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This character, Adam (The Hunter), inserts itself on the canon timeline and makes history with canon characters. S/He is probably better than Issei, in more ways then one and may snag himself/herself a few of his well known girls as well.

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Adam (hunter).jpg
Kana アダム
Romaji Adamu
Race Human
Nicknames The First Man
Father of Mankind
God of Mankind
Wise Man
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Green
Equipment Sacred Gear System Control
Ley Lines
Personal Status
Relatives God of the Bible (Creator)†
Lilith (Ex-Wife)
Eve (2nd Wife)†
Cain (Son)†
Abel (Son)†
Seth (Son)
Humans (Descendants)
Affiliations Heaven (Formerly)
Terra Imperium (Emperor)
Status Alive
Ranking Primordial Human

Adam is the first human created by the Biblical God, and the father of mankind. He is the husband of Lilith and then after her betrayal, married Eve whom God created for him. Together with her, he became the father of Cain, Abel and Seth. Though he died long ago, his soul endured between life and death until being saved by Seth and bound him with the Sacred Gear System to come back to life. He now rules the Terra Imperium as its Emperor under the alias of Elohim.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Immense Strength:

Ley Line Manipulation: Having eaten the forbidden fruit, Adam gained great control over Earth's ley lines. This grants him a great variety of abilities, most notably is that he can channel the energy of the planet for both offense and defense, and even support. His usage of the natural energy is similar to Senjutsu users, except he does not suffer from the drawbacks.

  • Nature Manipulation: Adam can create and control nature, creating plants of various kind, as well as wood and vines. These possess the esoteric energy of the planet itself, allowing Adam to perform other feats with them and capable of harming supernatural entities, including Gods. And as a sub-category of natural energy, Adam can channel the pure flora energy from plants for different uses too.
  • Teleportation Manipulation: Adam can teleport himself or others anywhere on Earth. Even if they are not nearby Adam can still decide where they go. He can even divert or negate teleportation abilities of others, so long as they are on the planet. His capabilities with this power allows Adam to teleport large groups and even an entire city's population with ease.
  • Sensor: Through the ley lines, Adam can trace the locations of anyone on Earth. He can even bypass magic or abilities meant to conceal a person.

Sacred Gear System Control:

Nigh Omniscience:

Master Strategist:



  • Telekinesis:
  • Telepathy:

Master Magician:

  • Communication Magic
  • Defense Magic
  • Sealing Magic
  • Black Magic
  • White Magic
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