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The peerage of Aden D. Bael consists of thirteen Vampire from different clans. All of the member's overall powers are ranging from High-Class Devils to Ultimate-Class Devils. They were found by Aden himself during his stays at Romania.

It is revealed later on that all of members of his peerage are the sons and daughters of his father's followers, which it was requested by his father to provide his beloved son the life he deserved, rather than being treated as monsters by his own brethren.



Members: (WIP's)

The Peerage is lead by Aden D. Bael, which consists of 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks, and 6 pawn, making it total of all 14. All of his servants were reincarnated with Unused Evil Pieces and Mutation Pieces (2 totals).

Aden D. Bael (King):

Lucreztia Neacsu (Queen):

Richter Frankenstein (Rook, Mutation Piece):

Felix Prunea (Rook):

Miliana Baicu (Bishop):

Diona Movila (Bishop):

Andrei Izbasa (Knight, Mutation Piece):

Rozalia Trelles (Knight):

Daniel Otvos (Pawn, x2):

Iona Radacanu (Pawn, x2):

Regis Pavlenco (Pawn):

Valerian Izbasa (Pawn):

Chang Xiaolong (Pawn):

Takeru Tsukishima (Pawn):