"I don't remember doing any of this..."

This character, Andrew River, inserts itself on the canon timeline and makes history with canon characters. S/He is probably better than Issei, in more ways then one and may snag himself/herself a few of his well known girls as well.

I am not a little kid! I may be small but what I have makes up for it, for I have a Family!

– Andrew speaking to Raiser Phenex


Andrew River is the main protagonist for the Fanfiction story, The Human Peerage . This 10 year old is the only human to have a peerage without being a devil, but the entire supernatural world noticed this and is now trying to kill him.


After the passing of their parents, Lily and Andrew River moved to Kuoh. Lily was 15, raising her 6 year old brother and gaining her education at Kuoh Academy. After befriending Sons Sitri, Lily and Andrew got a reprieve and with Sona's help, Lily was able to finish her education and home school Andrew.

But one night, a 10 year old Andrew was reading his favorite book series, wishing for his own peerage when an entire chess piece set appeared on his bed. Could his wish really have come true?


Andrew is a cheerful and smart person, despite his young age, he has a sense of logic that could astound anyone. But, while he is smart, he is still a 10 year old and is still getting an education, being home schooled by his older and beautiful sister, Lily River.

Andrew is known to have mood swings, ranging from depressed and unsociable to angry and blood thirsty. This is a side effect of being the King piece of a peerage that is only supposed to work with Devil's, as he is human, it will mess with his emotions.

Andrew has a deep and utter loathing towards people that think they are better than everyone else or are 'God's gift to the World'. This hatred stems from encounters with bullies and older people from his younger years. This hate shows itself when Andrew and his peerage meet Raiser Phenex for the first time.

Andrew also has believes in both God and Jesus Christ, but it only extends to that they are real and they did things that no other human could do. Though, his faith is shaken slightly by the older sister of Claire Bradley, Katyusha, in the story, The Convocation.


Andrew is a 10 year old kid with white hair and striking red eyes. His usual attire consists of a blue shirt, tan shorts and a black hoodie.


While he is the first human to have a peerage, he only got one from his ability and willpower. He summoned an entire set of Evil Pieces to him by just wishing for it. Andrew calls this power his Wanting Gift, by wanting something hard enough, he can get it, the condition is that he really wants to have it and not just some childish wanting, he also has to be able to concentrate or it will not work.

There are, however, things that Andrew cannot do. He can't want things that take time and energy to learn nor can he make himself grown up. His Wanting Gift is restrained to physical objects, such as weaponry or Evil Pieces and People, like some of his peerage pieces.


King: Andrew River Queen (Mutant Piece): Lily River
Andrew is the King piece and leader of his peerage, though he is still getting the hang of handling so many people at once.
Andrew River.jpg
Lily was Andrew's first piece as well as the lab rat to see if his wish had really come true. Unlike her younger brother, who is still getting the hang of things, Lily makes sure that everyone in her brother's peerage is comfortable and healthy.
Bishop: Kuroka Bishop (Mutant Piece): Jasmine Tide
The second piece Andrew added to his peerage, by testing it on his sister's cat, who turned out to be Kuroka in disguise.
Kuroka Delighted.png
Andrew's obsession with completing his peerage drove him to the furthest reaches of his ability and he summoned the siren champion from his second favorite book series.
Fleur isabelle delacour.jpg
Knight: Ginna Knight: Darth Eternous
Ginna is a more recent addition to Andrew's peerage, and she is the most insecure about herself. Andrew is very close to Ginna and is helping her get over her insecurity.
Ginna the Lamia.jpg
The first male addition, Darth Eternous is Andrew's assassin. The power of a Dark Lord should have never been allowed, but Andrew didn't care.
Darth Nox.jpg
Rook (Mutant Piece): Jessica Issabella Voorhees Rook: Sauron the Great
Andrew's first Rook came about after reading one of his sister's fanfiction's without her noticing. Jessica then was summoned later that night and he showed her to Lily the next morning as a gift, Lily was not amused to say the least.
Jessica Voorhees.jpg
Andrew's second and last male addition to the peerage, Sauron is Andrew's heavy hitter and tank.
Pawn (Mutant Piece): Hun'e the Huntarian Pawn: Lorania
Andrew's only female alien piece, Hun'e is the strategist and tactician of the peerage. Her knowledge of game planning is the best, so Andrew goes to her for a plan of attack.

