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Asptia's Peerage[edit | edit source]

The Peerage of Sin, as Asptia calls it, is currently comprised of the 7 Deadly Major Sins. However, they are only semi-tamed by Asptia and have only a small amount of respect for Asptia in defeating them to even listen to her commands.

Asptia Dragio (King) Asmodeus, Sin of Lust (Queen)
Aspitia Dragio normal.png
The King of the Peerage, Asptia is currently searching for the remaining minor sins to complete her peerage and gain the title "Queen of Sins".
The first Sin caught and somewhat tamed by Asptia, Asmodeus is the leader of the Sins themselves but, reluctantly, defers to Asptia's commands now as per the rules of conquering Sin.
Belphegor, Sin of Sloth (Bishop) Mammon, Sin of Greed (Bishop)
The Sloth Sin the most peaceful of the 7 but still deadly in combat. Belphegor mostly naps and plays her gaming device while either looking cute or seductive while doing so.
The Keeper of all that is Greed, Mammon is the wealthiest and the most practical of the Sins, having been the one to start the first bank in history to get more wealth.
Lucifer, Sin of Pride (Knight) Satan, Sin of Wrath (Knight)
Named after her father, Lucifer also carries her fathers fatal flaw, Pride, and this leads to very dark situations as her pride is easily wounded even if its a comment that wasn't meant to hurt her pride at all.
The most terrifying of the Sins, Satan takes more after her mother with her fiery wrath. Most avoid her at all costs as she is a monster with her double bladed axe.
Leviathan, Sin of Envy (Rook) Beelzebub, Sin of Gluttony (Rook)
The most needy of the Sins and the youngest, Leviathan's mindset is like that of a young child and envies everything she see's that she doesn't have. However, Asptia (With a little help from Callsa) was able to temper this envying so its only inside the peerage and not outside of it.
The constant eater of the Peerage, Beelzebub can easily be found wherever the food is. Easily bribed with food, the Sin of Gluttony is most dangerous if threatened to not have any food.
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