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Abyss Nullifier
Abyss nullifier.png
Black Dragon Emperor's Shield
Other Names "Primordial Dragon Emperor's Aegis"
Type Sacred Gear (high-tier)
Forms Dragon Shield (initial form)
Scale Mail (Balance Breaker)
Abilities Nullifying
Wielder(s) Takeo Amakawa
Unknown past wielders

Abyss Nullifier, also known as the Black Dragon Emperor's Shield or Primordial Dragon Emperor's Aegis, is a high-tier Longinus class Sacred Gear that is wielded by Takeo Amakawa. The soul of the Abyssal Dragon, Garaheth is sealed within it.


In the beginning of Ddraig's and Albion's pursue of gaining strength, they encountered the Primordial Dragon Emperor, Garaheth. They soon found out that their original abilities did not affect the Dragon Emperor, just like how it did not affect each other. On that day, Ddraig and Albion decided their end goal of strength would be to defeat Garaheth. Eventually adopting the alias of Dragon Emperor as well, they also decided to fight amongst each other to see who would be the first to fight Garaheth. Garaheth became intrigued to see which one of these two dragons would surpass him, so he decided to watch their battle until the day it will ended. However, thie brawl between the red and white dragons continued on for centuries and millenia, even after being sealed into Sacred Gears.


Abyss Nullifier takes the form of a black shield, with jagged edges. Embedded purple flame-like patterns encompass the shield's surface while a purple gem is located at the very center. The shield appears on the wielder's right forearm when summoned but can be pulled off if the wielder wishes.


Nullify: This is the main ability of Abyss Nullifier. This ability allows the wielder to nullify the damage of an opponent's attack. The amount of damage that can be nullified is based on the wielder's own power level and can be increased by doubling the power level every 10 seconds beforehand. For example, if the wielder has a power level of 2, charged up for 20 seconds and an opponent has an attack of 10 damage, then the wielder can nullify 8 damage from the attack.

Erasure: This was Garaheth's original ability before being sealed into the sacred gear. This ability allows the wielder to create a black and lavender-silver mist that can erase anything from existence. The drawbacks of this ability are that it consumes an enormous amount of stamina and power, it heavily depends on the wielder's desire and the magnitude of the entity.



Just like Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing, Abyss Nullifier has a weakness to dragon-slaying type magics and weapons. It's other weakness is its initial form, due to the wielder having to wait from around 30 seconds to a full minute in order to fully defend against an attack.