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Andernach System
Berolina using Crimson Black Hole
Kana 消滅の魔星座アンデルナハ・システム
Romaji anderunahha shisutemu
Other Names Demonic constellation of annihilation
Type Technique(Style)
Forms Andernach system: Nemesis Edition(Nemesis)
Andernach system: Berolina Edition
Abilities Combine Bael's power of Destruction; Paimon's Charisma and Alastor's Metamorphosis into a single fighting style.
Wielder(s) Nemesis Gremory
Berolina Gremory

Andernach System(消滅の魔星座アンデルナハ・システム, Anderunaha shisutemu), also known as Devil Constellation of Annihilation, is a Style developed by both the sisters Nemesis and Berolina Gremory, the daughters of the Demon Lord Cohen Lucifer of the Highschool DxD: Яe-birth continuity, mixing the signature abilties of their Paimon, Alastor and Bael lineage.

Summary[edit | edit source]

First timidly introduced in Volume 3 of Highschool DxD: Яe-birth fanfic as a nameless technique of Nemesis Gremory, it'd be used again during the climax of the same Volume in which Nemesis would fuse both her centipedes and the power of Destruction in order to unleash a volley of spheres of annihilation.

The technique was formally introduced explained in Volume 8, during Berolina's training section with Nemesis and the revelation of both the signature abilities of the Paimon and Alastor clans once she accepted her lineage wholly, not just as a Gremory.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Fusing her Bael and Paimon abilities, Nemesis creates Black Wedding dress.

Ardernach System actually incorporates the signature abilities of the Paimon, Alastor and Bael clans of devil coming from the sisters's mixed bloodline, which combined together enhances already existent techniques with each other and create new ones, and since the abilities are in perfect synch, there's no possiblity for them to cancel one another mid-fight.

However, since all the abilities need to be in total control and used simultaneously, the sisters can easily be caught up by the extreme burden and fatigue caused by it. According to Nemesis, using such technique "is like walking around with High-heels and heavy make-up and tight clothes".

Forms[edit | edit source]

This chain of techniques that mixes the Bael's Power of Destruction, the Paimon's Charisma and the Alastor's Metamorphosis allows the sisters to enhance their powerful abilities with each other, as well as create new ones, both offensively and defensively.

Andernach System: Nemesis Edition
Name Information
Black Wedding Ring Mixing both her Powers of Destruction and partial Metamorphosis, Nemesis is able to create an extra limb from her back that can take the shape of a giant hand, inbuting her own Power of Destruction in it, with the ability to hold bigger things as well as erase anything it touches on Nemesis's command.
Vanishing Nebula A variation of Black Wedding Ring, Vanishing Nebula uses also both the Alastor's and Bael's signature abilities and allows Nemesis to fire several spheres of Power of Destruction from the segments of her centipede extra-limbs up to the skies and make them come down in high speed, showering the battlefield with Balls of Power of destruction.
Black Wedding Dress Black Wedding Dress combines both the Paimon's charisma and the Bael's power of Destruction, in which Nemesis 'wears' her power of destruction like a mantle and attracts nearby foes in order to lure and destroy them. If proper care is not taken, however, Nemesis can attract allies and innocents for the same fate, as well as having the risk of causing self-harm.
Black Wedding Dance By using her Paimon and Alastor signature moves, Nemesis can use her centipedes or webs in order to either attack or trap her opponents with her extra centipede limbs or in cobs of webs. Projectile attacks such as web shots and flying pendices can also be fire in higher speeds by using their own Charisma.
Andernach System: Berolina Edition
Name Information
Crimson Black Hole Berolina's own combination of the Paimon's charisma and the Bael's Power of destruction, used both offensively and defensively, in which she can fire spheres of Power of Destruction imbuted with the Charisma Ability, pulling in and destroying anything that it touches. It can also serves as traps and shields against smaller projectiles.
Red Shooting Star The combination of the Bael's power of destruction and the Alastor's Metamorphosis, Berolina produces Moth webs that are slim, flexible but strong and resistant, and run Power of Destruction through them against captured enemies. She can also summon Small spheres of Power of Destruction on the end of her strings and flail them around like Morningstars, destroying anything it touches.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This technique is named after a variant of chess of the same name; moreover, the Kanji used for the furigana name(消滅の魔星座) is based on Rias's own "Extinguished Star"(消滅の魔星).
  • All the techniques of Nemesis are named after a matrimonial event or item; all of Berolina's techniques are named after astrological events.
  • Apparently, Nemesis seems to control with Alastor techniques better, while Berolina seems to control with Paimon techniques better. The reason for this is currently unknown.

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