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The One was abandoned by the Gods

The God Burner

Kana エーシエル
Romaji Eeshieru
Race Demon

Human (Formerly)

Nicknames Demonic Godslayer

God Hunter
Alannah Evans Lloyd (Human Alias)
Francis Sacheverell (Second Human Alias)

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Orange (Dark Blue while Human)
Equipment Silentium

Elector’s Spear

Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents (Deceased)

Unnamed Wife (Deceased)
Unnamed Children (Deceased)
Lilith (Adoptive Mother)
Abaddon (Adoptive Older Brother)

Affiliations Hell (Abrahamic Underworld)

Stygian Council (Electors of Hell)
Arsiel (Leader)

Status Alive (Formerly Sealed)
These Gods… these so called rulers of man, there nothing but frauds, liars and killers, there but children given too much power and praise, fuelling their ego and narcissism, causing chaos and death wherever they go without a care in the world like happy go lucky pigs, yet they demand worship from mortals despite the atrocities committed, their all narcissists. They're worse than monsters, there worse than witches, yet they have the audacity to call themselves Gods.

–Aciel about the gods.

Aciel is an Archdemon that serves under the Demon Lords Lucifer and Satan. A former human sinner turned demonic Godslayer, he holds completely hatred towards the divine. He is one of the Demons that were sealed away instead of being killed. He is also a minor antagonist of DxD: Mythos.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Aciel is an Archdemon that is ranked as one of the Electors of Hell, monitored by the Archangel Raphael, he is an "ensnarer" and one of the seven planetary demons (Saturn).

Of all the sinners to be demons, he was one of the most tragic.

History[edit | edit source]

Aciel was once a human boy born in poverty, almost every day on the brink of starvation. Every day he prays to the Gods of every kingdom he travels with his parents, hoping he would gain some salvation, but they never answer his prayers. At an early age, his mother and father died, leaving Aciel to fend for himself in the harsh environment, rather it be the harsh streets, or the jungles.

Years later he married and fathered some children. However, most of them died of famine and pestilence, utterly destroying them with grief. Aciel and his wife would later be unfortunate enough to witness the War of the Gods, destroying everything they had left, Aciel on that day grew hateful and envious of their power. When his son was on the brink of death due to starvation, Aciel sought to ease his suffering and told his son they would soon reach a forest where they would never go hungry again, but when traveling his son eventually gave in and died within Aciel’s arms. Having enough of this pain and suffering, he committed suicide, and under his dying breath, he cursed at the Gods for ruining his life and not answering his prayers.

Thanks to him cursing the gods, he ended up in the 7th Circle of Hell, where he was greeted by Lilith, the Queen of Demons, he asked what she wanted and why she visited him of all people, she answered “Because you and I have history with the Divine, a tragic one at that”.

With a snap of her fingers she released him from the shrubs and vines that binds him, then led him to Pandemonium, the place where all demons seek counsel and the capital of the Abrahamic Underworld, Hell. There, he was greeted by the Seven Princes of Hell, led by Satan, and none other than Lucifer himself, Aciel told them about what happened with him and the Gods, and how he lost his wife and kids from these Divine Monsters.

Lilith recommended that he should be one of them, yet something more, Lucifer and Satan; who too had a dark relationship with a certain Deity, sympathized with him, thus he and his brethren, gave Aciel a fraction of their unholy essence, “blessing” him into a demonic creature like no other.

With the power of all seven demons combined, Aciel quickly became one of the most feared Demons to ever walk on Hell and Earth, on that day, he pledged Loyalty to Lucifer and Lilith, and swore on his Families' souls he would eliminate all the Gods on this cursed world, including the Abrahamic Creator.

Before he could leave Hell, Lucifer commanded him to meet with other demons of Hell, like Abaddon who later on gain a brotherly relationship with and Moloch, who gave him nightmares while Aciel was still human and so was able to have revenge against the fake god.

After that, he had served Lucifer during many of the latter's ventures, going on to gain a class as an Elector of Hell. During that Aciel had also kill off many singular gods who were desperately forcing humans to gain worship. After seeing what he had done, Satan, who felt that gods from other worlds would try to gain worship through conquering Earth, had sent Aciel on a mission to kill off as many gods from alien worlds one by one.

