What do you think? Do you think it's easy to believe that I'm from the Real World to an Imaginary Anime World? Right now I can't help but lose my mind.

–Attila can't believe he's in the DxD Universe right now., Chapter 2: Gamer's Heart


"Warning! This page contains spoilers of the following fanon; Read at your own risk "

Attila Arslan
Attila's Full Body
Kana アッティラ・アルスラン
Romaji Attira Arusuran
Race Human
Nicknames Attila-aniki (by Issei)
Mr Arslan (by Rias)
Master (joking by ORC)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Gamer's Heart (Main)
Infernos Fang (Support)
Personal Status
Relatives God of the Bible
Jesus Lion (Foster Grandfather) †
Unnamed Parents †
Affiliations Kuoh Academy (3rd Year Student)
Occult Research Club (Member and Allied)
Student Council (Allied)
Status Alive
Ranking Professional Gamer

Attila Arslan is the protagonist and narrator of the fanfiction story 'A Turk in DxD Game'.

He is a true human being called from the real world to the DxD Universe by the God of the Bible.

He is the grandson of Jesus Lion (real name Isa Arslan) known as 'The Strongest Divine Human' and he now owns 'Gamer's Heart', which is a more powerful Sacred Gear than 'True Longinus'. In addition, he has 'Infernos Fang', a very rare dragon-type Sacred Gear.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Attila Arslan's appearance in the real world. Other than that, after being summoned to the DxD Universe, he is said to have the appearance of a handsome young man with short black hair and big blue eyes. And he has a cute little nose.

Attila's body gained a more pronounced muscular and stiffer form after the VIT level exceeded the adequate level. And it continues to evolve.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Undoubtedly, the most distinctive personality of Attila is that he is a man with a bad mouth. Although he does not make it very clear to people, he has made a habit of profanity. He uses slang words once in both sentences. In fact, this feature has triggered the internal structure of the Sacred Gear. So he constantly fights with the internal system of his Sacred Gear. Because the game system of Sacred Gear likes to annoy Attila.

He is a true RPG patient and a fan. He plays and evaluates all kinds of RPG games.

Apart from that, Attila likes to help the secretly and help the poor without waiting for any benefit. Since he cares about the people he accepts as friendly, he encourages them in various subjects and helps them. But when it comes to it, he becomes extremely emotionless and ruthless when he dies of dishonour, such as Raynare and Dohnaseek.

He is also flirtatious and a bit of a bum. And he has a humoristic side. He likes to call nicknames to people he feels close to.

History[edit | edit source]

He lost his parents at a very young age. When he was little he sometimes stole milk to feed kittens. He secretly helped those in need of help. After he was old, he paid the money of the things he stole when he was little and paid for his owners one by one and wanted to be forgiven.

Recently, the mobile game titled 'Highschool DxD: Dawn of the Heavenly Dragons' led to the adventure of the DxD Universe by the God of the Bible.

In the DxD Universe, Attila is a bum youngster who lost his parents at an early age and was raised by his grandfather Isa Arslan (God of the Bible), also known as Jesus Lion. According to what Azazel told Tobio, Attila's mother and father were brutally massacred by some unidentified hostility to his grandfather. And his grandfather disappeared and hid for a long time to protect his granddaughter and to ensure his safety.

At high school, Attila met Raynare and fell in love with her. However, Raynare tried to have Attila killed after deceiving Attila and playing with his emotions. At the time of the killing, Attila survived this event by gaining the power of 'Mana Power', but kidnapped Raynare. Attila, who was devastated by his psychology, was suspended from school for a year. His grandfather Isa Arslan (or Jesus Lion) undertook and trained Attila until the last days of his life in the course of the existence of the supernatural world.

After his grandfather died, he came to the 'Kuoh Town' of Japan to fulfil his grandfather's last will to Attila and was registered to Kuoh Academy by his grandfather (before his grandfather died).

Plot[edit | edit source]

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Immense Strength: Attila has a very overwhelming physical strength due to the bonuses he has obtained from his titles. Attila is almost no different than a monster about strength.

Expert Magician: Attila instantly specializes in using magic thanks to 'Gamer's Heart'. He can easily learn and use any spell as long as he has mana.

Immense Physical and Magical Resistance: Thanks to the contributions of the title of 'Diamond Fist' and 'Invulnerable', Attila's body has the ultrasound both physical and magical resistance thanks to the contributions of the 'Mithril Body' skill.

Immense Speed: Although Attila is a human, he has a tremendous speed with the help of Gamer's Heart. When he activates the 'Flash Step' skill, he can exceed kilometres for seconds. Even Yuuto, a sword master specializing in speed, struggles to adapt to him.

Immense Swordsman: Attila normally had basic sword mastery and was more novice than Yuuto. However, thanks to his enormous adaptation, even Yuuto can no longer provide him with a sword-like sensation.

