Kana 天照
Romaji Amaterasu
Race Goddess
Nicknames Ammy (by Susanoo)

The Shining Light
Great Imperial Deity
Goddess of the Sun
The Blinding Radiance
Shrines Goddess of Japanese
Honorable Goddess of the Great Sun
The Great August Kami Who Shrines in the Heavens

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Equipment Imperial Regalia of Japan

Divine Aura

Personal Status
Relatives Amatsu-Mikaboshi (Progenitor)

Amenominakanushi (Ancestor)
Takami-Musubi (Ancestor)
Kami-Musubi (Ancestor)
Umashi'ashikabihikoji (Ancestor)
Amenotokotachi (Ancestor)
Shishioka Yukine (Ancestor)
Izanagi (Father)
Izanami (Mother)
Tsukuyomi (Younger Sister)
Susanoo (Younger Brother)
Tsukiyomi (Genetic Relative)
Tomoe Gozen (Adoptive Niece)

Affiliations Shinto Pantheon (Current Leader)

Land of Izumo (Ally)
Takamagahara (Shinto Heavens) (Leader)
Elder Gods
Kotoamatsukami (Shinto Primordials)
Council of Godheads
Team Shinto (Queen)
Team Eternal Celestial Guardians (allies)

Status Active
Ranking Goddess

Ruler of the Takamagahara
Mobius-Class Being

Amaterasu, also known as Amaterasu-no-Okami, is the Shinto sun goddess and the current ruler of the Takamagahara. She was treated as the most sacred of all Shinto Pantheon, only beneath Izanagi himself, and is said to be a direct ancestor of the Japanese Imperial dynasty.

Amaterasu is the Japanese sun goddess who rules over the Takamagahara. Amaterasu is the daughter of Izanami and Izanagi whom the latter chose her to be the new ruler of the sky.

She is also the older sister of Susano-o, the god of storms and the Tsukuyomi, Goddess of the Moon. Amaterasu constantly quarreled with her mischievous younger brother Susano-o and finally having enough, Izanagi temporary exiled him from heaven.

She's a key character in the Shinto Arc of High School DxD: Mightverse and a minor character in DxD: Celestial Misadventures.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Amaterasu-Ōmikami is the Shinto sun goddess and the current ruler of the High Plane of Heaven. She was treated as the most sacred of all shinto deites and is said to be a direct ancestor of the Japanese Imperial dynasty. Her name, Amaterasu, means "(that which) illuminates Heaven." Her shrine is at Ise.

In Kojiki, her name is unified to be "Amaterasu-Omikami". In Nihon Shoki, she is more often addressed by her full title of "Amaterasu-Sume-Okami" , or alternatively "Sume-Omikami" , which literally means the "Great Imperial Deity." In the medieval period, Amaterasu was often called "Tenshô Daijin," its on'yomi reading. She has been known as the The Shining Light, The Blinding Radiance, The Great August Kami Who Shines in the Heavens and The Honorable Goddess of the Great Sun.

Amaterasu is the Japanese sun goddess who rules over the High Plain of Heaven. Amaterasu is the daughter of Izanami and Izanagi whom the latter chose her to be the new ruler of the sky. When her father Izanagi escaped from his visit to Yomi, he had to perform a cleansing ritual in the river Woto and it was then, from the god’s left eye, that Amaterasu was born.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Amaterasu's physical appearance is that of a fit beautiful young woman around Irina's age, and long black hair with large breasts. She hair is in a ponytail tied in a red bow the bottom to prevent it from freely moving. She wears the standard clothes of a miko, a Japanese priestess.

in her true form, Amaterasu is a woman who is described to have a radiant beauty that attracts men to her like moths to a flame. She has snow-white hair reaching down to her back that splits into nine tails. On top of her head is a pair of fluffy wolf ears. Her eyes are red with a white pupil. Amaterasu wears a white and red miko outfit.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Amaterasu is a kind and benevolent goddess. She watches over her pantheon and rules it with a strict but fair hand. Unlike most of the other chief deities, Amaterasu does not indulge herself in the hedonism and arrogance that comes with immortality. She prefers to walk among the humans, attending school and university like a mortal girl. Amaterasu is also a sucker for drama, preferring to watch K-Drama in her office rather than do business related to the ruling of the Shinto, leaving her siblings to be rather pissed with her.

