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Marcus di Guerra
Kana アレス (Katakana)
Ἄρης (Ancient Greek)
Romaji Aresu
Race God (Olympian)
Nicknames Mars (Roman alias)
God of Violence and Bloodlust
God of Rage and Battlelust
God of Destruction and Carnage
God of Military Strength and Forces
Guardian of Soldiers and Farmer
Protector of the Legions
Father Roma
Mars Ultor
Mars Quirinus
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blood-red
Equipment Aurora Sanguis
Phobos & Deimons
Personal Status

Khaos (Progenitor)
Gaea (great-grandmother) †
Ouranos (great-grandfather) †
Cronus (grandfather) †
Rhea (grandmother) †
The Titans
Elder Cyclops
The Gigantes
Zeus (father)
Hera (mother)
Hestia and Demeter (aunts)
Aidoneus, Poseidon, and Chiron (uncles)
Enyo (younger twin-sister/wife) †
Hephaestus (older brother)
Hebe and Eileithyia (younger sisters) †
Apollon (older half-brother)
Persephone and Artemis (older half-sisters)
Athena (younger half-sister)
Hermes (younger half-brother) †
Aphrodite (older sister-in-law/lover)
Eros (step-nephew/adopted son)
Deimos †, Edonus †, Mygdon †, Odomantus †, Enyalius †, Theban Drakon †, Cycnus †, Crestone †, Diomedes †, Oenomaus †, Melanippus †, Aeropus †, Meleager †, Sithon †, Ascalaphus †, Ialmenus †, Solymus †, Phlegyas †, Molus †, Pylus †, Thestius †, Lycastus †, Parrhasius †, Oxylus †, Dryas †, Tereus †, Sun Tzu †, Hyperbius †, Lycus †, Nisos †, Porthaon †, Remus †, and Romulus † (sons)
Nike (adopted daughter)
Phobos †, Harmonia †, Andrestia, Briston †, Sinope †, Thrassa †, Alcippe †, Wu Zetian †, Antiope †, Hippolyta †, Melanippe †, Penthesilea †, Evadne †, Nakano Taketo †, and Griselda Quarta (daughters)
Amazons (descendants)

Affiliations Younger Olympians
Olympian High Council
Olympian Divine Army (Commander)
Mount Olympus
Greco-Roman Pantheon
Western Civilization
Team Imperial Lords of the Battleground (Rook)
Status Alive (Active)
Ranking Major Deity
A-ranked God-class Deity

Ares is the Pagan God of War, Violence, Battlelust, Rage, Destruction, Carnage, Guardianship, Military Forces, and Military Strength of the Greco-Roman Pantheon. He holds the Fifth Throne on the High Olympian Council, as well as the commander of the Divine Army of Olympus, alongside his half-sister Athena.

Ares is revered and worshipped under the alias Mars by the Romans, who considered him to be their father (pater) and the Guardian of Soldiers and Farmers.

Ares is the second-born son of Zeus and Hera, the King and Queen of Mount Olympus, as well as the younger brother of Hephaestus, the older twin-brother of Enyo, and the older brother of Hebe and Eileithyia. He is the younger half-brother of Persephone, Artemis, and Apollon, and the older half-brother of Athena and Hermes. He is the father of Griselda Quarta - the Strongest Female Exorcist of the Roman Catholic Church.

He is part of the Team Imperial Lords of the Battleground as the sole "Rook", mainly due to a favor he owned to Verethragna.

Ares is a character from the story ReBirthday DxD and a major character from its spin-off "War Sister Princess - Codename: Quarta".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ares is an extremely handsome man with tanned skin. He has a muscular body, unlike that of bodybuilders but rather that of a well-trained soldier, with numerous scars scattered across his torso. He has short, spiky black hair with a buzz-cut on the sides, adorned with vulture feathers at the name of his neck. His eyes are blood-red, filled within them an endless amount of bloodlust and cruelty.

He wears a black jacket on his shoulders, much like a cape. He matches it with a light-grey dress shirt, black pants, and a loosely knotted tie, along with black boots. In battle, he wears a blood-tainted golden Ancient Greek armor, that "burned with harsh light", along with a golden war helmet that covers most of his face, only let out his glowing eyes that create the illusion of them being on fire. He also wears a golden shield that is always smeared and dripping with blood and gore.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Originally, Ares was an aloof, cruel, impetuous, proud, and violent bastard who seemed to only care about fighting and killing. He was very sadistic, roaring with laughter whilst fighting against stronger opponents. Because of this, he is greatly hated and feared by many gods and mortals alike.

