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"Fear me, for I am the darkness that lies in the abyss"

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I will protect Ichiro-Chan


Annalise Blackwood
The Ambraxas's Witch Herself
Kana ブラックウッドを
Romaji Burakkuuddo o Annalize
Race Modified Human/Cyborg (with machine and angel parts)
Nicknames The Witch of Abraxas
Holy Demonic Pagan
Ichiro's Sex Bot (Occult Research Club, Student Council, Sora, Gray, etc.)
Hair Color Light purple with silvery strands
Eye Color Sky Blue (formerly)
Cherry Red (current)
Equipment King's Sentiment
Murderer's Boar
Black Trace
Personal Status
Relatives Doctor Blackwood (father)
Elena Taylor
Affiliations Ichiro Pendragon-Alastor (self proclaimed husband/lover)
the disciplinary committee
Kuoh Academy
Kuoh Town
The Underworld
Status Alive
Stray Exorcist allied with the Underworld
Ranking Mid-Class Human

Annalise Blackwood famously known by the nickname "The Witch of Abraxas" and "The Holy demonic Pagan" is a main female protagonist appearing in Heavenly Dragon King's Rebirth. Initially appearing as an exorcist of the church on the hunt for Ichiro, after learning about his past and befriending him she later disbands from the church becoming a stray exorcist and officially enrolls in Kuoh Academy as a 1st year student and joins the Disciplinary Committee and Baking Club in the process. She is also the current runner-up for Ichiro's queen when he receives his evil pieces and is his self-proclaimed "true lover".

She is the daughter of Doctor Blackwood and is seen as a monster by not only the church she works for but also towards multiple supernatural factions even being referred to as such by Ajuka Beelzebub stating she's in the same category as Niklaus after realizing he can't even count her as completely human anymore. She is considered a cyborg-angel due to being infused with the DNA and Souls of human, angels, and having three sacred gears implanted into her body.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Annalise is shown to be a rather short girl, being a inch shorter than Ichiro. She possesses long light purple hair that she ties in a ponytail with several bangs covering her face, due to her father's experiment however she also has multiple silvery colored strands. Her eyes have also changed as a result of her father's experiments, instead of the sky blue color they are now shown to be cherry red. She is typically seen with a mischievous grin or flirtatious smirk on her face which makes it difficult for others to understand or sense her intentions. She possesses a scar along both of her eyes, and on her back.

Annalise's clothes are shown to not mirror the traditional exorcists clothing, she wears a dark purple jacket with light purple fur around the edges, white jeans, and either matching purple or red gym shoes. After transferring to Kuoh Academy she adopts the Kuoh Academy uniform however during battles she typically changes into her normal clothing viewing it as more comfortable to engage in fights in

Personality[edit | edit source]

I don't care if he's my father, what he did...I can't forgive him for that he must pay.

–Annalise Blackwood speaking of her father

At the start of the series, Annalise is shown to be quite cold and calculating, waiting until after the Sitri group completes their contract to attack Koneko and Ichiro due to them both being exhausted, stealing a portion of their memories before attacking. Annalise however is a bubble-headed and aloof girl, having grown up in the church and with little experience to the outside world she stumbles through life, shocking Ichiro as he never expected this. She has a intense hatred for her father but cares dearly for her mother for trying to stop her father.

While initially being devoted to the church, she later abandons the church and decides to become a stray exorcist after learning the truth about the Holy Sword Incident and Ichiro's deceased peerage, realizing the church would never show him mercy if she brought him back. She also shares a kindred spirit with Ichiro, both having been manipulated and used as experiments from a young age for insane humans. However despite this she feels bad about abandoning Kira and Akari, who wanted her to quickly defeat Ichiro and bring him back to England for punishment.

Unlike Mittelt she is more humble and realistic when it comes to battle knowing when to give up and when to leave. Also she is shown to trust easily, despite Ichiro's usual cold and hostile personality she decides to put her faith in him completely and moves into his and Sora's home after the Wings of Desire Arc. She also joins forces with Meguri to prove Ichiro's innocent, something the others thought him or Dark Ichiro were guilty of. Due to her father's experimentation, Annalise is shown incapable of learning common or conventional magic, demonstrating this by the fact that she can't even craft an illusion or at the very least freeze a bottle of water when she was helping the Occult Research Club train for the Rating Game against Riser. She also demonstrates that she is incapable of even learning basic conjuring spells demonstrated by when she couldn't even create a ball of fire. This is due to the fact that by implanting her with mechanical parts he took out certain organs and bodily circuits used in the formation of magic in the human body. Due to her body still being "human" she can only use two of her sacred gears at a time with three causing her to die, and even when using two she can only use it for a short period of time.

