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Abigor Gremory is the protagonist of Highschool DxD Lovely. A Devil from the Gremory clan as well as their current heir, he's a second-year at Kuoh Academy who is also a member of the Dance Committee. A natural good-hearted pervert, Abigor claims his most important goal is to protect his Peerage from any harm first and foremost. Born in an age of peace and calmness; the first child of Rias, he instantly knew what his future goal was and most of all idolizes his father, wanting to have a harem full of beautiful Devil women much like him. He's the older brother of Prosperine Gremory.


Like all the Gremory family members, Abigor has the distinct clear blue eyes and red hair that he got from his mother. His hair is very spiky and tends to stand up a lot, which annoys him as it makes it look a lot longer than it actually is. His usual sense of style is a more punkish one; dark colours, black, and red are his favourites alongside a lot of chains, spikes, and leather. Surprisingly, his Kuoh Academy uniform has no modifications made to it whatsoever. He has a muscular body from all of the training his parents made him undergo, which he likes in combination to his fashion because it attracts girls' attention to him.


A pervert, though nowhere to the levels of his younger sister, Abigor still knows exactly what it is that he wants, and that's control of his own harem of girls just like his father before him. He's always flirting, teasing, and putting the moves on any and all of his Peerage members. When they try to pose seductively for him or expose their underwear, he stares and encourages them on. Thus one could say he idolizes his parents greatly; not just his dad's flirtatious nature but also because he's a very brave and noble figure. Similarly, he idolizes Rias for her kindness and no-nonsense nature, the same kindness he hopes he shows to his Peerage the way she showed their parents all those years ago.

Still, he's not entirely just a pervert, as he does care deeply for his Peerage. He goes above and beyond to make sure they're all happy and cared for and spends as much time with each individual member as he possibly can. He supports their interests and asks what they'd like to do and attends any events of theirs even if he's not personally interested in them, such as attending an otaku festival with Satomi and Sirius.

However, despite his flirtatious nature, if someone were to turn the tables on him and start trying to flirt, he'd end up super blushy and embarrassed and flustered, turning into a stammering mess as he'd have no idea how to properly deal with it. He's also a bit of a pacifist and hates using his own powers in any way and in Rating Games has a predictable and bad habit of sending out Riley, Anastasie, and Asuka all at once in the hopes they'll very quickly overpower the enemy and they can win easily due to their overpowered abilities. Despite wanting his own harem, he also wants his own Peerage to be happy and if one wanted to be with another member and not him, he knows he'd have no clue how to react and keeps trying to tell himself it won't happen anyway and that his whole entire Peerage is in love with him.


Abigor Gremory was the first son and child born to Rias and Issei Gremory, though not the first child of Rias' Peerage in general, as Freyr, the oldest, was already three years old by that point. Everyone loved the red-haired little infant the moment they laid eyes on him and Rossweisse, Akeno, Asia, Xenovia, and Ravel, who was heavily-pregnant at the time, all visited the infant and cooed over how adorable he was.

When Abigor was ten, his parents decided he was old enough to be presented with his own Peerage, turning him into a King and helping him reincarnate the needed members, who were all the children of the members of Rias' and Issei's Peerages. Abigor was noticeably very shy and nervous during the ceremony, not sure how to respond to so much formality and importance being presented to him. He also lamented the fact boys would have to be part of his Peerage, as he just wanted cute girls, a fact which annoyed Freyr and delighted his sister, who eagerly suggested he give her all of the cute boys instead. Once the ceremony was completed, Abigor and his friends all went through intense training for the next six years to ensue they'd be physically and mentally fit to take on challenges.

Once his Peerage all started school together, they realized they needed a new club to work on their occultic activities and nature in secret without anyone else knowing, and Asuka suggested they do something different from their parents, a club nobody would ever suspect of being associated with magical beings and they finally settled on Dance Committee, a club for practicing different forms of dance. They managed to secure Kuroka and Vali as sponsors, though Kuroka shows up more often and even then that's not a whole bunch. Abigor attended Freyr's graduation from high-school and was proud of his success and commented on how surreal it was to have such a wide range of experiences in the group despite being very close in age to each other.


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-Abigor's name comes from a Knight of Hell in Solomon's Book of Demons who was reportedly very handsome. All of his full-blooded siblings sans Ex are named after a specific demon or demonic-associated namesake.

-His motto is 'You might as well sleep with me, because I'm going to tell everyone we did anyway!'

-His face-claim is Lindo Tachibana from Dance with Devils.

-He's a bit envious of his contract work purely because he expected to get 'cool' jobs worthy of his power similar to Rias, like identifying ancient but dangerous artifacts, but the few times he does get a contract it's mainly for random things such as someone just wanting to watch TV with someone else.

-He's implied to be bisexual, as despite favouring the girls in his Peerage, he's also made moves on the guys as well, such as asking Freyr to kiss him good morning, wrapping his arm around Sirius' shoulders as they watched television together, and even letting Anastasie sleep in his bed with him, though that was before he learned Anastasie's secret.