In her battle, She is a very calm and soft-spoken person and noble woman who lives in a Takamagama with many servants that she is considered to be of the highest standing at their Takamagama, but she is also a very beautiful, kind and smart girl with many fans around her. She has an amiable and modest personality. Although she is skilled in combat, she usually holds back when fighting.

History[edit | edit source]

Amaterasu was born when Second-Generation Primordial Deity, Izanagi, cleansed his left eye after returning from a failed attempt at retrieving his wife from the Land of Yomi (her siblings Tsukuyomi and Susano-o were born from washing the other eye and nose, respectively). Amaterasu married Tsukuyomi, and for a time, she shared the sky with him, controlling the sun and day while he ruled the moon and night, until he killed the food goddess Uke Miochi. This killing prompted Amaterasu to label him an dark spirit and separate from him, creating the division between day and night.

She became the ruler of the sun and the heavens along with her brother, Tsukuyomi, the Shinto god of the moon and ruler of the night. Originally, Amaterasu shared the sky with Tsukuyomi, her husband and brother until, out of disgust, he killed the goddess of food, Uke Mochi, when she pulled "food from her rectum, nose, and mouth". This killing upset Amaterasu causing her to label Tsukuyomi an evil god and split away from him; separating night from day.

The Sun Hides Her Face[edit | edit source]

The texts also tell of a long-standing rivalry between Amaterasu and her other brother, Susanoo. When Susanoo was to banished from Heaven to Yomi because Izanagi ordered him to, he went to bid his sister goodbye. Amaterasu, suspicious, proposed him a challenge to prove his good faith. Each of them was to turn an object of the other's and from it birthed gods and goddesses. Amaterasu created three women from Susanoo's sword while he created five men from her necklace.

Amaterasu them claimed the men were hers because they were born of her necklace, and the goddesses were his, she decided that she had won the challenge, as his item produced women. Susanoo went on a rampage, destroying her rice fields, hurling a flayed pony into her loom, and killed one of her attendants in a fit of rage. For this, Amaterasu, grieved, furious and scared, went to hide inside Ama-no-Iwato, the "heavenly rock cave", so the Sun was hidden and the world became dark for a long period of time. The evil yokai and hostile daemons came out to the dark world, and the gods could not make Amaterasu come out of the cave.

Amaterasu is when she blocked herself in a cave following an argument with Susanoo when he surprised the goddess with a monstrous flayed horse when she was quietly weaving in her palace with her younger sister Waka-hiru-me. As a consequence of Amaterasu’s disappearance the world was cast in total darkness and evil spirits ran riot over the earth. The gods tried all manner of ways to persuade the peeved goddess to leave the cave. On the advice of Omohi-Kane, roosters were set outside the cave in the hope their crows would make the goddess think that dawn had come.

The intelligent goddess of happiness, Ama-no-Uzume, took a big bucket, turned it upside down near the cave entrance, and began a dance on it, tearing off her clothing in front of the other Kami. They thought this was so funny that they laughed happily.

Amaterasu heard them, and looked out to see why the gods were laughing. When she opened the cave, she saw her wonderful reflection in a mirror Uzume had put on a tree, and slowly came out of the cave.

At that moment, the god Ameno-Tajikarawo closed the cave behind her, so she could not go back in. Another god tied a magic rope across the entrance. The sun goddess was then asked by the Kami Ame-no-Koyane to go back with the gods. She agreed, and light came back to the earth, but Susanoo was punished by being banished from Heaven.

The gods also placed a large sakaki tree (Cleyera japonica) outside the cave and decorated it with sparkling jewels (magatama), fine white clothes and a mirror at its center. In addition, the goddess Amenouzume (or Ama-no-Uzeme) danced so wildly in a strip-tease routine that the other gods’ uproarious laughter finally excited the curiosity of Amaterasu. Opening the blocked cave just enough to see what was going on and whilst distracted by seeing her stunning reflection in the mirror, the strong god Ame-no-tajikara-wo yanked the goddess out of the cave.

