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"Fear me, for I am the darkness that lies in the abyss"

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I was his greatest failure....

–Amund's Origin

The True Prince of Terror
Kana アムンド
Romaji A-mund
Race Diluted Pure-Blooded Devil (Eldritch Terror)
Nicknames The Prince of Terror
The man who has talked to the Void
Void Walker
The last Son of the Morning
Hair Color Black
Eye Color heterochromia(orange and grayish-purple)
Equipment none
Personal Status
Relatives Morning Star (father)
Affiliations Underworld(formerly)
72 pillars(formerly)
Morning Star (formerly)
Status Alive
Ranking Ultimate-class devil

Amund also known as the Prince of Terror was the devil created by Morning Star in the attempt to break the Nazareth (while Christians believe that Lucifer was the one who tortured Jesus, it was actually Amund, created by Morning Star) in order to destroy God's plan for his sacrifice for humanity's sin. His existence showcases Morning Star's ability to not only create devils but also to create devils out of even concepts. Being the personification of terror Amund is shown to possess powerful illusionary-based magic and can even embody horror itself, because of this he is shown to be a very dangerous Ultimate-Class devil, feared among the supernatural races. 

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Amund in his base form took the place of a black slime-like substance, that could expand and grow as he saw fit, however after consuming his first fallen angel his form began to change to that of a man with heterochromia eyes (a orange left and a grayish-purple right) with messy and spiky black hair and black fingernails. He is shown to be rather tall, and has a skinny frame. Because Morning Star never gave him a humanoid form, it is believed that he can change and modify his body as he sees fit however this is unknown, however he has two black crow-like wings from his back. 

He typically wears a black trench-coat (underneath being a white dress shirt and black pants) with a red ribbon tied around his right arm and a brown belt crossed over his shoulder. 

Personality[edit | edit source]

In the beginning, Amund was very loyal to Morning Star, wanting to serve his father well and complete all his desires and wishes to the absolute end. Embodying terror itself he enjoys to torture and inflict mental pain on other creatures, whether they are devils, angels, humans, or any other creature, some have even said he surpasses Alastor himself when it comes to torture. However after failing to break the Nazarene Jesus, despite torturing him for 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain, Morning Star abandoned Amund, seeing him as nothing more than a failure after Jesus's sacrifice was completed. Amund then grew bitter, seeing himself as having no meaning in life, he became a true "eldritch" monster of terror, living only to cause other's suffering (viewing the suffering of others as entertainment) and wanting to drive others insane due to his own lack of meaning in life.

He then spent the next 2 millenniums, living only for hedonistic pleasures, killing anyone that crossed his path or just for his own enjoyment, and consuming their souls. Becoming a true terror in every sense of the word, because of this he is feared across the Supernatural world and seen as a threat by other factions. According to some claims, him and Discordia, the Roman Goddess of discord, have become lovers and she has joined his wild murder frenzies and lifestyle. 

Amund is also shown that he can be cold and calculating when he needs to be to get his way, willing to use other people as pawns in a similar manner to how Morning Star used him, this has caused others to say he is really "the true son of the Morning Star". His favorite victims are shown to be those who are happy or content with their lives, loving to bring them to their lowest, before devouring their souls, wanting to destroy others as his only motivation for existence. 

History[edit | edit source]

When Morning Star learned of God's plan to use the Nazarene Jesus, the perfect man who has never sinned, to purify all of humanity's sin and to prove to Heaven his divine right to rule, Morning Star hatched the idea, to twist Jesus and then turn him into a devil, which would've showcased God as a failure, allowing him to tempt angels and fallen angels into joining his side. He then created Amund, out of the personification aspect of Terror, and commanded him to torture Jesus during his 40 days and nights on the mount, Amund employed every strategy he could think of, every horror imaginable, and tried to break the Nazarene however he failed, and when Jesus's sacrifice went perfectly without Morning Star converting him into a devil, he grew angry with Amund and declared him a failure, wanting nothing to do with him.

