Kana アルテミス
Romaji Arutemisu
Race Goddess
Nicknames Phoebe Artemis

Artemis Phoebus (Human Alias)
Great Huntress
Divine Huntress
Forest Huntress
Goddess of Olympus
Goddess of Archery
Goddess of the Moon
Protector of Young Children
Goddess of the Hunt and Wilderness
Goddess of Maidenhood and Childbirth

Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Silver Bow

Divine Aura
Wilderness Manipulation

Personal Status

Chaos (Progenitor)
Ouranus (Great-Grandfather) †
Gaia (Great-Grandmother)
Cronus (Parental Grandfather) †
Rhea (Parental Grandmother)
Koios (Maternal Grandfather)
Phoebe (Maternal Grandmother)
Zeus (Father)
Leto (Mother)
Hestia (Aunt)
Hades (Uncle)
Demeter (Aunt)
Adamas (Uncle)
Hera (Aunt)
Poseidon (Aunt)
Chiron (Half-Uncle)
Hephaestus (Older Brother)
Ares (Older Brother)
Enyo (Older Sister)
Eileithyia (Older Sister)
Athena (Older Sister)
Aphrodite (Older Sister)
Apollon (Twin Brother)
Dionysus (Younger Brother)
Hermes (Younger Brother)
Persephone (Younger Sister)
Hebe (Younger Sister)
Eris (Younger Sister)
Orion (Consort)
Atalanta (Adoptive Daughter)

Affiliations Greek Pantheon

Orion (Partner)
Selene (Former Mentor)
Mount Olympus
Hunters of Artemis (Leader)
Council of Godheads
Team Leisure of the Kings (Bishop x2)

Status Active
Ranking Goddess

Nova-Class Being

I'm the hunter. I'm always a hunter. And you are a victim. No man who has seen me naked has a right to live.

–Artemis in the past.

Artemis is the virgin goddess of the hunt, archery, wilderness, forests, the Moon, radiance, maidenhood, and childbirth of Greek Mythology. She is one of the most widely venerated of the twelve Greek Deities on Mount Olympus

She is the daughter of the king of the Greek Pantheon, Zeus and the Titaness Leto. She is also the older twin-sister of the Greek God of Sun and Music, Apollon.

She is one of the major supporting characters in Olympus Arc of the story High School DxD: Mightverse and its Spin off: Goddess of Night.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Artemis is the Greek virgin goddess of the hunt, archery, wilderness, forests, the Moon, radiance, maidenhood, and childbirth. She and her twin brother Apollon are known as the "Twin Archers."

Artemis loved to hunt and then bathe in a quiet pool. If any man saw her bathing, she would seduce, and then drown them; for no man shall live to tell the tale. She has a group of young women called the Hunters, that have sworn loyalty to Artemis, and given up love, in return for immortality. This immortality does not, however, include death by battle. She is believed to have accidentally fallen in love with, and subsequently killed, the hero Orion during hunting.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Like every god, Artemis is able to change her form to suit her needs. It is even unknown what her true form is as only the Greek Pantheon and other moon deities know her true form.

Currently, Artemis has taken an appearance of a beautiful young woman with huge breasts. She has long white hair (or red depending on the situation) and round blue eyes, with the bottom of her hair attaches to a large circular ornament. She wears long white dress with red tip at the bottom, a silver necklace, and a pair of sandals.

Like her origin, Artemis wield large bow which is capable of firing arrows made of pure energy as a weapon. Artemis switch to a short revealing red dress. The height and weight belong to Artemis. Her bust size doesn't affect her bow firing ability.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Artemis is a level headed individual with a cool personality. Artemis is is a focused, reserved and reasonable woman but also stoic, serious, and extremely pragmatic. She is regarded by most deities and demigods as aloof and cold. She only ever showed emotion with her brother (annoyance and joy), and her hunters. Her attitude towards demigods is neutral seeing them as living beings unlike other gods but otherwise completely disregarding them. She doesn't frequently lose her temper and speaks calmly with others, even male demigods.  She prefers the company of her followers and animals to even that of other gods, passing most of her time hunting in the wilderness.

Even with that, Artemis is still rather kind, if somewhat ditsy , especially towards other girls and towards those who worship her within her temple. She takes great joy in hunting and training in archery, and would eagerly teach anyone how to utilize a bow and arrow correctly and how to raise hunting dogs to assist them in the hunt.

Artemis possesses deep care for maidens and will hurt anyone who tries to harm one. Her hunt is mostly comprised of young girls she had rescued. Her care also extends to children both male and female. Artemis possesses a soft spot for children earning her the title, Protector of Young Children. Artemis has a principle that she keeps close to her heart and follows and it is "boys do not become targets until they are men or if they have done something horrible to a woman."