Ares was extremely reckless, overconfident, narcissistic, and foolhardy, leading to him making crucial mistakes in a confrontation. He was supremely confident in his abilities, to the point of believing that he was invincible. Despite being a skilled strategist, his temper tended to make him focus on brute strength and his arrogance led him to underestimate his opponents, allowing clever fighters with less skill to get the better of him. This meant that despite being a fierce and excellent warrior, his reckless nature sets him apart from other Gods of War, such as his younger half-sister Athena who is much more calculating and precise in battle and does not make mistakes out of recklessness or overconfidence. He also valued physical strength in a fight, as opposed to astute strategy, and enjoyed bloody war which he deemed the most vicious, and therefore most exciting.

However, after years of endless slaughters and senseless wars, Ares became to despised war and becoming more mature and honorable than before. He's an informal and to-the-point kind of deity, preferring to informal speech and wastes no one's time with his presence any longer than he has to.

Due to his extremely long life, Ares envies the lives of mortals, especially humans, being able to die as opposed to his status as an immortal god. He believes the brevity of the mortal life is what makes it special - a lesson that he passes onto all of his children and their descendants. Having seen millennia of death and suffering, he values life and strives to protect those he cares about despite the restrictions he has on him as a god, sneaking around the rules as much as possible to protect his mortal lovers and demigod children. He also respects the natural order, especially the laws of death and goes beyond his way to make sure to the balance of life and death remains undisturbed, as shown when he personally went saved Thanatos when he was captured by Sisyphus and when he went out on a secret quest to revive said God of Death after he was killed.

Ares has a soft spot for his family, especially for his lovers and children. Despite being a strict parent, he is very protective of his children, as shown when he violently killed Halirrhothius - a demigod son of Poseidon - for trying to rape his daughter Alcippe. In addition, he also cares a lot for his mother, quickly comes to defending Hera every time she and his father fight. In Chapter XXX, when he accidentally hit her, he was wrecked with guilt and embarrassment. After greatly suffering under the hands of the Aloadae, he gained a soft spot for prisoners of war, and would severely punish anyone who chose to treat them disrespectfully.

History[edit | edit source]


In the early 1900s, he became the lover of an Italian Magician named Zenobia Quarta and fathered a girl named Griselda. When War World I happened, Ares took the recently-orphaned Griselda under his wings and raised her in the Isle of the Lotus-Eaters, where time flows much slower than in the outside world, until the late 1980s when he took her back to the outside world.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Family[edit | edit source]

Parents[edit | edit source]

Ares has an estranged relationship with his father. Despite Zeus being the King of Olympian Gods, and arguably the most powerful of his family, Ares is the only person willing and capable of standing up to his father and call him out on his hypocritical behaviors, to the point where even Zeus fears his son's wrath. Ares especially does not tolerate Zeus' treatment of their family. In Chapter XXX, when he found out Zeus had forcefully tried to cheat on Hera again with his lover Aphrodite, as well as threatened to punish Eros (Ares' adopted son), he was completely consumed by his wrath to the point where he would attack anything stood in his way, including his own mother (albeit not purposefully). Despite their mutual disdain for each other, Ares does share many similar traits to his father, such as his promiscuity and talent for manipulating people, and his awareness of his bad tendencies which he does try to improve.

Ares is very protective of his mother Hera and will go out of his way to fight her battles when he believes she is threatened, mainly at his own father Zeus. When Ares accidentally struck her when he tried to attack Zeus in Chapter XXX, he was wrecked with guilt and embarrassment, showing she means very to him.

Aunts & Uncles[edit | edit source]

Like most gods of both the Greco-Roman Pantheon and other foreign Pantheons, Ares has lots of respect and adoration toward his eldest aunt. Whenever his divine duties and responsibilities become too stressful for him, Ares would often sneak down to his aunt's temple just to relax and do random things with his Hestia.