Even with his power, Aciel was taken more and more damage as time has gone by. This had ended when a very powerful alien god had almost killed Aciel by crushing him until he was unexpectedly saved by the Archangel Raphael. After being healed, he demanded the Archangel why would he saved him especially after cursing God. Raphael, while did not give an answer, had apologies for error that he made towards Aciel and a desire to a make a camaraderie with the demon which Aciel had reluctantly agreed.

Under the hidden guidance of Raphael, Aciel was able to rule the infernal sector of Arsiel and gain a connection with the planet Saturn. Under the orders of Lucifer, the Demon Sabnock had created a set of twin demon blades for Aciel along with Elector's Spear that was created for all Electors of Hell.

After that, Abaddon had called for Aciel's for a pest problem as many rouge demons that stared to invade the sector of the Abyss, Abaddon, which after being dealt with had finalize the relationship from both as brothers. Aciel had then assisted the legions of Hell in dealing with the many threats towards them along with killing any gods that he could see until the beginning of an event filled with endless strife, the Great War.

In the beginning of the Great War, Aciel had joined Abaddon as his second-in-command of the latter's legions, leading if Abaddon was unable to do. Later on, he was ordered by Lilith to find the missing Cain who had vanished before the Great War with his wife and children. Even though he was looking for four years, he was unable to find the first murderer which made him ashamed in himself as this was the first time he had failed in his mission, not realizing that Lilith had expected this to happen as she had sent him so his will survive as Abaddon and his armada was attacked and destroyed by an unknown force with only Abaddon barely surviving.

Aciel, hearing what had happen after returning, was furious against these mysterious assailants and had wanted to find and kill this unknown force before being denied by Lucifer who said that this current war was more important at the moment. Lucifer did, however, give his permission to hunt down them after the end of the Great War.

Unfortunately, Aciel was unable to follow through his promise as during the middle of the Great War, he met face-to-face with the Archangel Azrael along with Gods Hades and Hell, joined by millions of Grim Reapers. While Aciel was able to do a load of damages, even he was unable to beat all of them especially after been strike by lighting by the God of Thunder Thor who he had also fought earlier in the War.

After being defeated, Aciel was sealed in a specific prison in an alien world, that was hidden by the Archangel Raziel, unable to do anything but watch. While sealed in this prison, he was unable to interfere in the rest of Great War, including Lucifer's death which when he found out, made him so angry that he caused a powerful earthquake on the planet he was stuck in.

Aciel, after the war, watched the many events in the three biblical factions, including the Devil Civil War which him infuriate with the Old Satan Faction who believe that continuing the war was what they wanted and the New Satan Faction for being too merciful to their enemies. He was however conflicted with Grayfia Lucifuge due to her inherited loyalty to the Lucifer Royal House and her relationship with Sirzechs.

During the events of World War II, he was able to be freed and then joined the revived Great King Bael who had used him to deal with any weaker threat that Bael was not bother to deal with. The Archangel Raziel had noticed him being free and request the Egyptian pantheon to deal with him as they are the closest to his current residence.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Aciel takes the form of a attractive young man that stands only about three feet tall, he is usually found in a foul mood. Aciel has long black hair, and dark orange eyes. He has been commented as a pretty-type character, and occasionally called girly face.

Aciel is testy about others touching his hair, getting mad at Adramelech when he attempted to braid it. He also has two stigmata on the underside of his forearms where his blood exited his body to form the Demon Blade Silentium.

His appearance greatly varies, usually he’ll look like a tall, buff demon with reddish skin, four horns on each side of his head, and multiple yellow eyes. His legs resemble that of a Bigfoot, with not as much hair and has a leathery skin, with a short tail, and four bony protrusions on his back. His other known appearance is that of a gigantic bull hound with flaming horns, with demonic runs on his ribs and neck, and at the end was a tail longer than his body.

His third and most powerful form, is a pseudo-Lovecraftian entity of colossal size, being as big as the Titans and almost long as The World Serpent, his upper body is much more swole with thicker black armour and scales, and his head is barely noticeable among his giant horns. His hands alone could fully cover the Eiffel Tower with ease. His tails can stretch far and wide, bringing down mountains and flattening towns and cities, and causing shock waves by slamming them.

When he was originally fully human, he was an adorable little boy with blonde hair and some typical peasant clothing, all dirty and torn, when older he had a slightly more muscular appearance than his younger self, though by then he already garnered a few scars thanks to his hardships.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Law? Order? What nonsense! In this world... the only thing that matters is power. Without it, you are nothing but a fool left to wander in hell.

–Aciel mocking the Gods and Angels' ideals.