History[edit | edit source]

Annalise was the daughter of Head Scientist for the Catholic Church in America Doctor Blackwood and the exorcist Elena Taylor of the Catholic Church of England. Her father later reveals to her mother his plan to create a being as powerful as a God, he reveals that by combining the DNA and Souls of powerful humans with mechanical parts he could accomplish such a feat. He later explains to his wife that the reason for this is because he wants to prove that humans could surpass the power of angels and devils. His wife reveals that this is insane and when he shows his plans to the church he gets excommunicated based on heresy and is forced to renounced his position as the head scientist.

He then kidnaps his child and runs away to a secret lab, after learning that his daughter possessed a powerful sacred gear called King's Sentiment he experiments on it however realizing he couldn't do anything to the sacred gear he began kidnapping church orphans who were being trained as exorcists, even kidnapping two miracle children and two sacred gear possessors. This caused his wife to come after him, pleading with him to return the children he stole and to confess with the church or else he would be hunted as a S-Class criminal. Using a powerful serum, he knocked her out and returns to the laboratory where he begins experimenting with the children.

Doctor Blackwood forced the children to complete in fights with each other to test out their power and strength, after a while he began infusing their DNA and Souls into his daughter, not caring whether it caused her harm or killed her in the process. The remaining children tried to escape with Annalise but falling for one of Doctor Blackwood's traps they were quickly captured and he finished infusing them into his daughter. She then revealed her new powers when she completely destroyed his lab and escaped, killing all the stray exorcists working for him however when she tried to kill him she realized he had already left due to seeing this experiment as a failure.

Annalise then returns to her former home in England where she meets her mother for the first time in five years she then tells her of her plans to become an exorcist causing the two to return to America in order to begin her training under the Catholic Church, the same church her father was excommunicated from. Since the age of 13 she begins working as a powerful exorcist, and in 4 years she is sent to Japan in order to capture or kill Ichiro Mordred-Alastor.

First Appearance[edit | edit source]

Annalise first appears in Life 3 having watched Ichiro defeat Marcus Keller, since then she claims to have been watching Ichiro from the start, always hiding and waiting for the perfect time to start having witnessed him defeating Raynare and the stray exorcists showing her the monster he truly is. At the beginning of life 12 she has a meeting with Kira and Akari who are angry at her hesitation to take down Alastor and threaten to do it themselves if she doesn't begin, at the end of Life 12 after enrolling in Kuoh Academy, she attacks Ichiro and Koneko while they're walking home, however realizing she was overwhelmed she retreats. In life 13 while in Kuoh Academy she takes the advice of her sacred gear spirit and steals Ichiro's emotions along with Koneko's causing them to act weird, Ichiro being open and honest about himself while Koneko is shown to be happy and unconcerned about using Senjutsu. Realizing what had happened, Sona uses her peerage to track down Annalise and after finding her, she and Tsubaki defeat her and reclaim Ichiro's and Koneko's emotions.

In life 14 realizing she couldn't take on the peerage, she decides to allow Akari, Kira, and the exorcists they brought alongside to attack and kill Ichiro however while spying on them outside the clubroom she hears the story of Ichiro's past, she then has a change of heart however the two exorcists attack Ichiro and fatally wound before being tied up, they try to take him out of Kuoh however he is saved by the Sitri group with Annalise. The next day she comes and reveals she was excommunicated from the Church, but Sona Sitri helps her get enrolled in Kuoh Academy and she decides to live with Ichiro.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Touki: Because her body was broken immensely by her father during his experiments and the sixty souls that were implanted in her body Annalise is shown to be immensely powerful in using touki to cover her body in a black aura and to release pitch black orbs of ki at her enemies.

  • Ki Healing: By using her ki as a replacement for magic, Annalise is capable of basic healing able to use her magic to heal cuts and wounds however due to a lack of complete control her healing it is weaker than others who specialize in healing such as Asia with her twilight healing. Annalise has revealed the reason for learning basic healing spells was in memory of Mia, one of the children who her father killed who wanted to be an exorcist and a nurse who would specialize in helping exorcists who were harmed by fighting.