Ares is particularly close to his uncle Aidoneus, as their domains have close relations with each other. Whenever his divine duties and responsibilities become too stressful for him, Ares would often sneak down to his uncle's domain just to relax and do random things. Aidoneus, who rarely has anyone willingly visit him, enjoy his nephew's companion very much, even opening up an entire wing in his palace for his nephew to reside in. When Aidoneus and his family went on their world-wide vacation, he gave Ares full reign to his palace in his absence. Ares is also the only non-Cthonic deities to notice about the False Hades, but was under Aidoneus' command not to expose the skeletal avatar.

While Ares and Poseidon don't have a particularly great relationship, they do possess respect for each other. Poseidon was the one who convinced Hephaestus to let Ares and Mastema out of the golden net after they had been publicly humiliated in front of all the gods of Mount Olympus. When Ares was accused of brutally murdering Poseidon's son - Hallirrhothius - for trying to rape his daughter Alcippe, the Sea Deity has enough respect for Ares to allow him to a trial.

Siblings[edit | edit source]

Ares is deeply afraid of Persephone, even when he was still a small child. She was his former babysitter, as well as his tutor/trainer who taught him all about the arts of war and manipulation. In the Omake: Spring Goddess' Elopement, Ares was shown secretly happy when he found out about Persephone's disappearance, even calling his close friends to tell them the news. Despite this, Persephone has been shown to care a lot about her little brother's well-being, even if she tries her best to deny this. Hermes stated that Ares might be the only brother she could tolerate on a daily basis. When he was captured by the Aloadae twin, she personally went on a search for him. When Ares was around 700 years old (more-or-less the godly equivalent of 7 years old), as punishment for calling her old, Persephone threw him into the upper section of the Acheron River with heavy iron chains that chained his ankle to a giant boulder, which led him to develop a fear of swimming in rivers.

Ares has a... complicated relationship with his oldest brother Hephaestus. While they often bud heads a lot, with Ares' infatuations with Mastema, also known as Aphrodite - Hephaestus' wife and Ares' sister-in-law. Hephaestus had caused them together multiple times, to the point where the limp god developed an obsession with humiliating both of them together. Despite this, Ares still looks up to his older brother and often seeks Hephaestus' approval. In Chapter XXX, Ares admitted that he cared more about him than the rest of his siblings, even stating that he idolized the crippled god as a kid.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Immense Divine Power: As one of the major deities of the Greco-Roman Pantheon, Ares possesses an immense amount of divine energy. He radiates a blood-red-colored aura that he could infuse with his weapons and attacks to raise their overall damage.

  • Deus-Ergokinesis: Ares is shown to be very skilled at manipulating his divine energy.
    • Divine Swords' Rain

      Divine Constructs: He could create various forms of weaponry from his divine energy, ranging from close-ranged such as daggers and swords to long-ranged such as bows and arrows.
      • Divine Swords' Rain (神剣の雨, Shinken no Ame): In Chapter XXX, he created numerous amount of swords from his own divine energy, then launch all of them toward a designated spot, annihilating anything within it.
  • Telekinesis: Ares possesses powerful telekinetic ability, which allows him to control objects with just the power of his mind. He could use his telekinesis to control the directions of his long-ranged attacks, as well as the trajectory of his ammunition, such as bullets, arrows, etc.
  • Power Bestowal: Ares could grant various powers to individuals in the forms of blessings, as long as these powers related to his domains, with his infamous Evlogía tou Ári being one of the most notable blessings he had ever granted.
  • Deification: Ares could turn mortals into minor deities, with their domains being parts of those within his jurisdiction.

Immense Strength: As one of the Twelve Olympian Gods, as well as the son of two Elder Olympians - Zeus and Hera, Ares is undoubtedly one of the strongest gods of the Greco-Roman Pantheon. Due to the advancement in mankind's warfare, alongside how destructive human wars had become, his strength had become greatly increased in modern times, even reaching near Chieftain Deity-level of powers. In Chapter XXX, he easily overpowered Vasco Strada and Cao Cao, two candidates for the position of the Strongest Human.

Immense Stamina: As a War Deity, Ares possesses immense stamina, capable of fighting non-stop for decades, even centuries, without feeling physically tired. 

Master Magician: Ares has been shown to be very skilled in combative and destructive forms of magic, mostly specify in wide-are bombarding attack spells with immense amounts of destructive force. He often uses his magic in tandem with his physical skills during combat, enhancing the damage caused by his attacks by multiple times.