Aciel is ambitious and impatient. He believed strongly in the superiority of the Demons, and that they were beyond ordinary beings. He was cruel and quick to anger. In his youth, he was remembered as kind and compassionate by the locals, but as he grew older, his instances of compassion and tenderness grew few. According to Lilith, Aciel was a kind boy in his youth, but years of crushing disappointment, constant persecution and hard living turned him bitter, angry, cruel and delusional.

He holds a very deep contempt and hatred towards any and all deities. In his view, all Gods are either barbaric or useless and should be purged, tortured or humiliated. He does not bear any particular ill will towards mortals (though he does see them as foolish for depending on gods), though it's made amply clear that his misguided quest to rid the world of gods would make it a much worse place for many mortals, too. At the same time, he is still presented as being partially in the right, as many, many deities do exist who are exactly as worthless and uncaring as he says they are (Zeus or Set being good examples), and because of this, he was determined to destroy the major deities of their respective pantheon.

He show great respect and care for Lilith and Lucifer, who had been wronged by the man upstairs himself, a deity in particular, and arguably the most flawed of them all. He felt that all the sinners of hell wouldn’t even be here if the Gods, Monotheistic or not, had helped the poor souls instead of sitting on their thrones watching them from above. He most especially hated the angels who blindly do anything for this True God, rather he’s true or not, it doesn’t matter to Aciel, to him there all the same over privileged psychopaths that many Maltheists speak of.

Speaking of demons, he has mixed feelings on those who were worshipped as Gods, like Adramelech or Mammon, because they were more or less the same as the other pagan deities, but they were fakes, and he shouldn’t scorn his own kind, however, the same could not be said about Moloch, who had children sacrificed to him like animals. He was the one that gave him nightmares when he was a child, but now face to face, he was nothing but a slob, a fool as ever.

Before he died, he was a honest, friendly and sociable little boy who held complete faith to the Gods. When he became a little older, he started to lose faith in them as he was ignored over and over which made him into becoming far more aggressive and brutal.

Unlike other Demons, he does care about Reincarnated Devils though it is likely because he was a former human just like most of them. He can though feel envious and bitter to those who had a better life than him.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

All losses in this world are due to a lack of ability. If you wish to blame something, then curse your own weakness.

–Aciel to a Power-Class Angel.

As an Archdemon, Aciel is a very powerful entity that were able to fight and kill gods. His power was increased even more after becoming a Godslayer of Lucifer, comparing to some of the Seraphim.

Transcendent Demon Physiology: Like most Archdemons, Aciel power far outstrips that of even Satan Class Devils. Ruval Phenex has stated that when he had met Aciel, he saw immediately the vast difference in their power. He stated that Aciel had the power to wipe entire worlds without issue. He has all the powers of a normal devil taken to absurdly higher levels and wields power surpassing Super Devils.

Immense Demonic Power: As an Archdemon, Aciel possesses immense demonic power, far surpassing that of many gods and other powerful entities. His power has a unique nature that is extremely foul and oppressive, capable of sending weaker entities flying back at the mere release of it. His power is comparable to that of chief deities. It is stated that Aciel can destroy the entirety of Earth in a single afternoon as well as wipe out armies of Gods and pagan Daemons without trouble.

  • Inferno-Elementumkinesis: Aciel is capable of giving anything surrounding him the demonic attribute just by making physical contact with them, tainting them with him demonic energy and twisting their entire nature and existence. He once made a entire island into a Pseudo-Demon Realm, corrupting over 80% of the total area with his energy.
  • Inferna-Ergokinesis: Aciel could manipulate the demonic energy of himself and others with simple ease.
    • Demonic Constructs: He could create various forms of weaponry and semi-living beasts from his demonic energy. He had once created an entire army of fake human soldiers that look like they came straightly from WW2.
    • Diavolos Possession: An unique power only be shared by a few other Demons, it allows him to take over and possess the body and mind other Demons and Demonic Beasts by forcefully to manipulate their demonic energy.

Immense Strength: Aciel possesses an immense amount of strength. As an Archdemon, Beelzebub is a powerful being completely outclassing many pagan pantheons. Other demons feared his very presence and seem to follow all of his orders without question. He was stated to be able to move entire continents with only one hand.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Aciel is a master at combat, being able to easily fight beings the likes of Horus and Set, one after one other. His punches are said to shake a massive area with the same intensity as a 5.0 on the Richter Scale.