Immense Mana Power: Attila possesses a tremendous amount of mana and magic power that even a person cannot possess, even from many High-Class Demons. Riser Phenex trembled with fear in the face of the magical aura Attila has.

Manipulator of All Elements: Attila has the power to manipulate all existing elements of nature. These:

  • Fire Manipulation
  • Water Manipulation
  • Soil Manipulation
  • Air Manipulation
  • Darkness Manipulation
  • Light Manipulation

Touki: After Attila created the 'Brutal Aura' skill, with the help of Gamer's Heart, he gained the 'Touki' skill.

Chi Manipulation: After Attila gained the 'Touki' skill, he gained the 'Chi Manipulation' skill with the help of Gamer's Heart.

Infinite Potential: Since it has Gamer's Heart, there is no limit to the potential of Attila's developmental power.

All-Skill Creator: With Gamer's Heart, Attila can learn, use or create any talent and skill that exists in life.

Immense Intelligence: Attila's intelligence is very much more than a normal person. He was able to quickly memorize a 200-page thick math book in less than 5 minutes.

Immense Wisdom: Attila's wisdom is very much more than a normal person. He can learn and understand a subject he never knows in a short time.

Immense Stamina: Attila's stamina is unbelievably close to limitless. He never tires of even the heaviest workout for hours.

Immense Stealth: Because of a mysterious feature of Gamer's Heart, it is impossible to feel Attila's aura unless Attila wants it. He unwittingly hides his aura perfectly.

Immense Adaptation: Attila's ability to adapt to his enemies and events is his greatest and most cheating ability. Only by looking at his enemy once can he adapt and copy his ability. Yuuto said that Attila's adaptation level was at the level of a god.

Titles[edit | edit source]

  • Critical Master:

- This person has the chance to deal 25% critical damage to his enemies in both physical and magical attacks.

  • Swearing Master:

- This title can be creative in all languages and all kinds of profanity.

  • Replication Master:

-The person who holds this title increases the chance of copying an existing special skill or special item by 75%.

  • Adaptation Master:

- The owner of this title gains 75% advantage in adapting to any situation.

  • Poison Intelligence Cube:

- The person who has this title is much more super-intelligent than a normal person.


- Memorization power capability is 100% faster.

- 75% less mana use in spells.

  • The Great Oracle:

- The person who holds this title is much more super-wiser than a normal person.


- 150% faster ability to understand an unknown subject or idea.

- 75% increase in Mana Regeneration.

  • Scarecrow Slayer:

- The person who owns this title deals more much damage against 'Scarecrow' and such monsters.


- 90% more damage to Scarecrows.

- 75% more chance to drop items than Scarecrows.

- 65% both magical and physical resistance to Scarecrows attack.

  • Charming:

- The owner of this title attracts the opposite sex.


- To attract women 50%.

  • Diamond Fist:

- The bone structure of this titleholder is as strong as diamond.


- Increases physical resistance and immunity by 300%.

- The effect of physical and magical strokes is 200% stronger.

  • Invulnerable:

- The owner of this title has an invulnerable body against physical and magical impacts.


- 300% increase in HP regeneration.

- More much strong immunity to diseases.

  • Turbo Speed:

- The speed of the owner of this title is like a turbo racing car.


- 100% additional speed for AGI based skills.

  • Lucky Boy:

- The holder of this title is 75% luckier than any situation per day.

  • Master of Influence:

- The owner of this title gains 50% advantage in persuading the people he speaks with.

  • Master of Trick:

- The owner of this title gains 50% advantage in deceiving the people he speaks with.

  • The Ruthless Warrior:

- The holder of this title mentally creates 35% fear and paralysis from his ruthlessness towards his enemies.

  • Elemental Magic Master:

-The owner of this title can skillfully use all elemental spells and magic.


- Use 50% less mana in elemental spells and magic.

- Do 50% more damage on elemental spells and magic.

  • Elemental Manipulation Master:

The owner of this title can skillfully use to manipulate all elements.


- Using 50% less mana in element manipulation.

- Do 50% more damage in element manipulation.

  • Wizard of the Reverse Pole:

The owner of this title can skillfully use the opposite elements to manipulate, spells and magic.


- Using 50% less mana in the manipulation and magic of opposite elements.

- Do 50% more damage to the manipulation and magic of opposing elements.

  • Friend of the Heavenly Dragon:

The owner of this title is friendly with the 'Two Heavenly Dragons' and is under their protection.

  • Fallen Angel Hunter:

- The person who owns this title deals much damage against 'Fallen Angel' and such monsters.


- 50% more damage to Fallen Angels.

- 25% more chance to drop items than Fallen Angels.

- 30% both magical and physical resistance to Fallen Angel attack.

