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Alastor 3.png
Kana アラストル
Romaji Arasutoru
Race Demon
Nicknames The Giggling Maniac of Hell

Advocate for Torture Porn
The Grand Carver of the Fifth Circle

Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Kaleidoscopic Blue
Personal Status
Relatives Lucifer (Creator)

Demons (Relatives)

Affiliations Hell
Status Active
Ranking Warden


Alastor is a demon under the command of Lilith. He is the Grand Torturer and the Warden of the Fifth Circle of Hell. While he is not as powerful as Astaroth or Belial, Alastor is feared by other demons in Hell for his overly psychotic demeanor. The only demon he fears is Lilith herself. He is a minor antagonist in the second season.


Alastor was created by Lucifer at the start of the Solar System along with the rest of demonkind. He presumably participated in the Holy War.


Alastor is a man with pale skin and shaggy white hair. He is described to have attractive facial features that instill calm. He wears a white, high-collared kimono with a black obi, over which he wears a pale green sash tied at the right shoulder.



Powers and Abilities



  • Alastor's appearance is based of Toneri Otsutsuki from Naruto.