Master Tactician: Aciel is a master manipulator with a silver tongue. Aciel manipulated several events in his favor to further his goals or for his enjoyment.

Immense Regeneration: Aciel has immense regenerative capabilities than any ordinary demon, capable of regrowing any limb and important organ in mere seconds. He is also able to fully regenerated his entire body after being completely vaporized.

Immense Speed: Aciel is extremely fast, he could move at a speed faster than even the greatest of human eyes could possibly see, and is likely capable of moving faster than the speed of light and sound.

Immense Durability: Aciel has immense levels of durability, capable of enduring injuries that could kill regular demons while still fighting on the battlefield. He was able to withstand a hit from the God Thor. He was also able to barely endure Metatron's own Fire of Sinai, which is still considered one of the strongest supernatural flames.

Aciel's sword skills.

Master Swordsman: Along with his immense demonic powers, Aciel is a extremely skillful master swordsman capable of wielding many different types of blades. He is capable of pushing a master swordsman such as Berith, whose skill is greater than his, to his limit.

  • Sulyvahn Style: The Sulyvahn Style, also known as the One Eyed-Style, is a style of sword fighting where Aciel wields two swords in both hands, one longer than the other. There are many different techniques for this sword style, including high speed attacks, intentional delays to catch opponents off-guard and large covering distance of its attacks.

Master Marksman: Aciel seems to be also great with projectiles and have almost perfect aim, as he can hit with extremely precision against foes with small rocks. He can also take hundreds of opponents with only using a gun.

Last Embrace: A demonic skill exclusive to Aciel. It begins by having all the horns and spikes on his body turn into tentacles of sorts and withdraw from his body where it can be used in any way he desires, from impalement to grabbing.

Invulnerability: Like other demons, Aciel cannot be harmed or killed by conventional forms of harm and weaponry. Only Enochian or High-Ranking Divine Weapons or beings of similar or greater power can kill him.

Power Bestowal: As an Elector of Hell, Aciel can grant various powers to individuals in the forms of blessings, allowing him to boost one of their attributes that Aciel desires. He is also able to boost the same entity over and over again with no repercussions.

Advanced Umbrakinesis: Aciel can control and generate darkness like other demons. He is able to create an energy arc with his sword that was described to have been able to split the sea in half. Aciel can also fire energy blasts made of pure darkness.

Telekinesis: Aciel has immense telekinetic powers. He was able to rip multiple buildings out of the ground and throw them with a mere hand gesture. Aciel can also lift others with just a mere glance.

Telepathy: Aciel can communicate via telepathy so as to express his thoughts and emotions without having to use his speech most of the time. He can also use his telepathic powers to hold someone in the air, push them back, or even choke them.

Shapeshifting: Aciel, like most demons, has the ability to shapeshift. He mainly used his shapeshifting to transform into his human form before his death.

Flames of Gehenna: A spell which creates an illusion, spitting tongues of crimson flame towards the sky. It has effects that allows demons standing inside the fire benefit from improved attributes.

Master Magician: Aciel is a Master Magician, with millennia of skills and experience. He is in-depth in various forms of mortal magic and is knowledgeable of a thousand different types of Magic Systems.

  • Dark Arts: Aciel is extremely skilled in wielding the Dark Arts with the pure intention to hurt and kill others. During the Great War, he had fired countless Dark Magic spells that caused great destruction onto many countries.

Molecular Combustion: Aciel was able to kill others by ripping them apart at an atomic level.

Immortality: As a Demon, Aciel is beyond the mortal concepts of life and death, and so he could live indefinitely unless he is killed.

Immunity: Aciel possesses extremely high levels of immunity, as only powerful angelic and divine poisons could possibly bypass his nearly-absolute immunity.

Reality Warping: Aciel is able to warp the reality of the physical plane to his desires. He had used it to revive his family and bring them into Hell by was stopped by Death himself.

Astral Projection: Aciel is able to astral project himself as a wave of black smoke or his human forms. He used it to allow him to appear in multiple places at the same time.

Corruption: Aciel is capable of using his demonic power to pollute and corrupt souls, twisted them to create new Demons. As the process of being corrupted is extremely painful, far beyond what most beings could endure and completely destroy one's sanity, making most Demons and Devils created via corruption extremely hostile and twisted.

Flight: Aciel is able to fly, even without any wings, though thanks to his size, he does have some trouble.

Teleportation: Aciel can instantaneously appear and disappear at will, he is able to teleport to anywhere and anything that is not protected by Primordial entities' power.