  • Olympus Magic: In Chapter XXX, he bombarded the entire banks of all the five rivers of Hades with hundreds upon hundreds of destructive Olympus Magic spells just to lure the Artificial Devils of the False Hades out.
    • Blessing of Ares

      Evlogía tou Ári (Blessing of Ares): He could bless those who had shown bravery and leadership during battle with a magical blessing. Those under this blessing will have their physical and magical capabilities greatly increased, as well as being put under a pseudo-invulnerable state. However, if they are under this blessing for too long, negative feelings such as wrathful, battle-lust, bloodthirst, etc. to the point where they would completely under a berserk-like state, hindering their mental capacities, as well as their sense of reason.
  • Roman Magic: Ares is extremely in-depth in the Magic System used by the Ancient Romans and the Roman Demigods, which is more battle-oriented than its Grecian counterpart (Olympus Magic). His proficiency in Roman Magic is great enough to cast one Roman spell after another without any difficulty.

    Ares in the middle of the Ardens Flamma Bellum

    • Semper Penetrabilior (Always Piercing): He could use Roman magic charms to make all of his attacks to bypass all of his opponents' defenses, both physical and magical. In Chapter XXX, he applied various Roman hieroglyphs onto the weapons he created from his divine energy, making them capable of piercing through Ddraig's nearly-impenetrable scales.
    • Ardens Flamma Bellum (Burning Flames of War): He could conjure golden flames that could burn anything they touch out of existence, being the material manifestation of the concept of "war destroying anything that it comes across". The flames radiate an immense amount of divine aura that could greatly affect both Devils, Gods, monsters, and mortals alike. The flames themselves are powerful enough to rival the Hellfire conjured by the Demon Phenex, which was said to be as hot as the sun itself.
  • Barrier Magic: In Chapter XXX, Ares created a barrier of golden magic energy that was powerful enough to endure Sudhana's True Samādhi Fire which is powerful enough to severely burn Sun Wukong - one of the strongest beings of the Chinese Mythology - at his prime.
  • Teleportation: Ares could instantaneously appear and disappear at will.

Master Combat Specialist: As the Greco-Roman God of War, Ares is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest combat specialists in the entire Olympic Pantheon. In Chapter XXX, Azazel warned both Team Vali, Team Rias, and Team Issei about him, saying that he is one of the most dangerous opponents that he might have to face in the Azazel Cup.

  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Ares possesses immense skill in hand-to-hand combat. He has personally trained his daughter Griselda, and high-ranked warriors within his and Olympus' divine army. In Chapter XXX, he easily defeated Hercules in just a few simple moves.
  • Attack Prediction: Ares could easily interpret and predict his enemies' attacks and react to the incoming attack, brush off, or avoid the incoming attacks even from a dead angle. In Chapter XXX, it took little-to-no time to predict every single one of Cao Cao's following attacks, even saying them out-loud to humiliate him further.
  • Combat Perception: Ares could instantly understand his opponents' thinking and fighting methods, allowing him to anticipate his opponents' moves. He could understand his enemies' strategy, he is able to find their flaws and weaknesses and take them down with little effort.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Ares is extremely proficient in all forms of weapons, from close to long-range, and from ancient to modern.
    • Master Spearman: While he doesn't use the spear as often as before, he is extremely skilled with the spear, enough for the ancient Romans to create him his epithet - Quirinus, meaning "wielder of the spear". In Chapter XXX, he easily overwhelmed Cao Cao, the wielder of the famous True Longinus, while using only a basic spear made out of his own divine energy.
    • Master Swordsman: He is a Master Swordsman, possessing skills, techniques, and abilities unable to be replicated by any mortal beings. His incredible swordsmanship alone could overwhelm Vasco Strada, who is the Catholic Church's most powerful Exorcist. In Chapter XXX, he was able to defeat Indra - the God-King of the Hindu Pantheon - in direct combat, using his infamous Divine Sword - Aurora Sanguis.
    • Master Archer: He is incredibly skilled with the bow and arrows, only to be defeated by his older half-siblings, Artemis and Apollon. He could also manipulate the trajectory of the arrows he shot with nearly-perfect precision.
    • Master Marksman: He is incredibly skilled with a gun, capable of molding his own divine energy into bullets and shot them out to greatly damage mortal beings. He could also manipulate the trajectory of the bullets he shot with nearly-perfect precision, as shown in Chapter XXX when he telekinetically controlled his bullets to make a sudden U-turned to attack Susanoo in the back.

