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Angel of Disaster
Kana アフロディーテ (Katakana)
Αφροδιτη (Greek)
マステマ (Katakana)
מַשְׂטֵמָה‎ (Hebrew)
Romaji Afurodīte
Race Fallen Angel
Pure Angel (formerly)
Nicknames Angel of Disaster
Father of All Evil
Flatter of God
Angel of Prosecution
Prosecutor of the Evil within Humanity
Seraph of Love and Devotion
Last Judge of Shekhinah
Eros the Elder
Primordial Goddess of Procreation
Goddess of Love and Beauty
Goddess of Lust and Sexuality
Goddess of Pleasure and Desire
The Fairest of All Goddesses
Whore of Olympus (by Indra)
Hedonistic Angel (by Azazel)
Hair Color Any color (Light-pink)
Eye Color Any color (Ruby-red)
Equipment Iustitia Librae
Blade of Truth
Venus Girdle
Arrows of Erotes
Aphros Erotica
Personal Status
Relatives Yesh (father/creator)
Archangels (older siblings)
Astaroth (twin-sister)
Pure Angels (siblings)
Hephaestus (husband)
Eros, Phobos, Deimos, Aeneas, and the Erotes (sons)
Harmonia, Rhodos, and the Charites (daughters)
Pandora (step-daughter)
Cadmus and Helios (sons-in-law)
Psyche, Salmacis, and Lavinia (daughters-in-law)
Cupids (creations)
Veritias (creations)
Affiliations Yesh
Mastema's Brave Saints (King)
Third Heaven (Choir Leader)
Sixth Heaven
Abrahamic Heavens
Abrahamic Pantheon
Oriental Orthodox Church
High Council of Olympus
Mount Olympus
Greco-Roman Pantheon
Western Civilization
Council of Love Deities (Leader)
Status Alive (Active)
Ranking Choir Leader
King of Hearts ♥
Primordial-Class Seraph
After all, Love is the greatest power in the world, and it shall be love that shall decide whether this world survive or raze

–Aphrodite to the Olympus Council

Mastema is one of the Great Seraphim of the Abrahamic Pantheon, being one of the Holy Guardians of the Oriental Orthodox Church. She is known as the Angel of Disaster written in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Zadokite Fragments, as well as the Angel of Prosecution in the Book of Jubilees. Her main duties on Heavens are carrying out punishments by Yesh, as well as tempting humans and testing their faith.

She is also known and worshipped as Aphrodite | Venus - the Pagan Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure, Desire, Sexuality, Fertility, and Procreation - one of the major and most revered pagan deities of the Greco-Roman Pantheon.

Mastema is the older twin-sister of Astaroth, and the youngest Seraph to be created. She is the former lover of Khaos, who she deified and turned into the Protogenos of the Greco-Roman Cosmology, and currently the wife of Hephaestus.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In her pagan goddess form, Mastema appears as an immensely powerful woman with massive breasts that required an additional servant to lift them up for her, just so she could move around without problems. She has smooth and delicate skin that is as white as freshly fallen snow, curly golden hair decorated with small, beautiful flowers, and seductive crimson-colored eyes filled with unsaturated lust, both sensual and battle-lust. She wears a white Grecian toga that leaves anything to the imagination. She also goes barefoot.

In her true Angel form, Mastema appears as a young girl with exceptionally elegant and grace, and a pair of breasts unnaturally large for someone who looked roughly 12-13 years old. She has long light-blonde, nearly platinum-blonde, hair that is tied into two buns on the sides of her head, attached with them are two long sashes of white silk and two teal-colored ribbons. She has golden eyes that are said to pierce through the soul of anyone who looks at them as if she were judging their entire existence. She wears a white-and-teal-colored outfit with golden linings and a pair of golden high-heeled gladiator boots. She also has two vertical markings on her forehead.

As a Seraph, Mastema possesses a total of twelve white-feathered wings that faded into a teal color at the tips. Her halo is described to be bright and glows a soft teal-colored light, and has the appearance of various circles made out of broken glass behind her.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Matesma's true appearance is based on Maris Stella from Shiniki no Campione.
    • Her pagan goddess form is based on Aphrodite from Shuumatsu no Valkyrie.
  • Matesma is often referred to as the "Lady of the Doves", as not only the dove is one of her sacred animals in her form as Aphrodite, it is also a species personally created by her with the permission granted by Yesh.
  • Matesma's alias - Aphrodite - is the inspiration for the name aphrodisiac.
  • The planet Venus is named after Matesma's Roman alias.
    • Ironically, the planet was created by Yesh as a gift for her twin sister Astaroth, who is a Great Duke of Hell and the consort of Ahriman - the first creation of Satan.
  • The constellations Virgo and Libra were created by Kokabiel as a means to woo her, back when he was still a Throni.
  • According to Athena, the myth of Hephaestus divorcing her to marry her daughter Aglaia was nothing more than a joke created by Hermes centuries ago, which resulted in her turning the Messenger God into a blood eagle.
  • Unlike the myths, Matesma and Hephaestus have a rather healthy and open relationship.
  • Due to one of her pranks, Raphael once cursed Matesma to fall in love with the first mortal she set her eyes upon, which managed to be Anchises of Dardania. From their union, she gave birth to the Grecian Nephilim hero Aeneas - the forefather of the legendary Rome.
    • Anchises eventually met his tragic fate when he drunkenly bragged to Barakiel that he slept with the Greek goddess of love, a.k.a his older sister. Furious and enraged with him, the Lightning of God struck Anchises with a Holy Lightning bolt. As a result, Anchises remained blind for the rest of his life, never be healed even with the most divine of elixirs.
    • According to her, Zeus pretended to be the one who placed a curse on her and struck Anchises with lightning just to get more brownie points from the other male pagan gods.
  • Matesma has a flock of flesh-eating swans that pull her chariot whenever she posed as Aphrodite.
  • Despite being depicted as often budding heads with each other, especially in the Myth of the Golden Apple of Discord, Matesma is surprisingly good friends with Hera and Athena. 
  • According to Matesma, she wasn't able to set foot into any regions under the influence of the Hindu Pantheon for over 10,000 years purely due to embarrassment, as she once promised Sita - the avatar of Haniel, who was then the most beautiful woman in the world, and the famous heroine of the Ramayana - to him, before he threw the engagement off to kidnap Helen of Sparta.
    • Haniel and her husband Vishnu still used this particular event to pick on her to this present day.
  • Most artistic depictions of Matesma under the form of Aphrodite as nude.
  • In the Lunars-TYPE Case Files, it was revealed that her Sain Graphs were used to create various pagan gods and goddesses of the law, justice, and order.
    • It also revealed that she is one of the twelve Angels who created the Ancient Laws of the pagan gods, as a means to restrict the damage they could cause onto humanity and the Earth.
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