm and kindred soul, she's revered as the protector of humanity, and would never harm foreigners, unless trouble starts brewing from them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even though Ayido-Weddo isn't the strongest dragon in the underworld, she does have the power to slay an army of a thousand fallen angels.
  • Her very existence wasn't actually from the rainbow, but rather a comet.
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