Master Technician: Despite what most people think of him, Ares is a very skilled Technique-type fighter, having spent millennia perfecting his skills and abilities to the utmost perfection. In Chapter XXX, Athena stated that he is one of the greatest Technique-type fighters of the Greco-Roman Pantheon.

Five Great Rivers' Bombing

Master Tactician: Ares is dominantly experienced and knowledgeable in all forms of military tactics arts, making him an extremely dangerous enemy to cross. According to Athena, unlike most Gods of War, he doesn't show any hesitation or shame when it comes to underhanded, deceptive, or abusive tactics. In Chapter XXX, to lure out the hiding Artificial Devils created by the False Hades, he bombed the entire banks of all the five rivers of Hades, annihilating numerous innocent souls and causing billions worth of drachmas in damage control in the process.

  • Adaptation: Ares could easily adapt to the conditions and environments around him, allowing him to virtually fight in any possible situations.

Master Strategist: Despite what history and the myths portrayed him as, Ares is an extremely talented strategist, capable of rivaling his younger half-sister Athena - the Goddess of Strategic Warfare. He often creates centuries-long plans of action that always ended in his favor, such as the Hundred Years' War and the American Civil War. As stated by Ares himself, it is much easier to control things when the opponents are underestimating you, possibly implying about his brutish and violent nature usually shown to all but his closest allies and family.

  • Probability Computation: Due to hundreds of years of planning and calculation, Ares could easily see the variables of any situation and predict the potential outcome of any event.
  • Psychological Intuition: Ares possesses an incredible understanding of psychology, capable of applying it for various purposes, often by changing the perception or behavior of others through underhanded and deceptive tactics. He could use his great psychological understanding of the mind to both help those with mental or emotional problems, as well as manipulating others into horrible acts, ranging from violent outbursts to even murders.
  • Fatal Flaw Detection: Ares can predict the Fatal Flaw within those with mortal or demi-mortal beings, as shown in Chapter XXX when he told Katarina of her own Fatal Flaw - Devotion - and warned her how such simple virtue could easily ruin her.

War Manipulation: As the Greco-Roman God of War, Ares possesses divine authority and immense control over all forms of conflict, including both mental and physical, regardless of the area and numbers involved. He could also draw energy both from the conflict alone, as well as the dying. In Chapter XXX, Griselda claimed that he is one of the greatest Gods of War, even more powerful than more older Gods of War such as Horus, Odin, or Verethragna.

  • War Inducement: Ares could manipulate people and events to induce war and chaos within an enormously large radius, ranging from a city to an entire country.
  • War Empowerment: Ares could empower himself by war and all forms of conflict. In Chapter XXX, Hermes mentioned that while the Great War in between the three Abrahamic Factions was happening, both him and Athena were so empowered by the Great War to the point they were even stronger than the six Elder Olympians.
  • Army Manipulation: Ares can control the collected minds of an army within the Greco-Roman territory. He possesses amazing abilities fitting for training, controlling, and leading an army. He could also summon forth his personal army of over 500,000 warriors to his side.
    • Morale Manipulation: He could manipulate the morale of his troops, bolster their willpower, and inspire them to fight. Those with their morale boosted their morale have their strength, stamina, and battle prowess greatly increase. He could also lower the morale of the opponents to lose their will to fight, thus reducing their combat-effectiveness and making them doubt their chances of victory.
    • Immense Charisma: He is extremely charismatic, capable of charming anyone who talks to him in just a short amount of time. In Chapter XXX, he was able to convince Yanluo Wang into allowing him access to the lower levels of Diyu within just a few minutes.
  • Battlefield Manipulation: Ares could manipulate the battlefield, as well as everything within them, including both the environment and the beings within. In Chapter XXX, by utilizing their authority over the battlefield, he and Athena were able to overpower their uncle Poseidon.
    • Life-force Absorption: He could absorb the life-force of all living beings within the battlefield to either increase his own life-force or restore his health and stamina.
  • Telumkinesis: Ares possesses immense control over all weapons without supernatural origins. He could telekinetically control both close and long-ranged weapons, as shown in Chapter XXX when he controlled the missile coming toward him and Griselda, making it stayed just a few centimeters away from his forehead before redirecting it back from where it came from, possibly destroyed an entire military base in the aftermath. His skills, however, are still inferior to Gods of Smithing such as his older brother Hephaestus, Lugh, or Kagutsuchi.
    • Weapon Creation: In Chapter XXX, he created Griselda her infamous weapon sword - Evláveia, which is capable of absorbing the souls of all those slain by it to increase her own power. He could also create an unlimited amount of ammunition such as bullets, bombs, or arrows.
    • Weapon Replication: He could recreate all the non-supernatural weapons he had come across.
    • Weapon Negation: He could partly negate the power of supernatural weapons within a 100-meter radius from him. In Chapter XXX, he rendered all the weapons owned by the United States' Supernatural Capture and Elimination Association useless with a single glance. In Chapter XXX, he weakened all of Kiba's Holy-Demonic Swords' powers to the point they were barely more powerful and deadlier than a butter-knife.

