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Alex Dimov was the leader of the Dimov clan during it's destruction. Not much else is known about him except for the fact that he was the father of both Rivus and Xander Dimov. Alex was killed during his village's destruction.


Alex was a handsome man in his early thirties, even thought he looks a lot younger than that. He had pale skin Icy blue hair and Azure eyes. Alex was a taller than the average man, standing at 190 cm .He usually wore normal clothes but on occasions such as ceremonies and celebrations, he wore the village leader's robe which signified him as both the head of the Dimov clan and th

e head of the village.


Alex was a loving husband and a caring father. In life he always put his clan and the village first before thinking of himself. Alex was not a vengeful person and even in death his biggest wish is for Xander and Rivus to get along. Despite Rivus's Actions.

Alex was known to be a prankster and a troublemaker in the village during his teenage years. One of the most notable pranks that he has pulled was when he cast an illusion on the entire world for a few seconds to make it look like the sky was green for five days. When asked by his father why he did that he replied by saying that he was bored.


Not much is known about Alex's background except for the fact that at some point prior to the beginning of the story he was appointed as head of the Dimov Clan and Village by his father, who assumed the position as Alex's adviser, and later as the village elder.

Powers and abilities

As a member of the Dimov clan, Alex possesses the Dimensional eye and all of it's abilities.

He was even considered as a prodigy among his clan ever since he was a teenager, a testament to his skill and visual prowess would be that he managed to cast an illusion on the entire world albeit only lasting a few seconds, the illusion made the people caught in it feel like five days had passed.