Recently, someone was able to break Artemis' cold heart as shown when she had fallen in love with the concept of love and romance, likely due to Aphrodite who was very happy with her currently.

Given that she is a goddess, she originally had almost no regard for human life and so fundamentally, Orion's role was to keep her in check. In addition, she became an utmost fan-girl of everything sweet and especially shows that enthusiasm wholeheartedly and with all of her energy towards her darling Orion, sometimes to his dismay.

Unlike her twin brother Apollon, Artemis is less "easy-going" and has a much greater understanding of mortals than most of the other Olympians, much like her half-brother Hermes. She is among the more sympathetic and selfless Olympians, weighting individuals by their actions and choices as opposed to their potential.

Towards her relationship with her father, Zeus, she can be quite the average brat - she can usually be seen praising him and asking him for gifts, to which he'll respond with giving her whatever she wants. She has an rivalry with Athena for who is Zeus' favorite.

She is quite spoiled when home, but outside of it, she is actually quite respectful. Regarding her twin brother, Apollon, she has a healthy rivalry with him towards archery and a close relationship with him, even if sometimes she gets pretty upset with him.

History[edit | edit source]

Birth of Artemis[edit | edit source]

Artemis was conceived by Zeus and the Titaness Leto. After her mother got pregnant, Hera got infuriated for her husband's constant cheating and cursed Leto to wander the earth without finding a place with roots to give birth. After traveling for a long time, the floating island of Delos gave sanctuary to Leto as the nature spirits there welcomed her. All the goddesses begged Hera to allow her daughter Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth, to come to Leto, who finally gave birth to a daughter named Artemis on the seventh day of the seventh month.

Almost immediately, Artemis grew to the size of a six-year-old girl and helped deliver her twin brother, Apollon, nine days later.​​​​​​ Artemis caused no pain to Leto, earning her the title of goddess of childbirth. Seeing that it took days and nights to help her mother give birth to Apollon, the young Artemis swore to be a virgin and that she didn't like men after that. However, this event also influenced her to become the protector and nurturer of the young.

Four days later, Artemis asked her aunt Hestia to take her to Mount Olympus so she could meet with her father. After Artemis lovingly embraced Zeus with open arms, he swore on the River Styx to grant his daughter anything as a birthday present. Artemis requested to be an eternal maiden, the goddess of the wilderness, and wanted a band of eighty maiden followers who varied from mortals or nymphs, twenty of whom hunted with the goddess personally. The Elder Cyclopes forged Artemis' silver bow and arrows, while Pan provided her with hunting dogs. Her followers consisted of about eighty maiden girls who varied from mortals or nymphs,

In ancient Cretan history, Leto was worshiped at Phaistos and in Cretan mythology, Leto gave birth to Apollon and Artemis at the islands known today as the Paximadia. 72 accounts for the island's archaic name Ortygia by asserting that Zeus transformed Leto into a quail (ortux) in order to prevent Hera from finding out his infidelity, and Kenneth McLeish suggested further that in quail form Leto would have given birth with as few birth-pains as a mother quail suffers when it lays an egg.

Tricked Birth[edit | edit source]

Once, Artemis was tricked into having a child. Artemis had offended Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. She told Athena and Hera that they were not the true virgin goddess.

After all, Athena had children, and Hera was the goddess of marriage. She then told Aphrodite that love was worthless since you would most likely have a broken heart in the end. She showed the example of Orpheus and Eurydice.

They still had broken hearts. Of course, this goddess did not take offense easily. They plotted to get revenge. With the help of Dionysus, they made every young man look like a golden stag. But really, they were the men of Athens. Soon she was in childbirth, which was very painful. Hera, made sure that the birth would not come easily for Artemis.

It was not sure who her daughter was. Some say it is Haley's comet. Others say that she is the shadows of night. Most people believe that it was the moon that was her daughter, always shining down upon them.

Orion[edit | edit source]

Decades later, Artemis had befriended the giant Orion, former royal hunter of the King of Chios. After he had his sight restored by Hephaestus with mechanical eyes, Orion settled on Delos, where Artemis allowed him to join her Hunters as the first ever male due to his impressive hunting abilities and archery. He respected all the Hunters and gave them their space when they were bathing.

However, Apollon drove Orion crazy for being close to his sister, fearing she would break her vows of maidenhood. One day, the giant got carried away with hunting so much that he began killing harmless animals, declaring that "[he] will kill all the animals in the world". This didn't sit well with the Hunters' way of life, nor with the Earth Mother Gaea. His claims stirred the latter from slumber, sending a massive scorpion that killed Orion with its poisonous stinger. Artemis found his body shortly thereafter. Saddened by the death of yet another friend, she made Orion into a constellation with a scorpion to immortalize his story.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Immense Strength: As a hunting Goddess, Artemis naturally possesses a large amount of physical power held within her body. Due to her training and her regular hunts, her power is regularly utilized, so she is never out of shape. She was able to fight evenly against Grayfia Lucifuge, an extremely powerful Devil, whose power is noted to be Satan Class as well as Fafnir, a Dragon King who were being supported by Asia Argento, who is a exceptional healer. The battle between Artemis and Grayfia caused significant damage to the inner parts of the artificial Yggdrasil. It was stated that a single hit from her bow could cause a lethal wound.