Pathokinesis: Ares has the ability to manipulate the emotions and feelings of others, mainly as a means to create war and violence. Griselda stated that this is one of his greatest skills, as it could easily create conflicts within groups and alliances by messing around with their emotions, leading to internal fighting, betrayals, and even their deaths and the group/alliance's disbandment.

  • Irakinesis: Ares can sense and manipulate the rage and anger within others, either increasing or decreasing them to create his most favorable outcomes. In Chapter XXX, Issei stated that he felt "as if [he] wanted to punch a wall" and "wanting to pick a fight with somebody" just by staying in his presence.
    • Tranquil State (平静, Heisei): He can help others control their own anger, allowing them to think with perfect clarity even under immense situations and lessen the chances for them to be affected by emotional or psychological manipulation.
  • Odikinesis: Ares can manipulate the hatred and feelings of resentment within others.
  • Violence Manipulation: Ares can manipulate all forms of violence, including both mental and physical ones, as well as control how violence progresses. He can draw energy from the violence alone, as well as the ones hurt by it.

Ares' Killing Intent

  • Killing Intent (殺意, Satsui): Ares can give off his immense killing intent, capable of paralyzing his opponents in fear, causing them to even hallucinating their own deaths, even kill some weak-minded ones as their minds shall believe their death as a reality. He can also suppress their own killing intent, preventing his opponents from discovering it, thus making them unable to perceive his next move or prepare the next appropriate move in advance.
  • Phobikinesis: Ares can sense and manipulate the dread, fear, horror, and terror within others. He could also detect and control psychological traumas within others under the conditions as they are origins of one's fear. He can radiate an aura of pure fear that could reduce others to fear even the most harmless of things to the point of becoming catatonic.
    • Fear Inducement: He could evoke and increase the fear and terror of others by releasing fear-inducing chemicals within one's brain. He could bring strong-willed warriors down to their knees with fear alone, slowly ruining their sanity, and altering their brain's ability to percept their surroundings.
    • Fear Negation: In ancient times, warriors would often pray for him and his twin-children, Phobos and Deimos, to bless them with fearlessness in the battlefield.

Undeath Army Summoning

Necromancy: Ares possesses the power to manipulate the dead, as he is the god who governs over the souls of the deceased warriors on the losing side of every war, as well as the souls of warriors who didn't receive a proper burial or funeral rite. His power of necromancy, however, isn't as powerful as that of the gods with death-related domains such as Aidoneus, Thanatos, or Hecate.

  • Undeath Manipulation: He has authority over undeath creatures and beings, as shown in Chapter XXX when he commanded 1/4 of Hel's undeath troops to return to their respective afterlife, just by channeling his divine power within his voice. In Chapter XXX, he created a giant army of over 10,000 undeath warriors, each ranking at least High-class in terms of power.

Agriculture Intuition: Due to his association with farming by the Romans through his title of Guardian of Farmers, Ares possesses great knowledge about agriculture, especially knowledge about farming. When he was young, he was personally trained by his older half-sister Persephone in a variety of subjects, ranging from combats to agricultural subjects such as plant breeding and genetics, plant pathology, plant physiology, etc. While himself isn't on par with actual Gods of Farming and Agriculture such as Demeter and Persephone, his skills and powers could be considered to be immensely powerful when compares with non-Agricultural gods.