Tuto-Tamu then held behind the goddess a pole of plaited straw and emphatically stated that the goddess could hide no longer and the world was once more bathed in her radiant sunlight.

Royalty[edit | edit source]

Later she sent her grandson Ninigi-no-Mikoto to pacify Japan: his great-grandson became the first emperor, Emperor Jimmu. Amaterasu bequeathed three sacred objects to him and the Imperial family, the sacred sword (Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi), jewel (Yata no Kagami), and mirror (Yasakani no Magatama) that collectively became the Three Imperial Regalia of Japan.

Yamata-no-Orochi[edit | edit source]

When the Evil Dragon, Yamata-no-Orochi came back from the dead, Amaterasu, her dark avatar Shiranui along with her brothers, Susanoo and Tsukuyomi went to the serpent and kill it again. However, thanks to it being a creature of evil, humanity own negativity brings it back over and over again either to die by Amaterasu or Susanoo.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Immense Strength: As one of the Big Three Shinto Gods, as well as the daughter of two Second-Primordial Deities, Izanagi and Izanami, Amaterasu is undoubtedly one of the strongest deities of the Shinto Pantheon. She could even hold herself against Zeus, the ruler of Mount Olympus and a powerful Greek Deity in terms of raw power alone. she easily overpowered Cao Cao, one candidates for the position of the Strongest Human.

Master Swordswoman: Amaterasu is a master swordsmanship, being known as one of greatest in the Shinto Pantheon, as stated by many gods. At a very young age, she is said to be immensely talented in swordsmanship and was the best during her time and was able to be named as one of the five greatest swordsmen in Takamagahara. She tends to wield even full-length katanas or tsurugis, one-handed with fair wide but quick chops. Her level of skill has been complimented by several esteemed swordmasters, such as Susanoo, who noted that her style is something not taught but developed by Amaterasu herself.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While not as god her brother, Susanoo, Amaterasu still regularly uses her fists and kicks in combat along her blades. As such, she is far less bothered by being caught unarmed than most other swordsman. While her sword is usually used to deliver the final blow against an opponent, many of her most consistent damaging attacks are kicks delivered to the torso.

Equipment [edit | edit source]

Imperial Regalia: The Imperial Regalia are three of amongst Japan's most prized artifacts. Each of the items holds great divine power that allowed Amaterasu's earliest descendants to rule over the islands of Japan with undisputed authority. After Japan's defeat during world war two, Amaterasu sent the goddess Inari to hide the artifacts away. However, she herself can freely summon them in battle.

  • Kusangi-no-Tsurugi: The Kusangi-no-Tsurugi or The Grass-Cutting Sword' is a divine sword that Susanoo found in the belly of the Yamata-no-Orochi, which he then gave to Amaterasu. The sword is able to control the elements of wind and fire and is strong enough to cut down beings above Amaterasu herself in power.
  • Yata-no-Kagami: The Yata-no-Kagami or The Eight Ta Mirror is the heavenly mirror crafted by the mirror god Ishikoridome and was used to lure her out of her cave. The mirror has defensive properties, capable of creating a strong barrier around its user or absorbing and reflecting enemy attacks.
  • Yasakani-no-Magatama': The Yasakani-no-Magatama is the Magatama of all Magatamas and was also used to lure Amaterasu out. It has healing and purifying properties, capable of vanquishing any low-level demon, wraith and ghoul. It can also rejuvenate its wielder after sustained injuries.

Statistics [edit | edit source]

Power 10/10
Speed 10/10
Stamina 9/10
Endurance 9/10
Technique 10/10
Intelligence 8/10
Total 56/60

Image Gallery [edit | edit source]

Trivia [edit | edit source]

  • Amaterasu's height is [167cm] and body weight is [50kg]
  • Ameterasu’s measurements at the start of the Series: B94-57-H86.
  • Amaterasu's appearance is based on Tomoe from Queen's Blade.
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