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Akiashel Gaidon or Aki for short is a 16 year old male who was home-schooled. He contains the silver god killer sacred gear and is a knight in the Argentina clan. He is from one of Saturn's moons named Titan


Aki is a outgoing person. He likes being in a crowd of people and likes being the center of attention. He is a hard worker and determined to get things done when needed. He hates being picked on and is seen as a bit of a child sometimes, as he is in to girls somewhat younger than him and west teases him about this.

Aki in his silver god killer armor


Aki has short blonde hair and has a very skinny build, but due to his skinny build he is very fast and agile. He is normaly seen wearing all black with a black fedora.


Growing up Aki was always a mothers boy, sadly his father hated this and thought he needed to be tougher and he hated the fact he was half human, so he would beat him for being so weak. He eventualy ran away from his home planet and came to earth. He went with his older sister Acxa to reside in a home together and they had a well balenced life. One night his house was broken into and his sistr was taken, sadly he had not mastered his power fully. His father had him trained him to master some of his power, but he was still somewhat weak.

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