I may be a serpent but I find 'Snake' insulting. Please, say it again so I can tear you limb from limb.

–Tia speaking to Diodora Astaroth

Tiamat (チャーマート ザー バシリスク, chamato za bashirisuku) or Tia is a Basilisk and Queen piece in Hadrian Legion's peerage. She was the second piece Hadrian reincarnated when he was in the 'Wizarding World' part of the Supernatural world, hypnotized by a powerful wizard and imprisoned under the castle that magic wielding wizards and witches learn.


Tia in her human form is a tall and beautiful teen that wears glasses to protect those who aren't her enemy from her deadly glaze. She usually wears a light pink shirt and a light jacket, blue jeans and sneakers.

Her Lamia form

When in her 'Lamia' form, Tia's glasses change to a mask that is in the shape of a single eye, her lower half has purple/cyan scales and the end of her tail is feathered. Her hair changes color to purple and is tied in a pony tail.

He clothing in this form is a cloak like shirt that covers her upper chest and most of her arms. It is easy to move in and doesn't block any of her movements.

His her true form, Tia becomes a massive serpentine creature. Her coloration is that of the Amazon jungle that she lived in before she was taken from her home and forced under the magical school by a powerful wizard mage.


Tia is a straight forward person, but is kind when doing so. But is easily turned to anger is insulted by being called a snake. She is very loyal to Hadrian and will do anything she can to protect him.

Powers and Abilities

Tia is proficient in the art of stealth, making ninjas and shinobi look like rookies. Though, this is a double edged sword as her stealth can be detected by Chi, and other inner energy wielders.

As Tia is of the species called Basilisks, a sub species of the Amazonian Flying Dragon Serpents, her eyes can petrify or even kill. As she wears a mask that protects anyone that she doesn't want to harm, Tia can use her mask to make her deadly gaze more leathal as it is able to focus her gaze with more power.

Tia is very powerful, she was able to make the ex dragon king, Tannin, beg for mercy when he accidentally called her a snake and was being squeezed by her coils.


  • Tia and the great dragon king, Tiamat, are close friends, not just because the share the same name.
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