In his wrath, Amund helped the destruction of Rome, and would be the aid to many of humanity's wars following that time period. He crossed path with hundreds if not thousands of supernatural creatures and would torture them and then in their weaken states, consume their souls and leave their bodies a broken melting mess. He later crossed paths with Discordia and they became lovers. Nobody has seen Amund since the Berlin wall collapsed in the 1980s, however everybody knows he is still out there and not dead. 

Having reached the epitome of nihilism and meaningless, it was said that he was able to cross into The void, and because of this he was able to learn Eldritch magic. 

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

You have not walked where I have walked, you have not seen what I have seen, your path is nothing compared to where I have gone

–Amund describing his journey through the void

Demonic Power: While Amund is shown to possess a decent level of demonic power, his demonic power is shown to not be the source of his power and pales in comparison to even high-class devils. The true source of his power is the special and unique magic that he obtained known as Eldritch Magic.

Eldritch Magic also known as Magic of the Void is the most destructive, evil, and horrifying type of magic in all of existence being the purest manifestation of chaos. The magic was created by the Eldritch horror creatures millions of years ago, before even the Gods were born. This form of magic feeds off of the negative aspects, hatred, meaninglessness, fear, disgust, and turns them all into a source that the wielder can manipulate and use. This magic is said to drive magicians insane, and can even cause their body to disfigure and turn them into eldritch monsters, Amund is one of the few that this doesn't affect because he was created as the embodiment of terror by Morning Star. With this magic, Amund is able to create destructive amounts of magic energy and can imprison the most powerful creatures, however being a true devil of Terror, Amund typically uses this magic for his immense illusion-based powers.

  • Conjuring: Having gained access to the Void and having traveled to the Dimensional Gap and even the Edge, Amund is shown to be capable of summoning almost any Eldritch horror he wants, no matter where they reside. However because he has no control over the elder Eldritch horrors, he typically summons the inferior or younger ones, which he can command to have them rip his enemies apart or even consume their souls. 
  • Immense Illusion-Based Magic: Amund being the personification of terror possesses immense illusion-based magic and is said to be the strongest illusionist in all of the Supernatural World, his illusionary magic is so strong that he can even terrorize Gods or Super Devil-Classed being in their dreams. He can also create illusions inside of illusions known as LxL. He typically uses illusion magic to terrorize his victims to leave them weak and mentally exhausted before consuming their souls
  • Soul Consuming: His soul, having consumed the soul of hundreds of different creatures, his own soul has become so disfigured and twisted that it has become a eldritch terror in it's own right. A magician once used magic to see his soul and was driven insane by it.  
  • The Void: Not much is known about it, but it is a void-less nightmare world where the eldritch terrors reside. Not much is known about it, but Amund claims for it to be the home world of Trihexa, the legendary beast of the Apocalypse 666 and he states there are even stronger, abnormal, or more terrifying monsters that reside there. Due to this fact he states he can only stay there for so long before they notice him and he has been severly wounded when he enters this realm.  

Eldritch Traits: Having used Eldritch magic for centuries and traveled through the void, Amund is shown to have gained some eldritch terror traits such as transforming his mouth into sharp rows of teeth that never ends and to summon long hands and tentacles from his body. He can even cause "Eldritch Infection" through bites, that will cause users to gain Eldritch-type traits when he infects them. 

Flight: Being a devil, Amund can fly with his two wings. 

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His name means "Terror" and "edge of the sword" which is perfect for what he represents. 
  • As you can probably tell, Amund was based heavily off of H.P. Lovecraft and Nietzsche. However drawing some other inspiration from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Stephen King as well. I also got this idea after talking to Houki Minami too. 
  • While I have no plans to use Amund in any stories, I thought he would be a interesting character to make because what makes Eldritch horror works the best is to explain as little as possible but Amund as a character explains a lot.
  • His Nihilism and need to feed off others can even be compared to Darth Nihilus from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. 
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