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Annalise Gremory
Kana アナリス・グレモリー
Romaji Anarisu Guremori
Race Pure Blooded Devil
Nicknames The Oracle

The Red-Headed Seer
Baby Sister (By Sirzechs)

Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Ataraxia Grimoire
Personal Status
Relatives Gremory (Ancestor)

Former Lord Gremory (Grandfather)
Zeoticus Gremory (Father)
Venelana Gremory (Mother)
Sirzechs Lucifer (Older Brother)
Grayfia Lucifuge (Sister in Law)
Millicas Gremory (Nephew)
Rias Gremory (Younger Sister)

Affiliations Underworld

72 Pillars

Status Deceased
Ranking Ultimate Class Devil
I'm sorry, Onii-sama. I won't be able to come home and play with you anymore. Grayfia... please keep him happy...

–Annalise's last words as she bleeds out in Grayfia's arms.

Annalise Gremory is the deceased sister of Sirzechs Lucifer and Rias Gremory. She was second in line for the title of Gremory Head and one of the best fighters that the Anti-Satan Faction possessed during the Civil War. She was killed by a member of the Naamah Clan after she protected Grayfia from assassination when she defected.

History[edit | edit source]

Annalise Gremory was born as the second child of Zeoticus and Venelana Gremory. She was presented to the Bael Elders to see if she had inherited the Power of Destruction only to be turned away when it was discovered that she didn't. Due to this, Annalise grew up shunned by her mother's side of the family and was seen as the Black Sheep. Sirzechs often tried to stand up for her but he could not be there all the time. One day, the heir of House Dantalion pushed her over the edge and she awoke her father's blood, the Power of Sight. The young heir was placed under a horrific illusion that tore apart his mind and left him brain-dead. Word spread to the Gremory Elders who had been watching her since the Bael turned her away. The elders began grooming her to wield the Power of Sight. Zeoticus took it upon himself to train her.

With the outbreak of the Devil Civil War, Annalise fought as Sirzech's first lieutenant. She discovered his secret affair with Grayfia Lucifuge and kept it a secret. In the end, Annalise was tragically slain by an unnamed member of the Naamah Clan who was sent to assassinate Grayfia after her defection. Her death hit Sirzechs extremely hard and caused him to slaughter a majority of the Naamah Clan in anger. Her death is the reason why Sirzechs is so protective of Rias.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Annalise was a beautiful girl and according to Sirzechs, more beautiful than any devil other than his wife. She had soft blue eyes and long, vibrant, unruly red hair with bangs that framed her face. Her hair was styled with two short pigtails on the sides of her head, held together by cheap accessories that Sirzechs had gotten her for her tenth birthday.

Like Rias and her mother, Annalise is very well endowed and was very much sought after by other devil males. She possesses what Ruval Phenex describes as "sweet and supple curves" and creamy white skin that makes men drool. Her beauty has made other devils that were close to her such as Ajuka, Sirzechs, and Serafall extremely overprotective.

Her usual choice of clothing is a black blazer-like jacket with a white collared shirt underneath. This is compleneted by a violet bow-tie and a white skirt. Annalise also wears long black stockings and black shoes as well. During the Devil Civil War, she wore red armor with a red cape.

When her eyes are active, they glow with a soft blue hue and her pupil becomes surrounded by a pentagram with a ring that is filled with arcane symbols. Her stare while her eyes are active are said to pierce through one's soul and makes people feel naked before her.

Personality[edit | edit source]

A quiet, shy, sweet, and affectionate girl, Annalise was the apple of the eye of the Gremory Family. Kind and loving to all she met, Annalise was ostracized by her peers for being second best to her brother, Sirzechs. However, she persisted, always saying that her Onii-chan loved her for who she was. She followed him around like a lost puppy, which often ended in Sirzechs ditching her at the house to spend time with his friends. In any case, Sirzechs found her affection annoying. She looked up to and admired Sirzechs to the point where she trained herself into the ground to be able to call herself as a worthy member of his family. This often made her parents worry about her.

During the war, her character changed and she unknowingly gained a great following with her charisma. Embarrassed at the fact that many people would actually follow a shy, quiet girl like her, Annalise hid her true self except around her brother and his friends.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Immense Demonic Power: Annalise was an extremely powerful devil, far surpassing her parents. She holds vast levels of demonic power, allowing her to easily become an Ultimate Class Devil and become a candidate for Beelzebub. She is superior in strength to Serafall Leviathan and Grayfia Lucifuge. Annalise can cast extremely high-level spells without tiring.

Master Magician: Annalise was an extremely knowledgeable mage. She excelled in most forms of magic thanks in part to her eyes and her hard work. It is noted that she excelled in fire magic the most being able to produce flames that rivaled the Phenex Clan's fire. Sirzechs admits that if she were still alive, she would be the most powerful devil magician on the planet.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Annalise is a master combatant. Her style is based on speed and counters through the use of analyzing. She sometimes uses her eyes in her combat style but ultimately relies on her skill in observation.

Master Tactician: During the Devil Civil War, Annalise was Sirzechs's first lieutenant. She can come up with strategies after a few seconds of analysis as well as multiple back-up plans and quickly alter her plan during the heat of battle.

Keen Intellect: Annalise is an extremely intelligent individual. She is extremely well versed in several fields including archeology and science. She is stated to be more intelligent than her brother, Sirzechs, and Ajuka stated that if Annalise was alive, he would have wanted her help in developing Evil Pieces.

Flight: Annalise can fly using her devil wings.

Power of Sight[edit | edit source]

Annalise's Power of Sight

Annalise inherited the Gremory Clan's Power of Sight. She can analyze her opponents, allowing her to easily predict their moves with deadly accuracy. Another power is to let her see from ten seconds to five minutes into the future but puts a massive strain on her eyes and can lead to blindness. Annalise can also analyze and break down the components of non-hereditary spells and abilities, allowing her to learn spells faster. She can also see energy. Her eyes' special and unique ability is Illusions.

  • Fata Morgana: Also known as the Erasure of the Boundary Between Fantasy and Reality. Fata Morgana is a special technique developed by Annalise in conjunction with her Eyes' unique ability. Annalise can cast what is referred to as the ultimate illusion which can deal physical damage to its victims.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her appearance is based on Mii from Itai no wa Iya nano de Bōgyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu and Ange Ushiromiya from Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
    • The design of her Power of Sight is based on Alpha Stigma from Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu.
  • Rias knows very little of her older sister and her knowledge comes from stories that Sirzechs tells of them.
  • Annalise once burned down the Gremory Family Garden by accident.
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