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Kana アスタル
Romaji Asutaru
Race Cambion
Nicknames Ast

The Demon of the Eternal Ice
The Military Ice Princess
Nee-san (By Vigne)

Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Ice Blue
Equipment Frostmourne
Personal Status
Relatives Cain (Father)

Avan (Mother)
Kenan (Older Brother)
Tyrael (Brother in Law)
Selene (Younger Sister)
Ruby (Niece)
Adam (Grandfather)
Eve (Grandmother)
God (Great-Grandfather)

Affiliations Hell


Status Active
Ranking AAA-Rank Deity Class Demon

Astar is a future character slated to appear in the second season of the rewrite of Til Midnight. She is a powerful cambion who is descended from the Demon Cain and the Original Human Avan, making her far more powerful naturally than any cambion born in today's age. She is one of Lilith's Black Hands alongside Naamah and Apollyon.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Astar is a tall, beautiful, and slender woman with long, light blue hair and blue eyes. She has porcelain white skin possibly due to her powers over ice. She wears a white General's outfit with long sleeves with buttons on the upper arms, a blue scarf on her neck, and high-heeled boots. Astar carries her sword on her right hip.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Astar can only be described as the perfect soldier. She follows orders perfectly to the T and can carry out even the most extreme missions that she is given. On top of that, Astar is seen by other demons as cold and strict like an army general during a war. She is stoic, displaying very little emotion in public. This has earned her the title of Ice Princess. Other demons express genuine fear of her presence while the higher-ups say that she serves as a contrast to Lilith, who she follows.

Astar is extremely loyal. Most of her loyalty is directed towards her Princess, Lilith, of whom she is the retainer. Astaroth tends to follow most of Lilith's orders with no objection, executing them perfectly. She is known as Lilith's Shadow or her right hand. 

Astar can be very prideful often showing off her skills to her opponents just to showcase her power. She can also be incredibly sadistic, often toying with her opponents in a similar way that a child might play with their food. Astar seems to derive some form of pleasure from watching her opponents struggle to even hit her, much less defeat her. She also shows no empathy to those that would be her victims. When she overpowered and defeated the Egyptian God Ammon and interrogated him for the location about the entrance to Tartarus, she took pleasure in slowly torturing him, carving his body up slowly with her blade.

Like the rest of her family, Astar is a battle maniac and like her mother, expresses great rage at not having an opponent which can "entertain her". Her battle lust is massive as she is known to seek out powerful opponents just to fight them. Of the other Knights other than her father, Astar has the largest body count due to her killing her opponents out of sheer boredom. Vigne likens her to a butcher sitting atop a literal mountain of corpses.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Undergoing reviews

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Astar's appearance is based on Esdeath from Akame ga Kill. Her ice powers are based on Esdeath's Imperial Arm.
  • Her name is derived from an Old Semitic Deity named Astar, whose name, gender, and role varied with the culture it was found in. Commonalities between the different Astars is that they were all associated with Venus as the Morning and Evening Stars.
    • In Seilah's diary, it was revealed that Cain named his daughter Astar in honor of Lucifer, his aunt.
  • Her weapon's name is based on Frostmourne from World of Warcraft.
  • Her Le Motif is Golden Nocturne from The Crying Seagulls.
  • Astar shares the same hair color with her younger sister, Vigne.
  • Astar often gets into fights with her older brother, Kenan. It is based off Natsu and Grey's tendency to fight due to their opposing elements. Likewise, Astar and Kenan also share opposing elements with Astar being ice and Kenan being fire.
  • In a non-canon spinoff, Astar is currently training Sigurd (Black Ice, Fallen Church) on how to use his powers over ice to freeze time.
    • Astar is delighted that he is a hardworking student and has more tor- I mean lessons planned for him. Hehehe *insert Esdeath laughter*.
    • Selene and Kenan have expressed their concern to Brynhildr (BIV), telling her to prepare for a funeral.
    • On a side note, Sigurd is said to remind Astar of her love interest whose name is unknown. Which might be good or bad for Sigurd depending on the situation.
    • As of yesterday, Just a Bad Writer For Fun/Just A Charles For Fun and I have formally come to an agreement to join these two in Holy/Unholy Matrimony. May Ex, Asherah, Ophis, Great Red, Trihexa, The Cosmic Deities, Death, Life, God, and Tathamet have mercy on his soul.
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