  • Expert Teacher:

- The owner of this title is 65% effective in teaching something to their students.

Equipment & Technique[edit | edit source]

Gamer's Heart General View

Gamer's Heart[edit | edit source]

The Gamer's Heart (ゲーマーヒース, Gēmā Hīsu) is the most powerful Sacred Gear (even True Longinus) ever created by the 'God of the Bible' as the last trump card to destroy the 'Apocalyptic Beast 666'.

It gives you access to the power to learn and use the 'Active', 'Passive' and 'Active/Passive' skill in any field.

Because it is overly powerful even than a High-Tier Longinus, it can cause great disasters in uncontrolled use. That's why Atilla calls this Sacred Gear 'Gamer's Cheating Trainer' or 'Gamer's World Cheat'.

Gamer's Heart makes the owner of these 3 skills.

  • Gamer's Body: Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. Sleeping in a bed restores HP, MP and all mass effects. If the HP value is '0', the user dies.
  • Gamer's Mind: Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows a peaceful state of mind. Immunity to psychological mass effect.
  • Gamer's Eye: This skill provides information about any surrounding object or entity. As the skill level increases, the details of the acquired knowledge increase.

Infernos Fang General View

Infernos Fang[edit | edit source]

The Infernos Fang (インフェルノス・ファング, Inferunosu Fangu), also known as the Slayer Inferno Dragon Root is a very rare Sacred Gear of the dragon type. Although it is a very rare Sacred Gear, it is one of a kind of spear because it was created by the 'God of the Bible' specially for Attila.

The spear contains the spirit of 'Slayer Inferno Dragon: Blaster', an evil dragon with lightning flames featuring 'Dragon Slayer', who has vowed to hunt all the dragons (especially Evil Dragons) who use their power dishonourably and viciously. It can cause great damage not only to dragons but also to dark energy beings.

According to Attila, this spear is a candidate for the 'Longinus' class a Sacred Gear because of its various powers.

Explo. Light. Flame

  • Explosive Lightning Flame: It is a technique that allows firing lightning fire bullets with high explosive and dragon slayer features. When used against dragons and dark energy beings, it provides highly effective and critical damage. It has the power to temporarily 'Paralyze' enemies, even if it varies from person to person.

Status[edit | edit source]

105 180770 185740 17094 11533.8 1049 1709 776 1751.5 1358 541 240

These values are the approximate current status values of Attila.

Perks[edit | edit source]

  • ** Sacred Gear Owner **

He has a sacred object created by the God of the Bible.


- +1 increase per level to all status values.

- Extra +10 HP and +10 MP increase per level.


- 25% fatigue and fatigue when using excessive force.

  • ** Possessed the Dragon Spirit and Power **

He has the spirit and power of a sealed dragon.


- +1 increase in STR, VIT, AGI, CHR and LUCK values per level.

- +50 HP and +30 MP increase per level.

- 50% resistance to magical and physical attacks.

- 35% extra damage in physical and magical attacks based on fire.


- Get 25% critical damage against Dragon Slayer attacks.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"System, I'm your ... * beep * ... * beep * ... * beep * ..." (Attila is swearing at Gamer's Heart's game system.)

"ACTION STARTED, motherfuckers. I am coming." (Attila is taking action.)

"Remember, the revenge of the wounded lion is cruel." (Attila tells Raynare the last word when he kills her.)

"As for who I am ... my name is ... Attila Arslan. I'm a friend of ORC, Rias Gremory and her servants ... a friend ... and an ally." (Attila introduces himself by intimidating Riser Phoenix.)

"So ... what did they say, Issei? The sweat on the road to success is sacred. The beginning of the road to success is bitter onion, but the end is sweeter than honey. For this reason, this training was not the 'Brutality' but 'Determination and Patience' training for me. So ... no matter how much I pray to my grandfather now." (Attila tells Gremory Team how grateful he was for his grandfather's training.)

"Hey ... don't be hopeless. Well, you should know how strong the Gremory Team is to the bastard of the 'Mortal Phenex Chicken' who thinks he is immortal so that he cannot behave any more." (Attila motivates the Gremory Team for the 'Rating Game'.)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Attila's name refers to the founder and king of the European Hun Empire, who lived in the Middle Ages, to Attila Hun, nicknamed the Whip of God.
    • Attila meaning 'Father, Conqueror, Warrior, Great' means.
    • It is a fact that Attila's dispatch by the God of the Bible in order to disrupt and punish evil plans such as Rizevim Livan Lucifer in the DxD Universe is a reference to the title of 'The Whip of God'.
  • 'Arslan' means a male lion.
    • In Turkish society, Arslan means 'Brave Man'.
  • Attila killed Raynare, Dohnaseek, one of the enemies in the DxD Universe.

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