Wilderness Manipulation: As the Goddess of the Wilderness, Artemis has divine authority and absolute control over the forests, including its inhabitants and surroundings.

  • Limited Weather Manipulation: Artemis can manipulate the weather to a limited extent.

Immense Combat Skills: Following her training by her brothers, Artemis became extremely in-depth in various forms of combat. Even after she stopped mainly fighting on the frontline and became more of a strategist, like Athena, she still trains every day to make sure her combat capabilities not faded away.

  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: As a Goddess of Huntress. Artemis is trained in unarmed combat should the very rare moment she is without her bow or her daggers. She is well versed in several close combat but prefers to use a mix of capoeira combined with quick strikes and counters.
  • Master Markswoman: As the Goddess of Archery, Artemis is an extremely skilled archer only rivaled by Apollon and Orion. Artemis wielding bow and arrows with superior skill and accuracy, she could shoot down an army of Mini-Fafnirs in quick succession. She is able to pin a fly to a wall from several miles away without killing it.
  • Master Knife Wielder: Artemis is extremely deadly with knives, able to kill a bear with a single stab. She was seen skillfully practicing knife-fighting techniques with Ares, and managed to hold Athena at knife-point fairly quickly, as well as disarm Ares of her own knife. Artemis has amazing agility and impeccable expertise at using long hunting knives in close combat.

Immense Durability: Artemis, as a Goddess, possesses an incredibly robust body containing a large amount of natural life force. She can take several hits without feeling anything or even a bruise showing up on her skin. When combined with her Divine Aura, she could be described as a tank facing off against a Dragons.

Immense Speed: As a Goddess, Artemis naturally possesses a large amount of speed contained within her. Due to the nature of her hunts, in which she is usually following after her prey, she gained the ability to move quickly from a standstill with ease.

  • Presence Concealment: As the goddess of hunting, Artemis can hide her presence from any being. In fact, when she walks, she won't even make sound, allowing her to track her prey without them realizing it's being followed by a predator.

Immense Stamina: Artemis, as a Goddess, naturally possesses an incredible amount of stamina and due to her regular hunting, she has learned how to pace herself appropriately, allowing her stamina to last for several days so that she can hunt for even longer periods of time.

Divine Aura: Artemis possesses a large amount of divine blood flowing through her veins, to the point that a God-slaying weapon would deal a tremendous amount of damage to her, however, the amount of power she gains because of her divinity, is enough to offset this demerit. Unlike Apollon, who imbues his divine aura into his punches, Artemis imbues her divine aura into her bow and arrows to cause ranged damage with her bow. 

Shooting Star Ortygia: It is a powerful attack launched from space, able to pierce the planet and easily destroy islands. Even Ddraig had to warned Issei to move because even with Juggernaut Drive, he wouldn't be able to survive that.

Flight: Artemis has demonstrated the ability to stay afloat in mid-air.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Silver Bow: Artemis wields a bow that she uses as her primary weapon. She can also enhance the bow and the arrows it launches with her divine aura to increase the power of the arrows that are launched. She can redirect the arrows it launches or even use it to home in on opponents. It was stated a single hit from her divine aura imbued arrows could cause a fatal wound.

Statistics [edit | edit source]

Power 10/10
Speed 10/10
Stamina 9/10
Endurance 8/10
Technique 10/10
Intelligence 7/10
Total 54/60

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "You turn your hand against my creatures. Witness how I turn my hand against yours." - Artemis to Ares.
  • "If we destroy heroes who do us a great favor, then we are no better than the Titans. If this is Olympian justice, I will have none of it." - Artemis during the Second Titanomachy.
  • "YYou know the scientific term that both apes and humans have a common animalistic ascendant, would that make them both animals? Would a hunter care about what life a animal had,  what hopes and dreams? No, they wouldn’t. Humanity are animals, and I am a hunter who hunts down and deal with animals." - Leraje’s view of humanity to Artemis.
    • "No! That is not the same? Humanity are not mere animals for the slaughter. They have their dreams and hopes as well as each having a purpose in life.
      • "This is ironic coming from you, the archer that would kill any man that looked at her. At least I don't hold bias in mere gender. But enough talk, It is time to find out who is the better hunter, oh goddess." - Leraje to Artemis.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Artemis' height is [165cm] and body weight is [44kg].
  • Artemis' body measurements: B103-W59-H95.
  • Artemis' appearance is based on Artemis from Fate/Series.
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