Light-Based Abilities: Due to being implanted with two miracle children, who were 1/2 angel she has inherited their ability to wield and manipulate light to create weapons and barriers. However due to her not being an angel herself her light manipulation is shown to generally be weaker than most angels and hybrids in the series.

  • Light-Based Clones: Annalise is shown capable of creating clones made out of her light. These clones are shown to share cut her strength and power similar to Ichiro's [Break] spell and they also wield short swords made out of light.

Immense Strength: Due to her being infused with multiple exorcists including the descendants of the Greek hero Jason, another of Edward the Black Prince, and another of Beowulf, Annalise possesses an immense amount of strength, capable of fighting on par to devils. Because of her immense strength she was capable of becoming a official exorcist at the young age of 13.

Immense Speed: Annalise is shown to be immensely fast, capable of moving as fast as knight pieces like Kiba, Ichiro, and Meguri.

Immense Endurance: Because of her mechanicals inner organs, Annalise possesses an immense amount of endurance capable of fighting and using her powers for hours and even days without tiring.

No Trace: Because of her mechanical parts she has no energy signature and doesn't give off a sense when she moves making her incapable of being tracked not only this, because of her exorcist training when she moves she makes no sound making her perfect for surprise attacks and catching her enemies off guard.

Flight: Because of her sacred gear Black Trace she can fly using her butterfly wings.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

The true reason Aannalise is viewed as such a feared exorcist is due to her father's experimentation where he implanted her with three sacred gears, the advanced form of magic compared to what Raynare used to steal Asia's sacred gear, a abnormal rarity among humans, because of this she is shown to be a very capable fighter and has some mastery in all three however so far she never unlocked a balance breaker for any. When she abandoned the church this is why they sent the other two exorcists to come take her back acknowledging not only the loss of her training but also three sacred gears.

Octavian Phantom also known as Eight Blades of Unholy Arms is her first sacred gear which takes the form of a beautiful magic sword. The sword however possesses the ability to transform into eight octopus tentacles that can grab onto any surface and bind her opponents, able to grow in size based on Annalise's power. She can also shoot out black ink from the blade or octopus arms to blind her opponent. A major weakness of this sacred gear however is that being a independent-avatar if the octopus arms get too stressed out during a battle they will consume themselves in a violent manor, like a real octopus, leaving Annalise with only the hilt to fight with with that happens there is a re-charge period before the blade returns.

King's Sentiment also known as Wisdom of Absolute Control is her second sacred gear which allows her to control the hormones of others via touch to manipulate their emotions or actions. She can make someone more aggressive, angry, or even happy via touch and can even detect hormonal imbalances and read their mind the longer she touches. It's because of this ability she is known for being a good spy and she can steal emotions and memories from her target.

Black Trace also known as "Demonic Butterfly Effect" is the third and final sacred gear of Annalise Blackwood that formerly belonged to a girl by the name of Mia who was training to become an exorcist/nurse. The sacred gear manifests as demonic butterfly wings that allow Annalise to fly, not only that, the sacred gear is capable of [imprinting] any attack, energy, curse, or ability that the wielder possesses onto any surface or object. They can then release it on command to serve as a trap or as a backup for other strategies or attacks. Because of the demonic nature of this sacred gear, it adds a small amount of demonic energy to any attack the wielder launches. The strengths of the attack released is equal to the amount of energy Annalise put in it with demonic power added. Because of mentoring from Sona and Ichiro, Annalise has shown the capability of using this as traps.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Annalise was based off of the androids in the Dragon Ball Z franchise however she also shares some similarities to the Miyama Runaways from Houki Minami's story DxD Rebirth.
  • I once had a chat with a friend who gave me some criticism by saying the sacred gears were all so versatile on their own, since her arc is coming up decided to re-think and edit them.
  • Annalise is the first character in my story to reveal a balance breaker however she didn't know it was one until after Issei had unlocked his balance breaker for the second time during Kokabiel's attack on the Underworld.
  • Annalise Blackwood share the same name as Henry Blackwood, a cultist and the main antagonist of the 2009 film, Sherlock Holmes.
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