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Aron Vaughn
Kana アロン・ヴォーン
Romaji Aron Vuonu
Race Human
Nicknames King of Eroupe
The Strongest Holy Spear Users
The Sun from the West
The Strongest Human
Spear boy(by Odin)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Equipment True Longinus
Personal Status
Relatives Ragius Vaughn (Father)†
Anna Vaughn (Mother)†
Affiliations Himself
Vali Team(Temporary)
Occult Research Club(Temporary)
Status Alive
Ranking SSS-Class Hunters

Aron is a transfer student from Europe who is studying at Kuoh Academi. He is the holder of the strongest sacred gear longinus The True Longinus.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Aron is a handsome teenager with blond hair and blue eyes typical of Europeans. He has a high charisma that makes many people call him the King of Europe. Actually the nickname came from the students kuoh. at school, he used his usual school uniform both before and moved to kuoh, but beyond that he usually wore jet black trousers with some security wrapped around the pants. he also wears a long collared suit with black gloves.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Aron is a man who does not talk much. He is also a calm person in every way. Aron has a high intelligence, that's what makes him rival Maou Ajuka. this also makes him a general champion in Kuoh Gakuen defeating Sona Sitri. because of his intelligence is what makes him able to make the company he built very successful and famous where. because of his success he is also known as a person who has unparalleled wealth.

In the fight, Aron is a quiet person and always analyzes the strength of his opponent. Aron is also never provoked emotionally when his opponent tries to provoke him.He is the only one who gets recognition of the intelligence of a Ajuka Beelzebub and Azazel. besides being smart, Aron is a little cunning guy. this proved when he raised the fee he received because the mission given Azazel to him does not match what Azazel gave for making it work outside the ordered. Aron is known to have a very big grudge against Starbreaker Faction, especially against Zero Baldeus.

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