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I...am the solitary Kami that hides his presence. You will have to seek me first if you intend to defeat me, child of Amaterasu.

–Amenominakanushi taunting Issei Hyoudou


Pure Primordial Light.gif
Ameno True Form.png

Amenominakanushi's base form.png

The Heavenly Ancestral God of the Originating Heart of the Universe
Kana 天之御中主神


Romaji Uchū no hajimari no ten no kokoro no sosen no kami
Race Light Embodiment
Nicknames Heavenly Ancestral God of the Originating Heart of Light

Shinto Kami

Spirit of the North Star

God who rules in the middle of Heaven

Central Master

First Supreme God of Shinto

All-Father of the Originating Hub

Master of the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper

The Progenitor of Shinto

God of Shinto (by Suu)

Hair Color None

Brown (only as Leiko)


Eye Color Golden/White
  • Primordial Force Manipulation
  • Freedom
  • Transcendant Physiology
  • Origin Embodiment
  • Conceptual Lordship
  • Samael's Poison
  • Spirit of the North Star
  • Seven Stars of the Big Dipper
  • Mass-Island Production
  • The Heavenly Jewelled Armor
  • Personal Status
    Relatives Kami-Musubi (fellow Kami/ex-lover)

    Takami-Musubi (fellow deity)

    Umashiashikabihikoji (fellow deity)

    Amenotokotachi (fellow deity)

    Kamiyonanayo (successors)

    Issei Hyoudou (descendant)

    Affiliations Takamagahara (birthplace)


    Shinto Pantheon

    Status Unknown
    Ranking Creation/Supreme Deity

    Amenominakanushi, also known as the Central Master, is the founder of the Shinto Faction and an incarnation of the First Light. He is also the final antagonist of the fanfiction story Highschool DxD: Rise of the Solar God.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Before time and space was, there were the vast Primordial Void and the Originating Heart of Light. The two opposing tore each other apart, creating what is known as the Big Bang. From it, Creation Gods like the Kotoamatsukami emerged.

    They settled in the Plains of High Heaven- Takamagahara, where they found the Shinto faction. Together, the trio of the Central Ruler of Heaven (Amenominakanushi), the Underworld Divine Creator(Kami-Musubi) and the Middle World High Creator (Takami-Musubi) ruled for many eons to come, but as creation flourished, they began to lose their purpose.

    Struggling to find meaning in life, they became corrupt and rotten on the inside, giving in to pride, sadism and greed. Unsurprisingly, the Kotoamatsukami soon dispatched and went into hiding. However, they left behind a handful of successors, to preserve the Shinto faction.

    For the next millenia, the Kotoamatsukami would silently watch events unfold, until Issei Hyoudou freed Izanami-no-Mikoto from Yomi, angering Amenominakanushi. The first Kami manifested once again and declared to enact punishment on the Solar God. This would lead to a brutal conflict that would draw in others such as Samael, Vali, Pluto, the Hero Faction, the other Kotoamatsukami and even the Supernatural World itself.

    Following his defeat at the hands of Vali Lucifer, Amenominakanushi mysteriously vanished from the battlefield.

    Appearance[edit | edit source]

    As a fragment of the Originating Heart of Light, most descriptions of Amenominakanushi's true visage are elusive. It can perhaps be described as a detrimental compressed mass of Celestial Light. In a sense however, Amenominakanushi's true form can bring about a pleasing state of serenity, which ironically contradicts with what Amatsu-Mikaboshi does.

    Amenominakanushi himself has no personal preference towards his physical third-dimensional manifestation, seemingly choosing his form at random and whenever it suits the situation.

    In Warriorman's Rise of the Solar God, he is often seen as a plain dark shadow outlined by a white aura. After fusing with Samael, Amenominakanushi's image grows more ghastly and monstrous, more resembling the Dragon Eater than himself.

    Personality[edit | edit source]

    Amenominakanushi's most notable trait is that he is extremely prideful and arrogant. He often tends to look down on others and mocks them for their 'inferiority'. While he is far from a fool, he is ignorant and very delusional, though he can recognize the obvious when it's right in front of him. On occassions, he comes of as a coward, as he uses illusions and the visage of Leiko Hyoudou to discourage Issei from fighting, failing both times. He sees Issei's love for his family as something laughable and expresses utmost ire and apathy at his desire to protect them.

    In spite of that, like Issei, he is a stubborn individual who would not accept defeat and would resort to any means in order to gain the upper hand. Later on, it's shown that Amenominakanushi having shallow respect for Issei. 

    In 'A Kami's Gift', Amenominakanushi reveals a much more passive and kinder side to him. He sympathizes with Izanami and gives her a brief moment of comfort. He also gifts her with a rose, which promptly promoted her to 'Ruler of Yomi'.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • With the exception of the Trihexa, Amenominakanushi is the first primordial entity who becomes a hated enemy of the Solar God.
    • His debut appearance is based off of Anti-Spiral from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. His true form is based on Kami Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo. His Samael-Infused forms are reminiscent of Third Form Frieza and Hirudegarn. 

    Big Bads.png

    • Amenominakanushi is strikingly similar to the infamous supervillains Cell and Frieza from the Dragon Ball franchise:
    • Each of them has multiple transformations which differ greatly in appearance.
    • Both the Progenitor of Shinto and the Galactic Lord Frieza are considered the biggest antagonistic force to the respective protagonists they oppose.
    • Both Frieza and Amenominakanushi are prone to bouts of rage and may become extremely desperate when they feel powerless.
    • Like Cell, the Shinto Kami often sees himself as an all-powerful being who is perfect in every aspect.
    • Another trait Amenominakanushi shares with Frieza, is that though their hatred for their worst enemy remains constant; they eventually begin to feel and express a grudging but genuine respect for them.
    • Like Cell, Amenominakanushi has an almost gentlemany/showman side to him.
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