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Kana アポーリョン


Romaji Apooryon


Race Devil
Nicknames Rogue Gremory
Apprentice of Naamah
The Masked Devil
The Destroying Devil
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Relatives Gremory (Ancestor)
Affiliations Beelzebub's Faction
Status Alive
Ranking C-Rank Deity Class Devil

Apollyon is a Devil of unknown origin. She is the student of Lilith and one of her Hands, performing missions alongside the cambion, Asteria. Her lineage is completely shrouded in mystery however, from her red hair, she is theorized to be a member of the Gremory Family. Apollyon is just a codename. Her real name is known only to her handler.

She infiltrated the Azazel Cup alongside Naamah.

History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known of Apollyon's history other than the fact that she was once part of the Gremory Clan.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Apollyon is a slender figure with long red hair. She wears a white mask with two red lines intersecting at one of the mask's eye holes. Her hair is completely covered by her hood on most occasions. She also wears a long black cloak with a black suit resembling that of government agents underneath. Her eyes, when seen through her mask, are sapphire blue.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Apollyon is a very mysterious individual. Her past is shrouded in mystery with the only possible indication being her hair which linked her to the Gremory Clan. She is loyal to her master, Lilith, going so far as to do anything and everything she is asked of. Unlike Asteria, Apollyon does not question Lilith in the slightest, forcing Lilith to ask Asteria when it is a decision based on judgment. She is cold, calculating, and extremely tenacious. Leviathan states that she has all the indicators of a good assassin which is why Lilith had her learn underneath Naamah.

As an assassin, she is clean and efficient. She strikes when she deems that the target will not be seen and she won't have to take lives that she deems unnecessary to take.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Apollyon is an extremely powerful devil, whose powers rival that of Sirzechs Lucifer himself. She wields the power of the Gremory Clan, the Power of Sight, and is capable of killing beings much stronger than her due to her immense skill in taking the lives of others. As an assassin, she is extremely skilled, more so than Risa, Heaven's Greatest Assassin.

Immense Strength: Apollyon has displayed impressive feats of strength. Of Beelzebub's operatives, she is perhaps the most powerful and efficient alongside Naamah. She can fight against beings far stronger than she is. She displayed power on the level of Mitsuki and Vali, being capable of subduing them with a single strike and sending them hundreds of meters away.

Immense Demonic Power: Apollyon wields obscene levels of demonic power, surpassing that of Serafall Leviathan, Grayfia Lucifuge, and Falbium Asmodeus. She has the power to rival the current Super Devil and has herself been proposed as a candidate for the title. Her power is described as cold and machine-like, almost artificial in nature as if it has been tampered with. A mere release of her power was able to corrode the foundations of an entire building and cause immense winds that battered an entire city as well as massive tremors.

  • Power of Sight: Apollyon wields the Power of Sight, confirming that she is in fact a Gremory. Her skill over this power is terrifying and can be likened to Sirzechs' skill with the Power of Destruction. Like her ancestor, she is capable of peering into the future, using her vast demonic power to offset any negative effects that it might have on her being. Her unique power that has been displayed the most is the Abyssal Gaze.
    • Sedation: Apollyon possesses a hypnotic gaze in her eyes that is capable of lulling her targets to sleep for capture. She displayed this ability on Issei as she was able to knock him out with a single look into his eyes.
    • Abyssal Gaze: A unique power of the eyes that has been granted to Apollyon. Apollyon's use of this power is limited but she is capable of manipulating space-time. Her skill with the Abyssal Gaze has been refined to the point where she can activate the ability without manifesting her eyes physically.
      • Spatial-Temporal Shadow: Apollyon is capable of shifting her body to a different dimension containing two Brane layers. With this power, she is essentially a four-dimensional shadow occupying three-dimensional space, allowing her to interact with beings here but beings here are incapable of interacting with her. The longest she can hold this power is seven minutes. In this form, she also becomes imperceptible to the senses of Supernatural Beings.
      • Vortex Creation: Apollyon can form Spatio-temporal vortexes that suck her in and teleport her to the location of her choosing. She can also use these vortexes to teleport her opponents to her personal world.

Magician: Apollyon has displayed skill as a magician. It is unknown to what degree she is able to cast magic.

  • Inferna-Electrokinesis: Apollyon can cast unholy lightning spells from red magic circles. However, the fact that she can cast these spells is incredibly odd as she is not a member of the Furfur family.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Apollyon possesses immense combat skill as such with someone of her position as one of the top demon operatives. She is capable of fighting both Vali and Mitsuki in their Balance Breakers at the same time and defeating them in a single strike. She is also capable of easily wounding Issei with a single blow as well as restraining him easily.

Flight: Like all devils, Apollyon possesses wings and can fly.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Apollyon is the Greek Word for the Hebrew term, Abaddon, which means Destroyer or Place of Destruction depending on the context in which the word is used.
  • Despite her name, she has no relation to the Abaddon Clan.
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