  • Chlorokinesis: Ares possesses a powerful ability to manipulate plants. In Chapter XXX, he created giant beasts out of wood and thorned-vines to attack against the Titans. In Chapter XXX, he created blood-red vines that bound Hel's flying aircraft and dragged them deep into the earth.
    • Accelerated Growth: He can speed up the growth of plants, making them bloom instantaneously, causing them to mature at a supernatural speed, and creating abundant and unusually large products. In Chapter XXX, he made the entire field of flowers he was standing on to bloom despite it was in the middle of winter.
  • Zookinesis: Ares can summon and control animals to come to his side and do his bidding. However, it should be mentioned that his control over livestock is superior to his control over beastly and wild animals, with the exception being the animals attributed to him: Wild boars, vultures, venomous snakes, wolves, bears, and woodpeckers.

Invulnerability: Ares is impervious to all mortal weapons as only supernatural weaponry is capable of affecting him.

  • Immortality: As a deity, Ares can live indefinitely unless he faded. Even when his mortal body is destroyed, he can just reincarnate into another body as long as he still has enough divine power, albeit at the cost of losing much of his current powers and memories.
  • Immunity: Ares is immune to most poisons and curses, and all forms of diseases due to his divinity. He is, however, susceptible to immensely powerful poisons of supernatural origins such as Hydra's Venom or Echidna's Brood.
  • Regeneration: Ares can regenerate every single part of his body down to every single cell in mere minutes, making it extremely difficult to cause permanent harm to him.

Flight: Ares can fly using magic, without the need for wings.

Equipment[edit | edit source]


Aurora Sanguis (血に染まった戦場を照らす夜明けオーローラー・サンギズ, Dawn Illuminating the Battlefield Stained with Blood): Ares' infamous sword and Symbol of Power. It's shaped like a longsword while also bearing a futuristic design, with the blade of the sword formed of tri-colored bands of light, has the power to cut down anything and anyone in its path for war. Through charging the sword with divine power, Ares could create a rainbow-like light that could extensively annihilate an area the size of Kyushu in a blink of an eye.

  • Bellum dei Cheiroballistra (怒りの真紅消滅の千光矢ベルム・デー・チェーロボーリストラー, Thousand Light Arrows of the Crimson Annihilation of Wrath): He concentrates his divine energy into the sword, covered it in a destructive crimson-colored aura. He then thrusts his sword forward repeatedly, each thrust sending an arrow-like shot of said aura toward the opponent, which Ares can telekinetically control with his mind to manipulate its speed and direction. It is extremely effective when fighting against opponents with strong regenerative ability, as shown in Chapter XXX when he used this technique to kill the King Hydra whose regeneration ability was modified to the point it could heal any injury immediately after it received them.
  • Planetarium Vicdictae (流血の軍国主義的な真紅の惑星の権威プラネテアリアム・ビクディクタエ, Bloody Militaristic Authority of the Crimson Planet): Ares' ultimate attack - the physical manifestation of the concept of battle under the form of a wide-area attack. He thrusts his divine power up above the distant skies above in the form of a giant column of light, which would form into a conceptual planet Mars. Then, by utilizing his divine management rights, he turns the concept of a planet bearing the name of the God of War into a colossal destructive attack that could annihilate anything within a wide area roughly twice the size of Greece, to the point where the area itself is severed from its connection to the planet and required the Gods of Earth to reconnect it back after worth.

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Phobos & Deimos (黒の恐怖と白の恐怖フォーボース・と・ダイモス, Terror of Black & Fear of White): A pair of divine bayoneted handguns, named after Ares' deceased son and daughter. It has the power to solidify fear and terror into physical bullets, making anyone hit by these bullets to suffer their worst fears, taking away their fighting capability. He can transform them into two one-handed twin swords, one is black while the other is white, each has the power to corrupt the mind of all those scratch by either of these blades. He can also connect them at their pommels to create a dual-bladed melee staff.


