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Kana アシェラー
Romaji Ashera
Race Primordial Entity
Nicknames The Original Mother Goddess
Divine Presence

Ash, Hina (By God)
Mother (By the Archangels and Angels)
The Principle of Domination, Supremacy, and Sovereignty

Hair Color Apple Red
Eye Color Emerald Green
Personal Status
Relatives God (Love Interest) †
Ophis (Older Sister)
Nihil (Older Sister)
Eternity (Older Brother)
Infinity (Older Sister)
Life (Older Sister)
Death (Older Brother)
Great Red (Younger Brother)

Lucifer (Daughter) †
Michael (Son)
Raphael (Son)
Gabriel (Daughter)
Uriel (Son)
Azazel (Son)
Azrael (Daughter)
Angels (Children)

Affiliations Primordial Entities
Canaanite Pantheon (Formerly)
Status Inactive
Ranking Primordial Deity

Asherah is the Primordial Embodiment of Divinity, Lordship, and Transcendence and the love interest of God and the adoptive mother of the Archangels as well as the rest of the Angels. She is one of the two former rulers of Heaven and disappeared shortly after God's disappearance following the Great War.

History[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Asherah appears as one of the most beautiful beings in all of Creation equalling or possibly surpassing the beauty of Life. Her hair is as white as snow, similar to that of Yahweh. She possesses blue eyes that are brimming with boundless divinity and wisdom attributed to a being such as herself. She possesses a figure that rivals that of love deities with some gods lusting after her.

She is primarily seen wearing a black sleeveless, strapless top that exposes a healthy amount of her cleavage. She also wears a black high-collar shoulder cape. The tail of her cape extends down to her midback. She also wears a black and gold skirt as well as knee-high socks and boots that cover up to her mid-calf.

It is noted that Lucifer looks almost like a clone of her. This notion also pertains to Lucifer's daughter, Lilith.

Personality[edit | edit source]


Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

As one of the Primordial Entities, Asherah is known as one of the most powerful beings in existence, possessing powers beyond all known comprehension. She is a being who has walked the Void of the Ein Sof and is capable of performing feats greater than anything the world has ever seen. She possesses her own universe within the Ein Sof, the realm beyond everything.

Immortality: Asherah is a timeless being that has existed before Creation began. She cannot die naturally and will live forever however, she can be killed under the right circumstances.

  • Immunity: Asherah is immune to all poisons and diseases and cannot be killed by any weaponry or being other than the Primordials.
  • Absolute Regeneration: Asherah has an immense healing factor, being able to reform from absolute conceptual destruction.

Mid-Tier Nigh Omnipotence: As the being who personifies the concepts of Divinity, Lordship, and Transcendence, she possesses vast divine powers that rivals that of her younger brother and older siblings. Asherah is much more powerful than El, the head of the Canaanite Pantheon and superior in strength to the God of the Bible. Her power is stated to have no end which cannot be reached by beings lower than she is. Her very name and presence struck fear into both Yam and Baal-Hadad upon her appearance within the Canaanite Pantheon.

  • Trilogy: Asherah embodies the concepts of Divinity, Lordship, and Transcendence. Those three concepts are separate yet one within her. Essentially, she is the Trinity Force that Christians refer to.
    • Pleroma: Meaning Fullness. Pleroma is the special power of Asherah that allows her to combine the concepts of Divinity, Lordship, and Transcendence to achieve the totality of absolute divine power. Her power is what the chants within the Juggernaut Drives of The Boosted Gear and The Divine Dividing are referring to when they state the Principles of Supremacy and Domination.
  • Omnificence: Asherah can utilize her own power to affect the Absolute Zero of the Ein Sof and provide definition to the Nothingness within it to create whatever she wishes.

Nigh-Omniscience: Asherah is extremely advanced in age, having existed since before even the concept of Time was a thing. She is aware of all things happening in Creation as she prefers to watch. However, Asherah can never determine what choice an individual can make. Only the possible ones. Asherah is also incapable of knowing what is in the minds of her fellow Primordials.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Asherah is the wife of the Caananite God El, Anu from Babylonian Myth, and Israelite God, Yahweh, before the shift to complete monotheism was enacted and worship of Asherah was outlawed.
  • Shekhinah, meaning Divine Presence, is the feminine aspect of God.
  • Asherah's appearance is based on Cecilia Schariac from Honkai Impact 3rd.
  • Her embodying Divinity, Lordship, and Transcendence is an inside joke.
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