Lorania is the daughter of Tiamat, The Chaos Karma Dragon King, though she isn't like her mother. She is quiet, kind and helpful, doing anything she can to help Lily or any other member of the peerage.

Pawn (Mutant Piece): Rayui Pawn (Mutant Piece): Yuuki
Rayui is the Demon Queen of the third circle of Hell, though she gave up her crown to her daughter after viewing the Rating Game between Andrew and Raiser, wanting to join as one of his servants.
Yuuki is the most powerful Vampire (She prefers Aristocrat) of her time, but joined after seeing the defeat of Raiser Phenex against Andrew. She is a teacher and is very helpful to Lily when it comes to educating Andrew.
Pawn: Diana Reavers Pawn: Shigomi Rinnal
Diana Reaver's is Lily's friend and the only girl in Andrew's peerage to be blessed by a god. Diana was blessed by Artemis, The Goddess of the Hunt, making Diana a mortal 'Artemis' but the downside is that her powers only work the best when the Moon is up.
Daina Reaver.jpg
Shigomi is a lightning wielding shinobi who was scouting out Andrew before she was banished from her people for breaking the highest law. She was adopted into the family but Shigomi kept her last name as a reminder of her family.
Shigomi rinnal.jpg
Pawn: Kassy Pawn (Mutant Piece): Lucy
Kassy is an angel born with black wings, though she is the first to be born with them. Because of this, she was banished from Heaven though she didn't fall like the Gigorii have. Her sister, Lucy, followed her before they joined Andrew's peerage and gained a new 'family'.
Lucy is Kassy's sister and fellow angel, though she has four wings instead of two. Lucy followed her sister out of Heaven and stayed by her side, even joining Andrew's peerage to stay by her sister's side.


Lily River

Andrew's sister and only living relative, he is very close to her. Andrew is even willing to die for sister if it comes to it, though Lily would enter a depression that no one could free her from if he did, the same if she died. Andrew may have used his sister as a lab rat for his queen piece but he doesn't regret doing it, as it's another way to keep his sister alive.


Andrew's relationship with Kuroka is, for the moment, a brother-sister bond. He enjoys Kuroka's energy and doing pranks with her whenever he can.

Jessica Voorhees

Andrew and Jessica are close, though how close is up to debate. Andrew places his trust in Jessica and in return, the comic book killer does the same. Even though he is ten, Andrew knows that Jessica is very beautiful and isn't afraid to tell her so, much to the killer's enjoyment.

Sona Sitri

Andrew's adoptive Aunt and the only Devil that Andrew feels like she is apart of his family. Sona babysat Andrew when he was younger while his sister was finishing up her schooling at Kuoh Academy, thats when he started calling her 'Aunt Sona'. Since Sona hasn't told him to stop calling her that, Andrew will keep on calling Sona his Aunt. Sona is 18 years old, so she is only a year younger than Lily.



  • Andrew's first Rook, Jessica, is a female version of Jason Voorhees, but she isn't like her male counterpart
    • Jessica is able to speak and is very direct and blunt in her speech.
    • Jessica, unlike Jason, didn't come from a movie series. She is a comic book character who's series title is Friday Night's Horrors.
  • Hun'e may look like a Predator from the AVP series but she is a completely different species and can speak English easily.
  • Andrews first favorite book series is Elementary SxS (Succubus x Sorceress) and his second is Henry Parker.
    • ​These two series are our Highschool DxD and Harry Potter series respectively.
  • Both Kassy and Lucy are Angels, even though Kassy is the 'Fallen' Angel of the pair.
    • Kassy is a 'Fallen Angel' in name only, as she still has her halo of power above her head, Fallen Angels loose this halo when they fall.
  • Yuuki is as powerful as the True Dracula, who is the first true vampire. She is of the True Dracula's bloodline and most other vampires fear her because of this.
    • Yuuki's nickname among the vampires is "Dracule Vampiress Incarnate"
    • Yuuki has place Gasper under her protection as his ward, much to the dismay of Rias Gremory.
  • Andrew has met Janet Buné but it was one of the few times that he has said that he would not want to relive that experience in the slightest.
  • Sona originally wasn't going to be Andrew's Aunt, it was going to be Rias, then Grayfia and then Serafall but those idea's were all scrapped and all that was left was Sona.
  • Andrew and his peerage are even weaker than a devil peerage, as he is human and the evil piece now, if its a normal piece, only gives half of its power to that person. If its a mutant piece, then that piece will have the full power of the evil piece.
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