  • Apporting: Aciel was able to forcefully apport people into other places and dimensions even if he didn't create the dimension. He can do this as long as they aren't already blessed by an angelic being.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Harming, Misleading, and Trapping[edit | edit source]

  • Exorcism: Like most demons, Aciel is vulnerable to an exorcism.
  • Devil's Trap: Like all demons, Aciel is vulnerable to a devil's trap, though he can escape one if it weak enough.
  • Demonic Weaknesses: Aciel is weak to Enochian Demon Wards and Banishing Sigils though he can take much more abuse from them than other demons.
  • Enochian Warding: Aciel was unable to get past places with Enochian Warding.

Banishing or Destroying [edit | edit source]

  • Enochian Weapons: Aciel can be killed by Enochian Weapons
  • Beings of a similar or higher power: Beings as strong as or stronger than Aciel can harm and kill him.
  • The Colt: Properly made bullets could kill him though improperly made ones caused him to barely flinch.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Primal Innocence[edit | edit source]

Primal Innocence, also known as The Blades of an Ancient and Unyielding Evil, are twin powerful demon blades created by Belphegor with the assistance of Asmodeus through imbedded their own demonic power into Faustian Steel for thousands of years, giving it immense destructive capabilities. It can cut through any defense and obstacle, as well as pollute the minds of the wielder’s opponents, turning them into the wielder’s most faithful servants for eternity without their free-will. It is stronger on the most purer minds though it still can kill corrupted and evil entities.


Saturnus[edit | edit source]

The Saturnus, also known as Infernal Armour of the Sixth World is a demonic planetary armour based on the sixth planet, Saturn. It increased Aciel's offensive and defensive capabilities by several ranks. The armor's main attribute is that it's able to temporarily fix injuries by piercing the user's flesh with thin barbs and spikes, holding flesh and bones together and allowing the user to keep on fighting. It should be noted that this does not constitute healing as the armour merely "holds them together".

Silentium[edit | edit source]

Silentium is a powerful two-handed demon long-sword that Aciel can wield with one hand. It had been created using his own energy which gave it godslaying properties. It is made of Netherium crystal, an extremely durable crystal harder than titanium or any other earthly metal found only in Hell. The sword releases a dark glow when Aciel's power is being infused into it.

The Elector's Spear.

Elector's Spear[edit | edit source]

An Elector's Spear is a demonic spear, made of Faustian Steel, that was created by Sabnock as the main weapon for the Electors of Hell, which Aciel is apart of. This spear is able to temporary boost the attributes and abilities of the Elector's subordinates, minions and even allies.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Lucifer[edit | edit source]

He holds absolute loyalty towards Lucifer, whom he regards with awe. He would serve his every will without complaint or hesitation.

This began when Lucifer and his wife Lilith had gifted him power and a family after the latter saved him from his punishment. He is also sympathetic to Lucifer's plight and relationship with God.

Satan[edit | edit source]

Like with Lucifer, Aciel serves Satan with full loyalty with him being sympathetic to the Arbiter's past. Aciel does feel that Satan knows something that he shouldn't with Aciel being conflicted with Satan's true allegiances.

Aciel still doesn't know why Satan had truly fell.

Lilith[edit | edit source]

He holds absolute loyalty towards Lilith, whom he regards with awe. He would serve her every will without complaint or hesitation. He is even more loyal to Lilith than even Lucifer and Satan, following her above the others.

This began when Lilith had gifted him power and a family after saving him from his punishment.

Abaddon[edit | edit source]

Aciel has a brotherly relationship with Abaddon that started as respectful friendship. Aciel has many times went to him for advice in his many missions while Abaddon seems to trust Aciel with the well being of the Abaddon's legions as he leaves him in charge every time he is not around.

Aciel also admires him greatly and is very protective of his children, acting like an uncle to them.

Adramelech[edit | edit source]

Aciel is conflicted with Adramelech as while he holds a lot of respect towards the grand chancellor but at the same time, he was worshipped as a god which is a race he despises.

Mammon[edit | edit source]

As one of the Seven Princes of Hell, Aciel holds loyalty to Mammon but not as much as Lucifer, Lilith and Satan. Aciel is also conflicted with Mammon as he was worshipped as a god which is a race he despises.

Moloch[edit | edit source]

All of all demons, Moloch is the Aciel hates the most. Thanks to Moloch's god complex and lust for power and worship, he had caused more pain to the innocent which increased Aciel's hatred of the fake god.

