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Arachne Doll
Kana 母蜘蛛の文字列アラクニー・ドル
Romaji Arakunī doru
Other Names Mother Spider's Strings
Type Technique(Style)
Abilities To manipulate her body by strings outside in order to keep fighting
Wielder(s) Berolina Gremory

Arachne Doll(母蜘蛛の文字列アラクニー・ドル, Arakunī doru), also known as Mother Spider's Strings, is a Style Developed by Berolina Gremory, said to be her secret trump card during sneak attacks and Rating Games. This is a supportive technique developed in order to Berolina to keep fighting in case something immobilizes her body, being a combination of both her Bael and Alastor ancestry.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This technique was first thought by Berolina once she discovered the enormous potential her Style and combined effords of her ancestry has. However, she figured that she also needed a suppotive technique in order to help her further her combat skills and complement her offensive ones, otherwise she would find herself out of ideas in a pinch situation.

The idea would later makes its debut during the Rating Games after Volume 10.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The doll and it's strings.

Arachne Doll is an exclusive support-type Style that combines Berolina's Alastor and Bael lineage. Once her body stops functioning for whatever reason, she can use part of her Power of Destruction to manifest a doll-like avatar behind her back, which them proceeds to summon Alastor Strings from the tip of it's finger's and connect them into Berolina's body, which from then can freely control her actions, something that Berolina describes as a 'puppeteer using his own body as its puppet'.

Since the doll is made out of Power Of Destruction, both Berolina and it can use Power of Destruction.

Drawbacks[edit | edit source]

Despite being firm and resistent as steel, the strings can still be ripped apart and cut down, which then no longer is useable to control Berolina's movements. The same thing can be said of the Doll, which despite being made out of power of Destruction, is still susceptible to damage and destruction.

Moreover, Berolina will still be susceptible to damage, which will still be vulnerable to attacks, pain and further damage her body received prior the use of the attack. If she loses control over her emotions, the doll can also turn back into raw Power of Destruction and harm her user.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ability and images based on Neferpitou's Terpsichora technique from the HunterxHunter series.
  • This is Berolina's first supportive technique.

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