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The name's Aiden... Just Aiden.

–Aiden greeting Joshua, Ch. ???

Race Human
Nicknames Mister Secretary
Hair Color White
Eye Color Dull gray
Equipment Dark magic
Personal Status
Affiliations Erika Hasegawa
Status Active
Ranking ???

Aiden is a supporting character in the story Wishing Upon A Shooting Star. He works directly under Erika Hasegawa and is her secretary and apparently bodyguard as well. Despite his parents being alive and taking care of him he has no surname.


A short, sad-looking guy with short white hair combed back and showing his forehead. Aiden has gray eyes duller than other people and with eye bags adorning them, making him look always tired. He has very pale skin, almost sickly so and small ears.

He is usually seen wearing a black coath with a dark green shirt under it, black dress pants and black shoes.


Gloomy and blank are good ways to describe him. He gives this vibe of emptiness and doesn't talk more than necessary. Aiden does not show signs of fear, just wariness, and seems to be pretty stoic. He sighs a lot, as though he's tired.





Powers & abilities

Aiden focuses on magic warfare; he has superior magic reserves and resistance, and uses it to trap and weaken his opponents in an indirect fight style. His direct firepower is lacking compared to other characters, though he's still very problematic to fight, as his cunning fight style and the debuffs he casts make him an increasingly difficult opponent as the status ailments begin to stack with one another. Oddly enough, Aiden casts his magic without the use any special chanting nor sigil/magic circle.

Dark magic: His magic type by choice. Aiden usually casts his attacks in the form of a black aura carrying status ailments or dark purple flames with the same results.


  • His appearance and image are based on the character Kaneki Ken from the manga series Tokyo Ghoul
    • His name is based on the entity that accompains the main character of the game Beyond: Two Souls
  • Aiden seems to be popular with girls because of his "dark, mysterious presence"
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