As people had children sacrificed to Moloch like animals. He was the one that gave him nightmares when he was a child. When Aciel met Moloch now, he became terrible to the former human acting like nothing but a slob, a fool as ever.

Lucifuge Rofocale[edit | edit source]

As one of the Six Great Officers, Aciel has a lot of respect to Lucifuge especially for being one of Lucifer's most loyal followers.

However, Aciel is sometimes a little creeped out from Lucifuge's obsessive unrivaled loyalty to Lucifer, even calling her a yandere as seeing her killing an overlord for even mocking the Morning Star.

Uphir[edit | edit source]

As both are Electors of Hell, Aciel and Uphir has a close comradeship with each other though they rarely meet or even speak to each other unless it is relate to their duty. Aciel does respect Uphir as the greatest medical professional in Hell.

Zariel[edit | edit source]

Even though both are high-ranking Archdemons that rule their own territory, Aciel has a camaraderie with Zariel which is rare for them as overlords are known to have issues with each other.

Even with that camaraderie, they are unlikely to meet unless it is under the orders of a higher-up or the Seven Princes of Hell themselves.

Apadiel[edit | edit source]

As both are Electors of Hell, Aciel and Apadiel has a close comradeship with each other though they rarely meet or even speak to each other unless it is relate to their duty. Aciel does however get annoyed to Apadiel's own musical trait.

Grayfia Lucifuge[edit | edit source]

Aciel is conflicted with the devil Grayfia Lucifuge thanks to her decisions.

As she was born to be loyal to the Lucifer Royal House, her leaving them to go to the other side by Sirzechs should be treason against his Excellency which should made him disgusted with her. At the same time, however, he holds complete respect to the Crimson Satan while he believes that Rizevim and his sons were simple disappointments.

Raphael[edit | edit source]

Aciel is very conflicted with Raphael far beyond any other entity. As an Archangel of God, Aciel should hate his entire being but as Raphael saved his life on multiple occasions and accepts the bashing of his siblings and creator, makes it that Aciel doesn't know what to think.

Zeus[edit | edit source]

Zeus is one of the deities that Aciel hates above all others. Being the complete example of selfishness and arrogance, Aciel completely despises Zeus as he had many times prayed for Zeus to saved him when he was still human.

Even after Zeus getting more morally correct, Aciel stills wishes him to be decimated even declaring that Zeus will one of the earliest to perish.

Horus[edit | edit source]

Like every other god, Aciel despises Horus for being, in his mind, arrogant and selfish to others. Aciel hates Horus more than other deities as he was one of the deities that Aciel prayed to so he could save his family with attempt being a failure.

When Aciel met Horus for the first time, he threaten the god by saying that he would burn him to oblivion.

God[edit | edit source]

Aciel seems to completely despise the Creator, calling him a ruthless tyrant who would rather have worship and praise given to him in exchange for aiding His creations rather than just outright helping whether or not they worship him.

He also hates God's path of law and order as he follows Lucifer's idea of chaos and free-will.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I shall cook your wings to crisp!!" – Aciel to Horus.
  • "No longer you shall smite any more innocents, Thor."' – Aciel to Thor.
  • "How boorish... This world is nothing but a rotting pigsty, and all because of those relics of the past. Only those with absolute power shall make this world what it needs to be."
  • "This world is dark and it's so hard to breathe... but in this instant, when I laughed along with you, I felt that breathing just got a little more easier."
  • "Moloch, you had brought me more pain than any other fake god. I had nightmares because of you but now I shall give you what your deserve, your own nightmare." - Aciel's first meeting to Moloch.
  • "If I have to describe Aciel in one word, it would be vengeance." – Satanachia about Aciel.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Aciel's human form is based on Yu Kanda from D.Gray-man.
    • His other human form is based on Oz Vessalius from Pandora Hearts.
      • Lilith had said that this form was based on his human form right before his death.
    • The Elector's Spear is based on the Golden Spear Relic from Granblue Fantasy.
    • Silentium is based on the Mugen (Crystal Type) from D.Gray-man.
      • In D.Gray-man, the blade is a modified katana while here, it is a long-sword.
  • He was able to steal the Kusanagi Tsurugi for a couple of years before it was taken back by the Shinto Faction.
  • Even since he was a human boy, Aciel is utterly confused by the concept of genders, often mixing up gender-specific traits.
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