Pólemos (戦争の到来ポーレモズ, The Arrival of War): Ares' personal chariot, usually driven by either him or Phobos or Deimos. In the past, it is a red-and-gold war chariot, decorated with pictures of grizzly deaths in war, and pulled by four flesh-eating, fire-breathing horses. In the modern age, it appears as a futuristic motorcycle "the size of a baby elephant" and is created from futuristic mechanics and giant bones, with the seat apparently made from "Caucasian human skin". Several modifications were installed into the ride, such as missile launchers, machine guns, and other kinds of weaponry.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Fear not Zen, I will never leave you and our daughter." - Zenobia Quarta.
  • "Don't worry 'Selda, there's no need to fear anymore. Daddy's here for you." - Griselda Quarta.
  • "War isn't hell kiddo. Trust me, I've been to that fiery pits myself. War is much worse..." - Griselda Quarta.
  • "Hermes, I give you FIVE fuckin' seconds to leave this isle before I make you wish father pulled out of your mother in time." - Hermes.
  • "Listen, daughter of Orcus. I don't care about this stupid fight between your Reapers with the Bats, I care about making sure the Sisyphus bullshit won't happen again." - Bennia Orcus.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ares' appearance is based on Xanxus from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
    • Aurora Sanguis' appearance is based on Photon Ray from Fate/Extella and Fate/Grand Order.
      • Its name means "Dawn of Blood" in Latin.
      • Bellum dei Cheiroballista means "War God's Hand Ballista" in Latin.
      • Planetarium Vindictae means "Planetary Revenge" in Latin.
    • Deimos & Phobos' appearance is based on Kanshou and Bakuya from Fate/Grand Order.
    • The name "Pólemos" means "War" in Greek.
  • Ares' human first name "Marcus" is derived from his Roman alias "Mars".
    • His last name "di Guerra" means "of war" - Indicating his title as the Greco-Roman God of War.
  • The planet Mars was named after Ares' Roman alias due to its blood-red color and him being the god of war.
    • The month of March (from Latin Martius) is named after his Roman alias.
    • Martes and Mardi, meaning Tuesday in Spanish and French respectively, were named after his Roman alias.
    • The word "martial" derived from his Roman name.
    • Ares, in terms of rocketry, are three Shuttle-derived launches of vehicles under development under NASA program, which are named after him.
  • Ares' Roman epithet "Quirinus" is the name of an actual Roman god, often associated with the Roman god Janus.
  • According to Griselda, Ares was the one who influenced the American government into allowing ordinary citizens weapons, as well as making the constitution allows more freedom when it comes to punishment by law.
  • Ares likes vacations, whiskey, B-graded horror movies, and baklava.
    • He dislikes senseless wars/conflicts, abuse, and jars.
  • Ares is Zeus' least favorite, possibly most hated, child.
    • He is also the only child that Zeus is afraid of.
  • Ares is the only Olympian God to be ever put on trial by his fellow deities for murder (of Poseidon's son Halirrhothius). However, as he was defending his daughter's honor, he was ultimately acquitted. 
    • The trial is said to have taken place on the Areopagus Hill in Athens.
  • Ares was very venerated by the Spartans, who would worship him through human sacrifices. The Spartans also had a massive statue of Ares chained up in the city's center. According to legend, as long as the statue remains, Ares will remain the patron god of Sparta, granting its citizens victories.
  • Ares is the Amazons' most worshipped Olympian god, as the greatest Amazon warriors in history were always his demigod daughters.
  • Ares was often associated with the northern region of Thrace, whose native peoples were viewed by the Greeks as barbaric and war-like. Thrace was believed to be the god’s birthplace, and many of the native tribes claimed to be descended from him.
  • Ares hates being compared to the character of the same name from the game "God of War".
    • He once tried, and almost successfully, cut off Hermes' legs due to the messenger kept on comparing him to his God of War counterpart, only to be stopped by Athena as she didn't want to deal with the paperwork aftermath.
  • Poseidon, Ares, and Artemis were the first Greek Gods to have connections with the Eastern Gods.
    • He is the godly father of Sun Tzu - the famous Chinese general, military strategist, writer, and philosopher who lived in the Eastern Zhou period of Ancient China. He is the author of the Art of War - an influential work of military strategy that affects both Western and East Asian philosophy and military thinking, which was created in honor of his Ares.
    • He is the godly father of Wu Zetian - the famous first and only female emperor of China. Originally just a concubine within Emperor Taizong's harem, she rose to power after marrying and becoming the emperor-consort of his successor, his ninth son Emperor Gaozong. After his death, Wu Zetian became the administrator of the court - a position equal to the emperor until her death.
    • He is the godly father of Nakano Taketo - a famous Japanese female warrior who fought and died during the Boshin War. She and other women stepped forward on the front line without permission, as the higher-ups did not allow them to fight as an official part of the domain's army. As the samurai class abolished and a western-style national army was established with the reformation of the Meiji era, she became one of the last samurai in history
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